You may have seen these trailers before, but previously they were only in Japanese.  Now they’ve been released in English, so character text and action icons can finally be understood.  The first trailer showcases a particular island in the sky that Link can travel to, and the second features more of the game’s main location.  They are relatively spoiler-light, but be wary if you are still completely clueless as to Skyward Sword’s main premise, and wish to remain so.

For those of you who have already begun playing Skyward Sword, is any of this new information to you, or have you already seen it for yourself?  As for the rest of us, we will simply have to wait.

Source:  GoNintendo.
  • Beka

    Hope to get it today or tomorrow, yay!

  • KxoZ

    i live in europe and got my copy on the 19th
    i'm about 26 hours in atm and ive seen all the stuff in the trailers 🙂

  • Superpokefan94

    I've seen all of it, except the big fish thing in the thundercloud, but I have a feeling I'm close to finding that too (don't spoil when it comes please). I'm just after the dungeon in lake floria now.

  • Phantombane27

    My mom just got it for me today, but I have to wait until Chanukah, which is in a month, to play it. That sucks.

  • x4dennis24

    i'll be getting my copy in two days, once that time comes skyrim will have to move over for a while lol

  • Thunderhead is looking to be the most intriguing place so far.

  • glamourshei

    Skyward Sword is actually the only reason why I'm getting a Wii. I'll probably get my hands on it on early December as an early Christmas gift to myself; I've been waiting for a new serious Zelda game for the past five years. I think SS would be a good treat.

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