Nintendo of Japan has released a Skyward Sword “overview trailer,” compiling nearly six minutes of footage, both old and new, of gameplay and cutscenes from the upcoming title.  Accompanying the video is music from the game, including the assumed Skyward Sword main theme, as heard in previous trailers, and several environmental backgroud tracks.  Hit the jump to see the trailer for yourself!

Beware of spoilers.

This is definitely one of the most content-packed trailers that Nintendo has released yet.  We see all of the races, get lots of facetime with the major characters, and see a ton of the gameplay mechanics.  Below are just a few highlights to this massive trailer.

We’ve seen the scene in which Zelda is captured many times before, but this trailer shows it in more detail than ever.  Zelda’s not just sucked down into the vortex, she and her loftwing are being jerked around, and she is screaming with fear the entire time.  Skyward Sword’s cinematics are a huge step up from previous games in the series.

The many races of Skyward Sword have been shown in previous trailers (eg the Mogma, Kikwi, et cetera), but this trailer also shows off many other non-human characters, as well.  Unlike previous games, which featured the main races and dozens of human/Hylian characters, this time around it looks like we’ll be seeing a much more diverse  group of creatures.

The upgrading system is shown yet again, and it looks better and better each time.  Rather than becoming a full-blown RPG, Skyward Sword is integrating RPG elements into its action-adventure genre, creating a game that will be accessible to both younger and more experienced players.

 Massively large monsters were confirmed in many previous trailers, but this large, flying creature has only recently been featured.  It doesn’t seem to be an enemy of Link’s, and many people are noting its similarities to the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening.  While this is in no way guaranteed (remember when people thought that Ghirahim was Vaati?), it’s something to think about.

The trailer ends with a montage of some of the game’s bosses (the above creature not only adds to the list of bohemoth foes, but, frankly, looks pretty darn cool), and shows clips from a battle against Ghirahim.  He directly attacks the mysterious Sheikah character, adding even more intrigue to the still-shrouded storyline.

There you have it–this trailer gives a huge amount of diverse footage, and ups the hype for Skyward Sword even further.  With only a few weeks left until release, this game is shaping up to be the most content-filled Zelda title to date.  Leave a comment telling what your favorite part of the overview trailer was!

Source:  Nintendo of Japan (via YouTube).