Nintendo of Japan has released a Skyward Sword “overview trailer,” compiling nearly six minutes of footage, both old and new, of gameplay and cutscenes from the upcoming title.  Accompanying the video is music from the game, including the assumed Skyward Sword main theme, as heard in previous trailers, and several environmental backgroud tracks.  Hit the jump to see the trailer for yourself!

Beware of spoilers.

This is definitely one of the most content-packed trailers that Nintendo has released yet.  We see all of the races, get lots of facetime with the major characters, and see a ton of the gameplay mechanics.  Below are just a few highlights to this massive trailer.

We’ve seen the scene in which Zelda is captured many times before, but this trailer shows it in more detail than ever.  Zelda’s not just sucked down into the vortex, she and her loftwing are being jerked around, and she is screaming with fear the entire time.  Skyward Sword’s cinematics are a huge step up from previous games in the series.

The many races of Skyward Sword have been shown in previous trailers (eg the Mogma, Kikwi, et cetera), but this trailer also shows off many other non-human characters, as well.  Unlike previous games, which featured the main races and dozens of human/Hylian characters, this time around it looks like we’ll be seeing a much more diverse  group of creatures.

The upgrading system is shown yet again, and it looks better and better each time.  Rather than becoming a full-blown RPG, Skyward Sword is integrating RPG elements into its action-adventure genre, creating a game that will be accessible to both younger and more experienced players.

 Massively large monsters were confirmed in many previous trailers, but this large, flying creature has only recently been featured.  It doesn’t seem to be an enemy of Link’s, and many people are noting its similarities to the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening.  While this is in no way guaranteed (remember when people thought that Ghirahim was Vaati?), it’s something to think about.

The trailer ends with a montage of some of the game’s bosses (the above creature not only adds to the list of bohemoth foes, but, frankly, looks pretty darn cool), and shows clips from a battle against Ghirahim.  He directly attacks the mysterious Sheikah character, adding even more intrigue to the still-shrouded storyline.

There you have it–this trailer gives a huge amount of diverse footage, and ups the hype for Skyward Sword even further.  With only a few weeks left until release, this game is shaping up to be the most content-filled Zelda title to date.  Leave a comment telling what your favorite part of the overview trailer was!

Source:  Nintendo of Japan (via YouTube).
  • Hi-Rool

    18 more days…

    • 16 for me muahahah xD

      • matt17

        Only Eur players would give thumbs up for 16 days -.-

    • pita

      17 now

  • sweetness i cant wait

  • This is the best trailer we've seen so far, IMO.

  • Ben

    How crazy would it be if that huge whale in the sky was the "wind fish" in links awakening? at the end of the game it totally looked like a whale flying in the sky…just sayin 🙂

    • Craig

      I'd say it is the Wind Fish but he seems to be infested with parasites…

  • Ashmic

    i think i died

  • fiercedeityfan

    the whale looks evil in one trailer, and now in the pic, it looks like a good guy!!! btw, i also screamed like a little girl when i watched this… (:

    • Alan Rickman

      Well it was never really evil. More like there were parasites attacking its body. Check out the trailers, and you'll see red eyestalks.

      • TheMaverickk

        Agreed … the whale had some barnacle things with tendrils which started popping out. He may very well be a guardian creature much like that of the Water Dragon, who has been ailed by some evil.

        He isn't a new character… I saw him in earlier trailers where Link was flying next to it in a stormy sky on his Loftwing…. now though this trailer seems to confirm that the whale itself may not be evil.

        I've seen Ghirahim attacking the Sheikah before also, but it wa slike a split second, this trailer shows it a bit better.

        Same with Zelda falling off… they've given glimpses to suggest that she isn't simply pulled off by a tornado, but nothing as clear as in this trailer.

        That big white monster is the most curious thing I've seen yet… I was thinking an evolved final form of that black bipedal beast thing we saw in earlier trailers… or possibly it's another form of Ghirahim… again just stretching a theory out… and my basis is simply because of the white body scheme which reminds me of our Demon Lords pale skin.

        Can't wait to see how it will all fit together.

        • Craig

          That big white monster looks like one of the bosses in the desert – As there's a huge washed-up ship and this monster pierces through it while Link stands on it and this monster attacks him… It's like a mixture of a Kraken and Morpha or whatever that one from Ocarina is…

  • zerandomguy

    I want to watch it soooo bad but I might get spoiled… Does it have major spoilers or not too bad?

