UPDATE: According to IGN, Nintendo of America says the below applies to North America as well.

For those who haven’t encountered the game-breaking bug in Skyward Sword or have not yet heard about it, you can read about it here. Thankfully, Nintendo has worked to quickly resolve the issue.

While this has only been announced for the Japanese version of Skyward Sword, an EU and NA version will surely follow.

Details are still unknown, but Nintendo is providing some sort of  Wii program for those with internet access to download. Details on exactly what this process will entail will be provided by Nintendo shortly.

For those without an internet connection, Nintendo of Japan suggests they either send a SD card or their actual Wii so that Nintendo can rectify the bug and allow player to proceed.

Have you encountered the bug or had any issues? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Andriasang
  • ovafaze

    FIRST! hurr hur

  • Ashmic

    im not downloading anything from nintendo on my wii :3

    • Craig

      Huh? All they'll do is put something onto your SD card, which will then fix the bug in-game. They're not conspiring to spy on yoou, how stupid can you get.

      • Ashmic

        ur so nice 😀

    • Faleel

      So you do not download the multiple system updates and VC games?

  • My experience has been flawless so far, as I have expected.

    • MrDudeyRock

      I look forward to your comments.. You inspire me! 🙂

      • A_LINK_IN_TIME

        Thareous is amazing!

    • Craig

      Same here… I never once even wanted to do the Lanayru part of the song first anyway, I'd rather leave the annoying minecart part last and anyway, even if I did – I would have no reason to speak to Golo afterwards.

      • william

        Thats what I dont get. Why in the hell would anybody go back and speak to him?! Just fly the hell outta there! xD


    I'm ecstatic to hear that everyone will experience Skyward Sword in its full glory soon!

  • zeldahuman

    I have to agree with Thareous, I did not experience this game-breaking glitch, the game was flawless, as I knew it would be… and I'm glad to see Nintendo is fixing this problem.

    … it makes me wonder, how exactly was this overlooked when the game was debugged?

    • Craig

      Problem is, sometimes when you're trying to enhance some parts, it's easy to either miss the smaller things that are barely noticeable. Nobody expected this kind of things to happen but obviously a mistake was made in the coding where Golo's speech activates events but doesn't deactivate that – So his text every time you speak triggers it as if it's the beginning of that part again – In the grand scale of the game, it's easy to miss. The Mario Club probably didn't think about which order or who they spoke to originally as there's no need to go and speak to Golo again.

  • Tim Murphy

    i've had one game freezing bug that happened everytime without fail.
    When you are on the ship in the captain's quarters area attempting to get the boss key chest thing, if you turn of the timeshift stone, shoot your beetle through the first room's door with the electricity circuit up and running so you can't pass through it, and go up and out the first fan and hit the time shift stone, the game freezes. Happened everytime without fail until i figured out how to actually complete the puzzle with timeshift stone off and went through the second fan.
    Just a game freezing easter egg for everyone. Doesn't corrupt your data or anything. You just have to restart the console and go on from your last save.

    • Craig

      Why were you using the beetle to hit the timeshift stone? You're meant to use your bow and arrow at ALL times. You're playing it wrong there buddy.

      • Tim Murphy

        well when i went in the room, i already had the timeshift stone on, and i didn't want to go back out and change it, so i just tried the beetle real quick to see if i could do it that way… but no xD didn't work. as expected in the level you get the bow and arrow 😛

      • bastian

        I ALWAYS use the Beetle; saves on arrows. 😀

  • ninjawii

    Great, but I wouldn't say flawless. To much filler between dungeons, and the sidequests suck, especially when compared to games like Skyrim and Mass Effect, or hell even Majora's Mask.

    • ChainofTermina

      I don't even pay attention to the sidequests. like those goddess cubes? oh sure, I've Skyward Striked quite a lot, but I haven't actually gone up to get a single one. you're right, they were MUCH better in MM, where parts of the Main quest was practically MADE of sidequests, which is awesome.

      yeah, Skyward Sword is an awesome, amazing game, but I would definitely not call it "flawless"…………….but on the one the other hand that might be because I don't really like motion controls. remember when Zelda games had this little thing called Z/L-Targetting? and you could use it with ITEMS!? like with arrows and….everything else that you had to point something at your target? can't do that anymore, nope. you have to 'point at the screen and actually aim manually, oooooooooo'………..well, I think that's bull. I liked using Z/L-Targetting with items.

      I've also had plenty of times where I got so frustrated and angry that I had to shut off the game. which I DESPISE from a videogame. yeah, it should be challenging, fine, but I shouldn't feel like the game itself is cheating. like the second time you fight the Imprisoned. that was the biggest load of cheap, unfairness I've seen in a game in a very long time.

      SS is excellent, but I still disagree with everyone who says it's the spotless epitome of perfection. I'm actually starting to think I should stop coming to this website. Zelda is awesome, but that's no excuse for people to be so prejudiced toward other games….

      • I just think you don't know how to beat the imprisoned. If it's that hard, you're doing something wrong.

  • unknowen9000

    I read about this glitch, and I knew it had some silly cause. Talking to a random Goron whose lines are supposed to vary based upon if you've experienced the event yet? Sounds like somebody forgot to use == instead of =

  • unknowen9000

    On a related note, the most logical solution to this is since the flag it checks for to see if you've experienced the event is not the only flag set by the event, the most obvious thing this would do would be to check both this flag and another flag set by the event, and if they don't match up properly, setting this flag to the appropriate value to trigger the event.

  • I actually did the desert part first when getting the song of the hero and I didn't get the glitch. so glad I didn't.

    • heroofmasks

      becouse u have to talk to golo the goron a 2nd time after getting the song piece so if ya dont its fine

  • wiiman445

    my first time through before the glitch was discovered i did the desert part last avoiding the glitch all together