Kotaku has put together a collection of the best video game cosplays on the Internet, and one of them is none other than Princess Zelda, seen above.  The costume has beautiful detail, and the ears look great (which anyone who’s ever seen a Zelda cosplayer before knows is a challenge!).  Not only that, but the photography itself is brilliant, using proportions and focus to let Zelda truly shine through the forest.  You can view the full-size image over at Kotaku, as well as view the other selected images, which include Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, Morrigan from Dragon Age:  Origins, and many more familiar characters.

Source:  Kotaku.
  • Yami

    That's a win. Awesome cosplay! 😀

  • Impressive cosplay of Toon Zelda!

  • TerryC

    I would totally do her. Nerdgasm..!!

    • fiercedeityfan

      … ':)

    • AndrewA

      Yeah…..me too.

  • kisara_00

    I thought it was over!! but no matter, this great cosplay of zelda

  • Ashmic

    I love the necklace


    I'm flattered!

  • The girl who dressed up as Zelda is beautiful

  • Zachattack8888

    Absolutely beautiful and serene! What a wonderful picture!

  • Shaelyn

    that's akuriko's cosplay, isn't it? her toon zelda cosplays are awesome…her TP Zelda cosplays are even more stunning.