Skyward Sword was promoted early on as blurring the line between dungeon and field.  However, the game still contains distinct dungeon areas marked by an individual name and thematic gameplay elements.  In the January 2012 issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, Eiji Aonuma, producer for the Zelda series, reveals what his favorite dungeon is in this most recent Zelda title.  Hop inside to find more information on how he made his choice.

The Lanayru Mining Facility, the third main dungeon in Skyward Sword, earns the title of being Aonuma’s favorite dungeon.  He cites his favorite moment as when “you use an item called the Timeshift Stone that enables you to switch between the past and present…  I think that this is something that can only be done in games and I believe it utilises the interactive quality of games brilliantly.”  Featuring desert and electric elements, the mining facility plays on the concept of time travel, a time-honored tradition within the Zelda series.

Which of Skyward Sword’s seven main dungeons is your personal favorite?

Source:  Official Nintendo Magazine.
  • I'm going to have to agree with Aonuma-san. The Timeshift Stones made up most of my favorite puzzles in the entire game. And most of them were in the Lanayru Mining Facility. My second favorite dungeon is obviously the Sandship!

  • Link and Cuccos

    I really loved the Lanayru Mining Facility. Timeshift stones were my favorite part of the game as well, and I was surprised by its use in the game. It was cool seeing what things used to look like in the past.

  • I'm almost to the Mining Facility. I can't wait to play through it.

  • Midnight C

    The Lanayru Mines were incredibly cool, but I liked the Ancient Cistern slightly more. (It's just so pretty! Except that cursed area, obviously, but the contrast between the beauty and the creepiness is great.)

    The Timeshift Stones are one of the best new concepts in the game though. Makes me wonder if we'll see them in future installments.

    • Megan

      I agree with the Ancient Cistern. What made it interesting was the contrast between this peaceful location and the dark and disturbing area beneath the facade. But that boss…oh man. XD

  • hmm

    I can't deal with the electric enemies, personally my favourite is the earth temple, though as i play it i am liking the sky keep

    • MrsLinkMrZelda

      no boubt

  • Hyrule Castle Resident

    My favorite is the sandship, and the boss REALLY helped in that decision.

    • hmm

      i so nearly died right at the end of the tentalus fight, collapsed with relief

      • Sage of Hyrule

        So did I!! I really thought I was going to die before he did, and right at the last second, just as I thought I couldn't take any more, Tentalus fell. It was such an epic battle for me; I really felt like poor Link at the end of his rope XD

    • Blizzeta93

      Personally, I thought the boss looked like Boo's costume from Monster's Inc.

      • mphouston

        It looked like a mixture of boo and that lady at the front desk!

  • Timeshift stones were one ingenius little trick. I absolutely loved the mining facility. It was tricky, but not too difficult. It really made you think outside the box and I absolutely loved it!

    Also, those little robots were adorable, though very snarky (-cough-Scrapper-cough-). Though I felt really bad that they were all basically dead without those stones. Poor guys.

    • Sakume

      I felt the same way when I first discovered the thunder dragon.

  • Skrivz

    funny, this was my least favorite.. I think I liked the Ancient Cistern the most, even though it was the hardest for me

  • DeShawn

    I HATE THE ELECTRIC BOKOBLINS! I lose at least 6 hearts every time i fight one of them. They're the worst guys to fight in the whole game!

    • DeShawn

      And my favorite dungeon is Ancient Cistern. Second favorite is Lanayru Mining Facility.

    • Vinicius

      I've got to agree with you ._., so when i face them, i just hit them with the slingshot, so they don't defend for some seconds

    • zeldafan1982

      You can use the shield to bash their attacks. They leave an opening then and you can hit them easily.

  • MrsLinkMrZelda

    sky keep beacuse you could relive the other dungeons.

  • Gameboy256

    Sand Ship. a pointless boss room just to get out of there right away.

  • veeronic

    I'd say sandship… if the boss wasn't a cyclops' baby

  • Not surprising how Eiji likes these types of things 😀

    My Favorite would have to be the fire sanctuary (so far) I still haven't beaten the game. I didn't like the sandship, it got me stuck for a couple of days and because of it i stopped playing for 2 or 3 days. :3

    • I wonder if OoT had so much time travel because of Aonuma's influence. I mean, that may have already been confirmed, I dunno, but I get the vibe that he loves time travel. …which is great, because it's one of my favorite recurring themes in the series. (:

  • Arun

    I really loved the fire sanctuary :3 but the sandship was also brilliant 🙂

  • NintyLover

    My favorites are:

    1. Ancient Cistern
    2. Sandship
    3. Lanayru Mining Facility
    4. Sky Keep
    5. Fire Sanctuary/Skyview Temple
    6. Earth Temple

    The only temple I truly didn’t find great was the Earth Temple. I feel they used the ball too much.

