Eiji Aonuma, the producer of the Legend of Zelda games, recently had a chat with the people over at Games Radar in regards to the Zelda franchise’s future. Not very much information was provided but we could definitely get a feel for how happy Aonuma is with the controls for Skyward Sword. This excitement has led him to state something that some may not like to hear.

The full interview with Aonuma is after the jump. Read on and see what he thinks about the use of traditional button controls for the Zelda series. There is also some, while vague, information about Zelda for Wii U.

GR: So do you think you’ll continue to use motion control in the future? Will you ever go back to traditional controls?

EA: I don’t think we could go back to button control, especially after creating something that’s as natural to use as the interface that we have with the Wii Remote Plus in Skyward Sword. I think Nintendo will continue to have that focus on motion control and we’ll see that continue to evolve. And the hardware as well, in a way that will let people control things very naturally just using their own motions.

GR: Looking forward, can you say anything about the Wii U Zelda project?

EA: What can I say…? It’s a difficult question (laughs). We’re just getting started on it even as we speak, so I’m just worried that if I let something slip that’s off that mark…

The feedback that I’ve been getting from a lot of people on Skyward Sword is that they like the game very much, so of course I think probably the most important thing that we’re focusing on right now is how do we take those elements that people seem to really love about Skyward Sword, and really bring that and connect that to what we do with Zelda on the Wii U while still continuing to evolve the game.

GR: Is there any particular feature of the Wii U hardware that you’re excited to work with?

EA: Obviously, it’s the new controller that’s got the screen built into it, and in particular we’re looking at how we can combine that new controller with something like motion control, and perhaps use the new controller in such a way that it becomes a new item that you’re able to use to make the game feel fresh and new.

Source: MyNintendoNews
  • Anon

    What a fucking idiot.

    • Retroman

      I'm with you. Everyone I know has Xboxes or Playstations with realistic, awesome graphics, and regular, easy to understand controllers. That Wii U controller idea is s***, the name is s***, and by the time it comes out, it'll probally get a s***load of returns by disappointed fans. SIMPLIFY, NOW.

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  • AdaMiSt

    I really dislike Aonuma. He's brought very little good to the Zelda series. He needs to be replaced. And no, I'm not saying this simply because he wants to stop button only control.

    • Sonny Tso

      He brought little good? He brought Ocarina of Time. Enough Said.

      • Oxling

        If you're an overly-nostalgic fanboy… then yes. Enough said.

        • Sonny Tso

          I'm simply saying that Ocarina of Time is widely held as the best in the series. You're entitled to your opinion, but can you really say that OOT wasn't a good addition to the franchise?

          • Oxling

            No, of course not. I'm just saying that people are too easily pleased with anything to do with Ocarina of Time.

  • joe

    Zelda needs an entirely new direction. I want to see Nintendo do something completely new and crazy. A futuristic Zelda in space would be kickass. Imagine Link with his own starship, flying to different solar systems and whatnot. That would be kickass.

    • Fierce Diety

      Sadly, I wouldn't say it impossible (especially for DS)

    • Gerudude


    • No. Just no.

    • Prince

      that wouldn't be kickass, that would be METROID PRIME 3

    • avert_from_the_norm

      you sir, are wrong. The appeal of zelda is that you are in a world that is a mix of fantasy and mid-evil times. Zelda could work with some futuristic, even steampunk elements too it, while retaining that old knight-era feel, but anything truly modern or futuristic would NOT be zelda. While i think new and crazy could work, space zelda isn't crazy, it's completely insane!

    • I don't want to play sci-fi zelda. If I wanted to play sci-fi I'd go for a different franchise.

      • Thiefenz

        that's what Metroid is for. also a wonderful franchise

    • Sonny Tso

      It needs a new direction, yes, but simply putting Link in space is not a new direction. That is simply a story element. Adding a completely new genre to the series would be a new direction. For example, they could add more action RPG elements, where the story changes in a non-linear fashion (Take the newly releases Skyrim for example). This would encourage people to really step into the boots of Link, and make him their own hero, just as he was meant to be.

