Skyward Sword was promoted early on as blurring the line between dungeon and field.  However, the game still contains distinct dungeon areas marked by an individual name and thematic gameplay elements.  In the January 2012 issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, Eiji Aonuma, producer for the Zelda series, reveals what his favorite dungeon is in this most recent Zelda title.  Hop inside to find more information on how he made his choice.

The Lanayru Mining Facility, the third main dungeon in Skyward Sword, earns the title of being Aonuma’s favorite dungeon.  He cites his favorite moment as when “you use an item called the Timeshift Stone that enables you to switch between the past and present…  I think that this is something that can only be done in games and I believe it utilises the interactive quality of games brilliantly.”  Featuring desert and electric elements, the mining facility plays on the concept of time travel, a time-honored tradition within the Zelda series.

Which of Skyward Sword’s seven main dungeons is your personal favorite?

Source:  Official Nintendo Magazine.