The US pre-order charts for the week ending 29th of October are in and Skyward Sword now sits firmly in the #5 spot, with 521,500 pre-orders so far and four weeks to go. Skyward Sword’s pre-orders boomed this week, growing from just 38,944 pre-orders last week to 68,675 this week – partially due to the game being closer to launch, though the new heavy advertising from Gamestop has likely helped too.

More charts and figures after the jump:

This is very encouraging as only Modern Warfare 3, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and Uncharted 3 had a better sales week, all three of which (four if you count both versions of MW3 separately) have release dates well before Skyward Sword. It is quite common for pre-order sales to surge as games approach their respective release dates, so for Skyward Sword to have such a great week with still four weeks to go should make the suits at Nintendo (who have been watching their overall numbers drop recently) very happy.

What are your thoughts on Skyward Sword‘s pre-order success? Do you think it will be able to sell better than Twilight Princess did at launch? Leave your comments below.

Source: VG Charts
Via: Zelda Dungeon
  • Within two weeks both Call of Duty games and Skyrim will be released, leaving Skyward Sword to contend with Star Wars. I believe it'll top the charts at that time.

    • GuitarShank

      I dunno, people have been anticipating The Old Republic for over two years. It's been available for preorder since August or September and releases exactly a month after Skyward Sword.

      I'll be getting both games on their respective release dates. I can't wait for either title.

      • Blizzeta93

        we've been expecting skyward sword for over 3 years.

        • Jani

          Five, really.

          Most people are excited for the next game as soon as they've finished the current one. Twilight Princess came out five years ago, a lot of people will have finished it pretty quickly.

          So, five years.


      Don't forget Mario Kart 7 😉

  • Ashmic

    sucks to me, i didn't preorder ><

    • AgentLym

      There's still time, no?

  • Xosgni

    One of those pre-orders is mine.

  • Link and Cuccos

    It looks like Skyward Sword will beat out WW's title for most pre-ordered Zelda game!


      And how many preorders did WW receive?

  • tool

    I can't wait for both TOR and SS, and am happy to see both of them together!

  • Konyuna

    How pathetic.

    Call of Duty, the WORLD'S MOST REPETITIVE GAME, Is the top two preorders.

    Are kids so stupid that the only way they find joy is getting mad at people over online?

    • ChainofTermina

      Can I be your best friend? I if I could, I would thumbs-up this 200 times. you sir, are awesome and a person who is correct.

    • Bob the Bartender

      I don't mean to sound like a downer, but Zelda has been obnoxiously repetitive too. While people claim Skyward Sword will "shake up the formula" I'm pretty confident I can predict everything: Zelda get's kidnapped/lost, Link has to go through a series of dungeons/locations to collect something that will save her/stop the bad guy, the bad guy will end up just being a puppet, slay real villain, the end. Sure they've added shiny bells and whistles like upgradable items and dungeons that blend into the overworld, but it's nothing terribly new especially when Elder Scrolls has been doing that for almost two decades. Yes, I dislike CoD, but calling it repetitive when Zelda has basically been the exact same game with different coats of paint since OoT sounds like fanaticism.

      • Bob the Bodybuilder

        Although Zelda is repetitive, the only reason people buy Call of Duty is to play online, whereas The Legend of Zelda series, have different characters, different bosses, and different items. Yeah, CoD has different guns, perks, and killstreaks, but that's about it. Nobody plays the campaign, and there's no use of making it. It'd be great if Zelda had online, but it'd ruin the concept of the game. CoD is just pure repetitive bullshit.

  • Goro-Link

    Just imagine what the pre-order numbers would be if they came out with Majora's Mask 3ds!!!

  • TheMaverickk

    It's really sad just how crazy people are about the Call of Duty games…. I'm not saying they are bad games…. but they sell out not for the game's story, but simply for people to shoot each other online. I've got two close friends who are both addicted to the games, and even asked them what the single player was about, and both admitted that they hadn't even really played the single player at all and didn't know what the story in the game was about.