      • Thiefenz

        I don't like the idea of changing the protagonist: what Link currently is now is one of the reasons Zelda is my favorite franchise. I think they should take the game back to a more open world like the original Zelda and, I believe, ALttP. Where you can enter whichever dungeon you please, and defeat the bosses in any way you see fit. perhaps there are items that have an advantage over particular bosses. but they should definitely keep the dungeon item as a critical tool to complete it's respective dungeon, if you keep everything too generalized there would be no room for creativity.

  • Typhoon

    Joe, are you kidding me? That's TOO drastic.
    I'm all for new ideas and stuff, but that's just too much, lol.

    • Gerudude

      Most important note for me is, that there wi be a Zelda for the Wii-U.
      Since they're just getting started, and the Wii-U is to be released mid 2012.
      I expect this new zelda by the end of 2013. Which would be pretty fast huh.

  • MoronOfTime

    Is it wrong that this has disappointed me? I don't know really, I guess I'll have to wait and see what Skyward Swords controls are like for myself before I make that judgement.

  • Cattleya

    I don't really mind not going back to buttons all that much, as long as the new controls (be they Skyward Sword's or whatever they make in the future) are as easy and natural to use as they say. And admittedly, I'd always wanted to swing the sword myself when I was small, so I have nothing to say against well done motion controls, except that… well, my inflamed shoulder often doesn't like them very much. But including optional button controls for people that have problems with motion controls due to their health may be too restrictive regarding what can be done with them…

    • Thiefenz

      or because they are left handed… like the original Link

      • Cattleya

        Ah, yes. They really need to add a left handed mode. It's ridiculous that lefties always get the short end of the stick.

        • NintendoKing

          Why can't they just play with their right hand, I mean I'm a righty and I have no problem using my left hand for swinging things around

          • Cattleya

            I'm a rightie so I haven't had problems myself, but considering how upset lefties are about it, I would assume that at least for some it is a problem, and it's really not fair to just tell them to deal with it.

          • mcdude910

            Being left-handed, I can honestly say that it is a little difficult and it does feel a little uncomfortable, but it's nothing that I can't manage, and it surely won't affect my opinion of the game. I sort of do hope they remedy this situation next time, though.

          • Thiefenz

            it has more to do with the fact that we are always left out. not only that but it is a very alien feeling to be swinging around with your opposite hand. besides, I'm worried that they are doing away with left-handed Link! It was an element that made him unique and I would be a little disappointed if they completely shy away from it.

  • joe

    Well I personally don't see a problem with it, we have like 20 Zeldas with the same setting, the same structure, it gets old after awhile. I want to see big changes, doesn't have to be futuristic. Until Nintendo stops being so conservative, and the fans open their minds to new ideas, the series will continue to stagnate.

    • doctorquin

      Continue to stagnate? Skyward Sword has 1:1 sword motion. What other games have implemented that?

      If only Zelda were as innovative as the Call of Duty or Madden series.

      • Thiefenz

        the second part of your comment is gold.

    • Nelo

      I don't wanna flame, but there's innovation and then there's the creation of a whole different game.

      What I mean is, if the change is too drastic, if the new product is too different, there will be little connection to the previous games and merchandise, therefore creating a hole in the unity of the series.

    • demonlordghirahim

      I'm sorry, but I can't think of a single zelda game that didn't bring something new to the series.

  • Disappointed

    Well it been fun, but I'll shall show my disapproval of motion controls the best way I know how. By not buying "Skyward Sword" or any other new Zelda with motion control only.

    • Fierce Diety

      Not to burst your bubble, but you're not hurting anybody but yourself not buying SS. Nintendo isn't affecter practically at all by the lack of your fifty dollars

      • EviLink

        Screw that, you never FORCE controls on your buying public. Lest we forget sonys miraculous six axis gimmick. Yeah that really went well.

  • Rem

    I'd rather see button control again, though.. Just feels natural. But I can only judge when I played SS. But, why not use the touch screen for certain things ( like interface ). Or just use the gyro motion etc.

  • Daniel

    I played the SS demo, and while I did enjoy using the controls… I don't know if I'd ALWAYS want them to be motion control for every game from now on. Plus, the big selling point with Wii U is the new controller which is NOT a wii mote and can't be swung like a sword. So, what am I going to have to use the wii mote to swing my sword and then put it down and pick up the wii u controller? That's a lot of work and extra peripherals for one game.

