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Hey, guys! Happy New Year…well, almost. Today we talk about our love and obsession for the main menu theme song in the Legend of Zelda games.  We both have noticed that we tend to pop in our games, wheter it be cartidges or discs, into our Nintendo systems just to hear this enticing melody.

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In the video, we talk about each main menu theme.  We start with Ocarina of Time, and end with the newest rendition, Skyward Sword.  Tell us in the comments below or in the video if you would just turn on your Wii, GameCube, or N64 just to listen to this beautiful hypnotizing song!

Also, we posted a video yesterday talking about the Zeldathon going on right now! Check them out right HERE.

Thanks again! You have just Been ChrisCrossed!

  • Rriillyy

    You should have named the M M file BEN….

  • Not much to say because you guys pretty much covered it all. But I like how it became the main menu theme in Ocarina of Time and has been it ever since.

    • the_voice

      Um….A Link to the Past?

      • C_Mushkah

        they said they were covering all the 3D LoZ games.

  • Gerudude

    I always call it the fairy theme. Also just as boring and useful as fairies.


  • ChainofTermina

    isn't that the Great Fairy Theme? it also plays whenever you find a fairy fountain or Great Fairy Fountain in OoT and MM.

  • neos

    my first is skyward sword, and my second would be wind waker even though i dont have the game.

  • James

    I hate this. Even if they said 3D games, this theme is from ALttp, but it never get the credits it deservesm, they didn't even mention it =(

  • VanitasXII

    It's actually the File Select Theme, not Main Menu theme. My favorite rendition is OoT's, followed by TWW, TP and SS respectively.

    • Bobett

      IDK. I'd consider it the series' main theme, if only because it appears in most of the recent Zelda games.

  • LinkofAges

    Technically this is the File Select Theme/ Great Fairy's Theme. Also, I'm pretty sure that this was ALTTP. And I know that Zelda's Lullaby was in ALTTP, too. I don't think ALTTP was the best Zelda game, but it deserves more credit.

  • maniozelda

    Well the song is not really main menu theme, it's the file select theme/fairy fountain theme and it first appeared in A link to the past.
    I personally enjoy it in the fairy fountain more cuz of the harp at the very beginning.
    And my favorite version is the file select from wind waker becuz of the waves and the violin playing at the second repeat x]

  • Merq

    I don't turn the Wii on just to hear this song, but after I finish playing, I often leave it on for a while. The song is very pretty.

  • Cam

    SS is the best version for the 3D games IMO… those strings in the background = <3
    then TP, OoT and WW

  • Hyrule's Shadow

    In Oot, I go into a fairy fountain and I just stay there and listen, it is truly beautiful music……

  • Hero Of Time

    yeah i always fall in love with main menu theme's. And skyward sword is one of my favorites atm =p

  • I like them all.

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