    They simply enjoyed the game purely for the multiplayer aspect.

    Which is perfectly fine… it's just embarrassing that it's become basically the biggest game these days. A game about war, and how fun it is to go around shooting people for no reason… and that war is a game…. sigh…..

    I mean it's great for Zelda to be in the 5th spot… but still… almost 2.5 million pre-orders just in the Xbox version of the game. Seriously? Even the closest in sales is still 1.5 million sales away from beating it. Yayyyyy for western games……..

  • Bob the Bartender

    I honestly don't think Skyward Sword will start making serious money until around Christmas time. Releasing it so close to Skyrim was a terrible, terrible mistake in timing. I know I won't be getting Skyward Sword until Christmas, honestly slaying freaking epic dragons sounds more fun then flying around on colorful birds. Just my opinion though, the numbers are all that matters.

    • TheMaverickk

      How many games give you giant dragons and beasts out there to slay…. tonnes….

      I mean look at the Monster Hunter series… that game is all about slaying dragon and dinosaur like beasts. Dark Souls, has some other big monsters and dragons to hack and slash at… I'm sorry in terms of unique experience, I really feel that Skyward Sword will really deliver in that department.

      • Bob the Bartender

        Hey if flying on Tucan Sam and fighting monsters that look like they came from Barney the Dinosaur is fun and unique for you then more power to you I suppose. I'll just go play Hyrule: Total War instead. It looks way more epic then SS and it's free to play too.

  • Oleg

    Im saddened to see that Call of Duty had been chosen #1 and #2. Honestly, what the hell? (yeah, I know one is PS3 and other is XBOX360)

    What's with guns and people these days? I really don't see fun at shooting people and the "satisfaction" of pwning someone's ass.

    • TheMaverickk

      FPS games are just easy games to make, and easy games to play.

      Lets face it when you make an FPS game it means no figuring out how to make the 3D camera work and center around a character. The camera is fixed and completely set to be one point of view. All those issues a lot of 3D platforming games have with camera's is removed.

      It's an accessible game type… how many buttons do you really need to know in order to play an FPS game? Not a whole lot…. a trigger to shoot…. a single button reloads…. and depending what game you are playing a button to scroll through weapon options. With two analog sticks for moving and aiming.

      There isn't a lot of complicated moves to have to learn in order to pull something off. I mean pulling up a long ump in the original Super Mario 64 took some practice, as well as triple jumps, wall jumps and so on. You had to time your movements and how you pressed buttons.

      It's just the sad fact… FPS games are great for casual players. Easy to learn how to play, simple concept (shoot your enemies to move on to the next area) and in most cases you have large online multiplayer.

      I mean what developer has yet to create a 16 player platformer style online mode? It would be pure chaos most likely.

      I enjoy FPS games as much as the next person… but seriously they are as popular as they are because they are easy to pick up and play.

  • Oxling

    Number one makes me cringe. CoD isn't a bad series… but it's one of those "played one, played them all" ones. I feel justified in saying that having played many of the game (friend's copies).

  • tyler

    wow, people are still paying $60 for a map pack.


      Yes, a COD game plus its map packs is not worth the whole $120.

      • James

        I think he was implying that every new Call of Duty game is like a map pack, as the concept of all the games are pretty much the same.

  • my mom nose how much i love Zelda so she reordered it for my i am so happy

  • DragonChi

    Although I doubt it will happen for some time, I really honestly hope that this prolonged trend of FPS war games (of which there are TONS) starts to die off. It's a disturbing sight to see that most people prefer shoot each other than play something that makes you think and has a rich story.

  • How was the pre-order sale for Twilight Princess?

  • AgentLym

    I know that I know that I KNOW that Skyward Sword will sell well from now until the holiday and through to the fading years of the Wii U. Even if it takes a slow start, it'll pull a Regigigas, and soon overpower all else for the longest amount of time. Masterpieces always do. And when was the last time Call of Duty was considered a masterpiece?