    Personally, I don't mind if the Wii U uses motion control and the touch screen, etc. but I don't think it needs to be just like Skyward Sword again. They need to focus on the Wii U controller and make it again, different from even SS. We don't want to just do SS in HD.

  • I'd have to see what more the Wii U interface could feature, how it would operate, before I passed judgment on it.

  • Zany Zant

    I believe I smell a couple trolls in here…
    So far, Skyward Sword's been getting praises out the wazoo. Personally, I'm psyched and am willing to trust that Nintendo knows what it's doing.

    • TnzSki

      Exactly! I think we can trust that everything Nintendo comes out with will be nothing but the highest quality and extremely fun.

  • Weevil

    the huge thing about zelda is not the buttons or the controls. it is about the storyline, the controls and the huge awesome community like this.

  • Anonymous

    According to every single person who has played the game so far, the motion controls are much better than what we had before. Stop complaining about how stuff is going to be different for once.

  • ChainofTermina

    ……..wait, never mind SHOULD they do it, HOW would they do that? how the hell are they gonna have motion controls with that big bulky screen controller in the first place?

    anyway, what I THINK will happen is that, eventually, people will get really tired of Motion Controls (looks like some people already are) and sooner or later people will stop buying the games like that, in which case they'll go back to button controls. Aonuma's statement of "….I think probably the most important thing that we’re focusing on right now is how do we take those elements that people seem to really love about Skyward Sword, and really bring that and connect that to what we do with Zelda…" makes me think he's a very 'give-the-people-what-they-want' kind of guy. plus he's a business man, and every single business man's number one top priority is always to make as much money as humanly possible. I'm not saying Miyamoto and Aounuma are corrupt greedy bastards, because they are not, but they ARE business men.

    so once the money stops flowing, more likely than not Zelda will go back to normal controls.

    of course that's all just a hunch. I mean, what the hell do I know about business? I'll tell ya; zilch.

    • doctorquin

      You can use Wii-motes on the Wii U. Chill, brother.

      • ChainofTermina

        oh, really? cool. yeah, I guess that does make sense, since the Wii can use GameCube controllers.

  • Rockwell

    Wii U is backwards compatible with Wiimotes.. and so to that extent, motion+. Which means that similar controls are easy to implement.

  • Maggio

    Joe mentioned earlier that the Zelda series hasn't had any changes to it in most of all it's games… I have to agree that Zelda games have similar settings and similar structure… That being said, it's obvious that the Motion Controls for Skyward Sword is a big change, but the Zelda series still needs more of a change. I am excited for Skyward Sword and I'm convinced that it's going to be the best Zelda game, putting that aside, that doesn't mean the Zelda series doesn't need a change, in fact, I think Zelda games need to start being more original, I'm tired of all the DS games being in the same graphics as Wind Waker (which I like, but it's getting old).

  • Texuz

    Well I don´t really know what to think too be honest,(actually I do xD ). I´ve played the Zelda SS demo and t it was quite a fun experience. New and fresh. I really like that they will try and come up with new controllers, since it makes the experience a lot greater and can provide with new challanges. For example I know CoD is a huge game serie but how much has it actually changed in game play? The reason why CoD still is rolling is because it is a multiplayer game while the single player games will have to improve in a bigger picture than graphics and story. Here´s the fun we´ve waited for.

    I salute Aonuma for keeping this Zelda train going into new directions.

  • Zachattack8888

    Honestly, I'm tired of motion control stuff. I just wanna use a controller where I press buttons. Why does everything have to be motion controlled? I think I feel this way because I'm just too much of an old school gamer but it's a wee bit upsetting. -_-'

    • Zachattack8888

      Let me make myself a little more clear, I don't mind the motion control all that much, I've pretty much accepted the fact that that's how it's gonna be now, but I miss using controllers such as the older systems.

      • I'm kinda in the same boat… I don't HATE motion controls, but to me that's a Wii thing, like how stylus control was a DS thing. It's nice for that 'era' of games in Nintendo's main franchises, but I don't want it to always be that way.

        • Zachattack8888

          Exactly. 😀

  • Rem

    Imagine if we could have the option for choosing controls. The Wii U controller/pad or the Wii Motion Plus. There will probably be some problems with getting it right, but that would be nice for everyone.