  • Superpokefan94

    My favorite was the Sky Keep. I love a good puzzle, and this dungeon was a great puzzle. Even in Hero mode I still had trouble getting through it!

  • OldLegend

    Skyview temple Was My Favorite
    Bakcground music
    The Boss In This Temple
    Nuff Said..

  • TheSundanceGamer

    My favorite would definetly be the sandship its just so fun. then the ancient cistern. and then the earth temple.

  • Ashmic

    I only don't like how the technology goes up, then its gone in ocarina,, the problem w/ prequels

    • MasterYoda222007

      It's sorta like Final Fantasy 10, where there was super technology in the past, but then not as much technology in the future.

  • I think this temple and the Ancient Cistern were my favourite temples. I just loved the ancient robots and the timeshfit stones (the ancient pas was so pretty!). Ancient Cistern was gorgeous and I found Koloktos to be a hard boss. Oh, and the Sandship was cool too, minus the Monsters Inc. boss.

  • tetraxlink

    I loved the Ancient Cistern the most! The Mining Facility was my least favourite its too long and I didn't enjoy it at all plus the boss was disappointing. but the Time Shift stones are a cool idea.


    I respect Aonuma's choice but I think there are better dungeons in Skyward Sword.

  • the real TRImember

    SKYVIEW TEMPLE: What makes really unique this dungeon is the backround music and the ''soft'' atmospere that rely to…whipes,nets,trees and bugs…a real ''forest dungeon'' ..,so it takes 8/10
    EARTH TEMPLE: Yes,half of the dungeon u complete it with the..''BALL''…but again,composers did a great job in the soundtracks,nice dungeon theme but…where are the dungeon's most deeper puzzles?… 7/10
    MINING FACILITY:..only I find this dungeon long?…anw, Aonuma has all the rights to like this dungeon for the same reason…the ''timeshift rocks'' method, actually is the one that make the whole dungeon alive….8/10
    ANCIENT CISTERN: A dungeon that does not use a special backround music selection but its own methods to keep the gamer in distress…the UP and DOWN,WATER and POISON,LIGHT and DARKNESS contrast makes u wanna explore more,most of us might want exploring the light but we must pass through the darkness to get to the surface(hint)…9/10
    SANDSHIP: Other use of contrast we can see here…in the one side is the present with limited enemies and hints,some of u may prefer that but u have to step in the past to complete the ''unfinished'' jobs u left by or to pass through somewhere…and…there is only ONE timeshift stone…so,,what u gonna do? why don't u take a ''BOW'?..and please…try not to hit ur knee….9/10
    FIRE SANCTUARY: Why this dungeon couldn't be the real EARTH TEMPLE? I mean all u have to do in here is dig…diging..and keep diging…''inside the EARTH''…and everything inside is so…''STONED''??;/…if i remember..well?….8/10
    SKY KEEP: Everything above and a lot of puzzle!…men,this got to take a 10/10!^^

  • Tayo

    Hey! What a coincidence! That's my favorite dungeon as well! I think the timeshift stone puzzles are brilliant and exciting. I also got to fight robots and machines for the first time in a Zelda game. Plus… EPIC MUSIC!

  • minic

    My favorite dungeon was the sky keep it was just so fun!

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  • supergiraloz

    mine was definitely the sky keep because it had all of the good parts ofthe other dungeons and made a shifting puzzle out of them

  • mphouston

    Timeshift stones were cool yes but going backwards near the earliest parts of Hylian society… and seeing ROBOTS?!?! No Thanks that was one of the worst parts of the game; I don't like seeing anachronism in games, especially Zelda. I really felt this game was trying to be TOO Marioish and I don't like how Nintendo are starting to merge boundaries between games it makes everything feel the same! I don't mind technology but I hope in the future the technology is more Magic based or less prominent in the game I feel we're losing track of the games roots.

    Everything in the game was very boring… I love Zelda and all; I'll vote Zelda over anygame; but from the Story to the Music it just wasn't impressive yes I liked the story near the end when things happened fast but I think they slapped together a story that wasn't what I expect from Zelda something that required very little attention to detail then at the end told you everything in one spurt. The music didn't even fit the theme they set and as such I only enjoyed a couple of songs during the entire play through.

    Don't get me wrong I'm not trolling or trying to attack the series. I love it in fact, ever since Majora's Mask I've been a fan!! I just don't think we should go with everything they've given us. This may just be because I want to be a video game designer but I've found a whole lot of faults with skyward sword for not living up to any of the other games! The only games I think it beat were Four swords and Four swords adventures! I hope in the future Nintendo taps into the unkown potential that I feel it possesses I want Zelda to be able to surpass OoT and become the game everyone wants to buy on the Wii U and future iterations of consoles.So good luck Nintendo but please stay on track! Only look at old zelda games and maybe other Jrpgs for ideas please don't get influenced by games not in the series! I want Zelda to still be around when I get into the field!

  • Simply a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great pattern .