Happy New Year, guys! Also, it’s Sunday, and that means another exciting edition of our Mailbag series is fresh off the presses!

This week the Mailbag is hosted by Zelda Universe Site Staff member EzloSpirit, known for his spotlight segments on the ZUBC.

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JMKGameSaversEnt:  I’m going to keep asking this until I get an answer. Do you want a Legend of Zelda game centered around the discovering the disappearance of the Shiekah tribe during Hyrule’s Renaissance (more than three centuries past OoT)? The game could be based on secrets using the Wii U touch screen to read books. Also, the big game changer would be the ability to walk in the shadows to enter the Shadow Plain. The shadow plain exists only where there is shadows in the light world. So you want it?

EzloSpirit: This sounds like a fan fiction! Anyway, I don’t want anything in particular for a Zelda game. Basically, just about whatever the Zelda team throws at me, I’ll welcome with open arms. This is a cool idea; the “Shadow Plain” sounds awesome! However, we have had the Twilight Realm, the Silent Realms, and the Dark World already, and I know a lot of people are like, “Stop it already!” That said, I wouldn’t care. I’d go like, “Hey, as long as it’s cool, then I’m cool with it.” As far as seeing how the Shiekah tribe disappeared—well, I don’t know, from playing most of the games, that much about the Shiekah except that they were the protectors of the Royal Family and that they have some link to Kakariko Village. But we really don’t know that much about them, so it’d be nice to learn some more about them. And regarding using the Wii U touch screen to read books, I don’t really see that kind of thing belonging in a Zelda game. There would be more content if that were included, but…it’s a video game, and while I’m one of those people who reads every single word of dialogue, having huge blocks of text, even to provide more backstory, is a little too much for me. But hey, some people might want to read books in a Zelda game—I guess you—but I, personally, would not be inclined to do so.


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MrJamestheninja:  Do you think the Wind Fish, Oshus and Levias are the same being, or related in some way?

EzloSpirit: (Well, having never played Link’s Awakening, I can’t say much for the Wind Fish; however, I do know some things about him.) They are all definitely not the same being. There’s no way. The only one of the three who is supposedly in the actual Hyrule dimension/realm/world is Levias. The Wind Fish is in Koholint Island, which is a dream, and Oshus is in the alternate Great Sea. So I don’t think they can possibly be the same being. Related in some way? I mean, I noticed the similarity between Levias and the Ocean King almost immediately—like the huge, white eyebrows and the fact that they are both some form of whale. They could, in some way, be alternate versions of each other? I don’t know! Theorists could probably answer this question better than me! But I can tell you that they are almost definitely not the exact same being because they are all in different worlds.


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wee1owen12: Would you ever like to see the new sprinting and wall climbing from SS return or be expanded in future games? Would you like it if Zelda took on a more stealth-based gameplay style, almost like Assassin’s Creed?

EzloSpirit: I was not a big fan of the stamina gauge because…well, mostly because of the Silent Realms—and I am totally honest when I say that the Silent Realms are the scariest sequences in video games I have ever played, and no, I have never played a horror-survival game and never will—so when I’m running away from a Guardian who is chasing me while there’s really, really scary music playing in the background, I want to run away as fast as possible, but I only have a certain amount of time I can sprint, and that really annoys me. But it made the game more realistic! And hey, at least you can run at all! As for wall climbing, I assume you mean the ability to sprint up a wall for a bit and grab onto the ledge…or are you talking about climbing on vines? Vines have been most 3D-polygonal Zelda games. But if you’re talking about sprinting up a wall and grabbing onto the ledge, that’s a fancy move! I don’t know how that could be expanded on, and as for bringing back the sprinting, I don’t really know. Because of the stamina gauge. It would be nice to be able to sprint around Hyrule again, especially if you don’t have a horse or anything, but then there’s the stamina gauge. And when you’re being chased, it’s not a good thing! But hey, as long as I can sprint, bring it back!

As far as Zelda taking on a more stealth-based gameplay style, I’ve never played Assassin’s Creed, and I have never seen any gameplay videos or anything, so I don’t know exactly how those games work. I just assume you sneak around and assassinate people from behind. I don’t want that for Zelda! But stealth-based—we already have our fair share of stealth sequences in the Zelda games. In Ocarina of Time, we had sneaking through the Hyrule Castle Courtyard, in The Wind Waker, we had the Forsaken Fortress, and we got a quintuple-dose of stealth in Skyward Sword with the Silent Realms and the eruption-ravaged Eldin Volcano. So we already have a bunch of that kind of stealth. But as far as sneaking behind enemies and killing them, well, I like to do that in Skyward Sword a bit, but I wouldn’t want to have that for much of the game. That would just be un-Zelda. But I don’t know; maybe the Zelda team could pull off almost anything, so who knows?


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DetectiveXfactor: Surely, you’ve heard of or have seen the official timeline released by Nintendo that shows the split after Ocarina of Time going in three different directions. Some say the third split is unreasonable. What’s your take on the situation?

EzloSpirit: You must be talking about the supposedly-official timeline released in the Hyrule Historia book. I’m not a theorist, but I took a look anyway, and I was confused for a bit since it discussed a third branch that would have occurred had Ganon managed to defeat Link in Ocarina of Time. This was kind of out of the blue! But I trust Nintendo. And it looks official since the book is promoted on the official Japanese Nintendo website. So I am willing to go along with it. It is an interesting perspective that I don’t think even the most skilled Zelda theorists saw coming, and I am amused by how much this new idea has shaken up the theorizing world! And frankly, the fact that the mythical Sealing War discussed in A Link to the Past could only really have happened if Link hadn’t defeated Ganon so that it would be up to an army of soldiers and sages to seal him away instead. So it makes perfect sense. Oh, wow. I think I just dabbled in Zelda theorizing!


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WorstAssassinEver: Why hasn’t Nintendo remade the original Legend of Zelda? The original Super Mario Bros. was remade for the SNES, Metroid was remade, and countless other franchises have remade their original games, so why not Zelda? What are your thoughts?

EzloSpirit: Some of the lovely folks over in the ZU Forums know how firm I am in my belief that Zelda is not the kind of series that warrants remakes, but I’m going to put that belief aside for a moment to start off my answer to your question. Actually, the game has been remade in the form of BS Zelda, but the fact that this game has not seen an international, more-than-one-week-only release in the past 15 years or so is pretty surprising to me. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind a remake of the first Zelda game because it would be so simple. But returning to my anti-remake belief, I believe that you can’t add or change enough in a Zelda game (the graphics don’t count) to warrant a remake without changing an amazing game too much. For games like Pokémon, you can just add a few new major areas and add in some extra post-game features, but it would be hard to do this in Zelda and still preserve the original game and have enough to make a remake worthwhile. Which is why I believe that Ocarina of Time 3D was a huge waste of effort. Not enough was added or changed to warrant a remake. And considering the sheer number of ports of the original game available, it was even less worth it. But perhaps a remake of the first Zelda game would not be so bad. Just because it’s simple and relatively small. I might consider playing that remake.


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