  • pololmejor

    Guys calm down. It's Nintendo were dealling with. Nintendo makes great desissions and lies [wich is good in certain cases and has allreday happened with the Vitality Sensor -wich is bad-] So you can sit back and relax… Not like there Rareware right? *AND ROLLS ON THE GROUND CRYING*

  • AwkwardPigeon

    I used to be against motion controls, but i'm pretty excited for Skyward Sword and I'm ready for my opinion to be changed. I do a lot of public speaking nowadays and I know for a fact the best way to keep people's attention is to actively engage them. In my opinion motion controls engage the gamer just like activities engage an audience–making for a much more memorable experience.

  • Link02

    The fan-boyism in here is really raising the roof.
    I'm a lover of Zelda games myself, but it's sad to see the vast majority of the fans are highly sensitive to criticism.

    Chances that this message will get thumbs down past the first sentence of reading seems pretty darn likely.

    Sticking to motion controls is all fine and dandy until the gimmick (yes, it is indeed a gimmick alongside every counter-argument you guys want to bring up) dies and everyone has left the building. It's an enjoyment that'll be short-lived and that's all I see it as.

    Motion control may seem 'fluid' and whatnot for swordplay, but without all that swordplay, it just amounts to being just 'motion controls'.
    At some point, a Zelda game is not going to focus around a sword and swordplay will then have to take a back seat, thus losing what focus it previously had, being unable to change from this 'forever motion control' theme it'll be setting itself up for.

    I call veto on the future plans of Zelda.

    • Sage of Hyrule

      I'm not sure I agree, really, and it's nothing against your opinion–it's definitely valid. Maybe it's just a personal thing, but I have been playing Zelda for years on every different platform, and it was great. Then came Twilight Princess, which I decided to buy on the Wii. Being able to actually swing the sword like Link was a tremendous experience for me that brought me even more into the game. And it wasn't just the sword–it was the bow, the clawshots, the fishing rod… all of it made me feel so much more like Link when playing that way. I loved it, and I really feel that it works for the Zelda series. I had the privilege of playing Skyward Sword at a demo, and the Wii Motion Plus really enhanced the accuracy of my swings, and for that moment, I -was- Link. I may just be a hardcore fan, but that really means a lot to me, and I do hope they implement it into future titles, gimmick or not.

      Again, I mean no offense to your opinion; I can see how it could get old, but I had to put my two cents in 😛

    • Nelo

      motion control doesn't necessarily involve the sword, you know? eyetoy didn't need a controller, if I'm not mistaken (never played it myself). And since there is already a technology in which there is no need of a controller, why shouldn't it be able to evolve or give birth to a new way in which gestures control play? That *is* motion control, just not the kind that Nintendo uses in the Wii.

      Also, look at Okami. You control the brush and draw with motion control, although it mixes button use.

  • Biased Axis

    Don't be a Judgy McJudgerton. Play it, then decide.

  • dungo

    Well imo when i play a game with buttons its pretty bland, you pretty much just spam a certain button and shield certain attacks making only reflex that allows a person to win, most enemies just fall down with one combo esp. in zelda games, so really all combat is almost identical in all video games with different special effects and sound. I think for the first time a battle will feel much more complex with motion plus giving the player more options and strategy to defeat an enemy, and allowing a new feel to combat in fact i would not be surprised if more games use motion controls esp. nintendo games.

  • twister92

    I'm the uncoordinated kid, so traditional controls would certainly be preferable to motion controls. We will have to see once Skyward Sword is released.
    Until then, the backwards-compatibility for Gamecube games is the best part of the Wii.

    • Oxling

      I'd say virtual console.

  • dungo

    btw not bosses there good with or without motion controls.

  • Brendan


  • Addsy

    The fact here is – none of you guys have even played the full version of Skyward Sword. Therefore, it isn't fair to make such opinions on motion controls after a 30 minute play through. I played the SS demo and I was impressed with the motion controls, it definitely did not feel like a "gimmick" and it really did feel like the next natural step for the Legend of Zelda series.

    Furthermore, I have always had faith in Nintendo and whatever they decide will be fine with me, because after 25 years, the games they have produced have kept me bound to this amazing franchise. The reason I buy Nintendo consoles is because of the unrivalled quality of first-party titles, and Skyward Sword + Zelda Wii U will be no different – they will be incredible.