    • Alan Rickman

      Pretty major.

      • TheMaverickk

        Pretty major depends what trailers you've been watching.

        If you've been watching all the official trailers, then this isn't really that spoilerific. It's just a few extended moments of thigns already shown in trailers.

        Mind you if you've only watched the very first trailer, or maybe E3 2011 trailer… then there's a bunch of new content which you haven't seen. Still the clips are just clips, nothing really given away in the scenes shown. I wouldn't be able to pinpoint whan in the game they happen or how they are all connected.

  • Marble

    I just can't believe skyward swords gonna be out in just 18 days. I've been waiting for this game for more than a year!

    • Craig

      just over 15 days here 😛

  • Leendy

    OMG I don't know who to read Hiragana yet, but in the beginning when Zelda in on her bird, it sounded like she said "Ore wa" (not sure on the spelling) .That is Japanese for "I" or "I am." So right before she got sucked in, she was about to say something to Link… "I…"/ "I am…" OMG Love confession????? …Idk. Maybe I'm getting over excited :3

    • Pedantic Fellow

      Have to correct you about the hiragana, sorry. ^^; If you ignore the fact that the voices never actually say anything, Zelda's "speech" does kind of sound like "ore wa," but the text says "watashi ne": "watashi" meaning "I/me," and "ne" being a tag qustion ("isn't it?"), indicating that she's seeking confirmation/agreement, or just being a pause or filler. (So the translation is close, but the Japanese words are pretty different.)

      Heh–also, Zelda is very much not the kind of person who would use "ore" to refer to herself… that's pretty masculine and un-princesslike.

      • Craig

        Then again, Miyamoto said Zelda is a tomboy in this game and throughout the series, she just is always guarded. We see this start happening for the first time with this Zelda once the story pans out – poor girl, never gets her free life does she?

      • Leendy

        Damn! Lol okay, thank you for clearing that up for me (:

  • ChainofTermina

    I swear if Zelda pulls a midna at the end of this game and some divine royal destiny bullcrap makes it so Zelda has to go away forever never to return at the end, then I swear to god this franchise will be dead to me………………………well, no, not really but I'll still be pissed. and it's likely I will die a little inside.

    • Cam

      Though I don't care much for Midna (yeah go ahead and thumb me down) I totally agree, I don't want Zelda do something similar in SS 🙁

      • prada

        I used to not care for Midna too.. but then i replayed the game, and I noticed how awesome she was(if not a little snide)

    • TheMaverickk

      You know that Link and Zelda can't end up together.

      It just won't happen. It's never been in a Zelda game and I don't think they will change that now. That will be the twist at the end… which is that duty comes first before love. Doing what is right for the majority of people and everything.

      Also it's very possible it will be a vague ending, where they will leave it up to the fans to decide in their own minds whether Zelda and Link end up together happily, or if they sadly aren't meant to be.

      Most Zelda titles are ambiguous that way….. similar to how it's ambiguous what Midna may have felt for Link… maybe just friendship… possibly more.

      • ChainofTermina

        they ended up together in Spirit Tracks. oh yeah, it showed Zelda going back to her duties as a leader of the kingdom, and Link going back to his job as an engineer, but that didn't mean they never saw each other again. they still knew each other, they still lived in the same realm, the same country. in Spirit Track Link and Zelda, for the first time ever, actually held hands. and not in the "hand me your ocarina" way that some people have deciphered from OoT's ending. I mean they legitimately held hands in a romantic way. the boss was beaten, the adventure was over, and as the realization that their long arduous mission that they completed 100% together was complete, they almost subconsciously grasped each other's hands. it was a romantic gesture, there's no denying it or "alternate-view-of-thinking-loophole around it, Link and Zelda had an actual romantic moment at the end of spirit tracks. and they remained in the same plain of reality, so there's no reason why they wouldn't at least see each other again.

        and speaking of OoT, Link and Zelda being together is the very last scene of the game. their together, starring at each other. I know that might not mean anything romantic, but like you said it's vague enough that it very possibly could.

