The US pre-order charts for the week ending 29th of October are in and Skyward Sword now sits firmly in the #5 spot, with 521,500 pre-orders so far and four weeks to go. Skyward Sword’s pre-orders boomed this week, growing from just 38,944 pre-orders last week to 68,675 this week – partially due to the game being closer to launch, though the new heavy advertising from Gamestop has likely helped too.

More charts and figures after the jump:

This is very encouraging as only Modern Warfare 3, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and Uncharted 3 had a better sales week, all three of which (four if you count both versions of MW3 separately) have release dates well before Skyward Sword. It is quite common for pre-order sales to surge as games approach their respective release dates, so for Skyward Sword to have such a great week with still four weeks to go should make the suits at Nintendo (who have been watching their overall numbers drop recently) very happy.

What are your thoughts on Skyward Sword‘s pre-order success? Do you think it will be able to sell better than Twilight Princess did at launch? Leave your comments below.

Source: VG Charts
Via: Zelda Dungeon