  • Ailuros27

    Personally, I'm fine with either kind of controls. Since the Wii U is so new, no one really knows its potential or what kind of controls will work best on it, but I think it would be awesome whether they go with a Wiimote & nunchuk control scheme, or just let us kick back in our beds with the screen controller and play Zelda with buttons in HD.

    Still, it seems like there are an awful lot of "haters" trolling this article before the game even comes out (who therefore could not have tried it for any significant length of time).

    Condemning something without even seeing or trying it is something only small-minded people do.

  • Weevil

    ok. half (if not more) of the people here have never even played the game or even a demo, so how can you judge a motion controlled zelda if you've never even played one!

  • X x7

    The Wii U's main new thing is the new controller, and if Aonuma doesn't make the most of it, then the only new and improved thing that I could see coming from this Zelda is amazing graphics. I know that Wii remotes work for the Wii U, but you can't use both controllers at once. I want to see what they could accomplish with the new controller scheme in a new Zelda.

    • Cattleya

      Controls and graphics aren't the only thing that can be changed though. Gameplay in general, story, the formula for the story etc. I'd still like to see what can be done with the new controller, though.

  • Joe

    I personally think they should just include both options. Sort of like what they do for smash but I do agree I will miss the controller motion and button mashing. I've been playing Zelda since the very first game. I do think both would be good that way people could choose. It's no offense but I really don't ever want to play a Zelda game like Phantom Hour glass ever again. Sure it was a good game but forcing a certain play style will start turning off the fans.

  • NintendoKing

    Hmm…….. what if I want to play on the Wii U controller, would I have to set it up against a wall to use motion controlls?

  • Ashmic

    they're making too much drastic changes, i don't even deel the zelda-ness anymore

  • Arcudasa

    Have you guys even played the game yet If you never played it you dont know if you will have good in controls or anything.If you played the game or demo then you can decide if its good or not.

  • I am curious to see what direction they will go when it comes to the controls for the next game. The more things develop, the more it seems like we are moving towards a virtual reality experience. Imagine if they brought in an optional use of the wii balance board (or some equivalent) that allows you to run around! I'm sure a lot of gamers won't be interested in getting up off the couch, but it could be fun even for a little bit. I would love to try something like that.

  • Metal Man


  • whorse

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  • Cam

    I personally like getting up off my ass and feeling like I'm on an adventure as Link :/

  • Wow…so many negate comments on something THEY HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED! The demo doesn't count.

    I for one will enjoy this. I've never actually used the Wii Motion Plus before and I'm excited to use it for the first time once Skyward Sword comes out and for future games. 🙂

  • hyrule

    ign has given Skyward Sword a perfect 10 if anyone's interested

  • to all the people who want a lefty version:


    • Oxling

      I'm pretty sure there is one in game…


    IGN's Richard George agrees with Aonuma.

  • The motion controls keep me from playing more Wii games because it bothers my wrist and the way my house is set up for TV doesn't make it easy to set up the Wii for comfortable playing. And I don't want to play standing up (screw that!). I can't say Aonuma is getting me excited about anything yet.

    I am going to reserve my final judgement for when I'm done playing Skyward Sword. However, I wish they had an option to play with just a regular ol' button controller.

    If I didn't love Zelda games so much I wouldn't even bother with Nintendo.

  • Oxling

    If SS's motion controls work (which after getting all these perfect review scores, I'm sure they do), then I'm fine with this. I don't like motion controls in general, but that's because they have as of late been implememted as the important factor of many games. They've taken the focus away from the screen to your hands. A game should not need motion/normal controls to work when it comes to the story/concept. The required controls should, however make a contribution to the game. That seems to be what Nintendo has done with Skyward Sword.

  • UltimaHedgie

    Honestly, I love the look of Skyword Sword's controls and thing it would be a good new direction for the series. I won't pass judgment until I play it, but it looks really fun and enjoyable. From what I've heard of Twilight Princess Wii, I'm glad I didn't get the Wii version, but Motion Plus looks like the way to go. The same old gameplay does get old after a while, so its nice when things get mixed up.

  • Beatness

    As thrilled as I am that Nintendo is finally recognizing that they need to change things up, I really think that Mario needs a revamp, not Zelda.