        I didn't mean I wanted Link and Zelda to end up married at the end of the game, I just meant that I don't want Zelda to ascend to some godly duty where she can't see, speak to, or have anything to do with Link for the rest of eternity, like what Midna did or even what Saria implied when she became a sage (even though that proved to be wrong in the end)

        I want Zelda and Link to at least stay with reach of each other, where they can at the very least visit each other on occasion or something, that's all. I'm not demanding a wedding to be in the ending credits, I just want it to remain possible for them to see each other again.

        • Faleel

          Didnt something like that happen in the LTTP comic?

          • ChainofTermina

            well that's a comic book, not the cannon in-game story. I think only the stuff that actually happens in games counts.

    • Craig

      That's a bit impossible… because every Zelda stems from Skyward Zelda's bloodline, which this game also explains she's the descendant of Hylia (the Goddess-like woman).

  • kaiser13576

    Did the blue cog thing behind zelda at the end remind anyone of the mirror of twilight and how he stuck his hand into the twilight realm for the first time in TP and Link running up the steps reminded me of the end of twilight princess when Link runs after Midna. or am i just over analyzing. i mean link even made the same heavy breathing noise. and Beetle from windwaker? ha idk but i cant wait to get this pure amazingness in a box so all my questions can be answered!

    • Craig

      You mean Beedle… This game is before the timeline split so Skyward Sword goes into Ocarina of Time and then splits when time is altered in Ocarina… Therefore it has ancestors of a lot of characters in Skyward Sword.

  • TnzSki

    Oh my God it looks so good! But are there going to be Zoras? I know that there will be those jellyfish guys, but will we get to see our favorite blue fish men?

    • Craig

      Some have rumoured that Zora's Domain is in this game but it is frozen… They said you'll have to redirect the lava from Eldin Volcano to melt it. This MAY turn out true because it's been confirmed you'll need to divert lava to progress, at least at Eldin Volcano's dungeons. Also to note that you end up redirecting the water from the Ancient Cistern and accidentally flood the forest – which explains the pools in Kokiri Forest in Ocarina of Time for "no reason". IF Zora's Domain is in the game and IS frozen, then the Zora may be there but trapped within the ice, yet to be awakened from their sleep for god knows how many years… I hope this is the case and the parella vacate to explain their disappearance.

      • TnzSki

        Thanks for your response. Let's hope that's the case!

  • Hyrule's Shadow

    Oh my goddesses! This is the best trailer yet! I cannot wait for the game to come out! All the new bosses, all the new (and old) items, all the new races and Gorons make a comeback! The end did sort of remind me of TP too…hmmm didn't they say it took place BEFORE OoT? I don't know.

    I love Ghirahim! Who's with me?

    • Craig

      It does, it's basically like the origin story of Hyrule becoming a kingdom, how the Master Sword came to exist and the first Zelda in the bloodline as far as we know, before she was ever a princess. It also will somewhat explain how Ganondorf comes to be in Ocarina of Time, although we know at lease his demon form Ganon won't appear… but whether we'll see him as a baby – we never know.

  • Jean D'eau

    I thinnk that "Pretty darn cool" it's an exaggeration for something that looks like a baby cyclops.

    • I think baby cyclopses are, well, pretty darn cool. (;

      But really, I really like how Skyward Sword's bosses/enemies (for the most part, at least) have unique appearances when compared to most past bosses of the series. If the series were to continue its trend, the new bosses would just be giant insects or a new form of Ghoma, you know? This cyclops–it's new and fresh, which is something I'm REALLY excited about for Skyward Sword!

  • Ashmic

    i just thought of jabu jabu!!!!! it is a prequel afterall

  • anon

    For some reason, I don't find the big octopus-thing fits the same style of the game : / It looks like it was taken out of a Mario game. But other than that… everything seems to look… pretty good, I'd say. I still don't really like how Link's face looks, but whatever. The big whale thing looks cool.

  • Rhyscurrency

    fro all those who think how the looks is crap try playing the game first i hated how it looked to and then i played a demo and the style suits the gameplay


    these zelda trailers just get better better ever time and would if at the end of this game it turns out that the real bad is gannon or someone else like in tp how it was baseing zant into the big bad guy but getting very closer to the end gannon appers.?.?.

  • Chino_Star

    if i wasn't already sold on this game, (which i am! <3) Link doing that TP-style putting away his sword would have, i love this game

  • ´´this game is shaping up to be the most content-filled Zelda title to date.“Really?

    • Martha

      Yes, actually. Have you SEEN any of the other previews?