IGN has published yet another Skyward Sword trailer for us to enjoy. This one focuses on the instrument we’ve seen a handful of times before and is made up almost entirely of new footage.

A lot (if not all) of this footage is from cinematics in the game, and could spoil some important story moments for you. However, we have very little context for the material and there is very little in-game sound to accompany it (instead, it plays the familiar Skyward Sword theme song on the background).

*Spoilers ahead… you have been warned!*

Hit the jump for the video…

A great thanks to TheMaverickk for the tip.

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  • fi desi

    its so beautiful it hurts!

    • fi desi


    • fi desi


  • ChainofTermina

    ok, i'm sorry, but just CANNOT get used to how Link's lips look. I swear, I am NOT one of those people who hates a Zelda game just for being cel shaded, I mean I loved the wind waker and I think this new game looks amazing and awesome, but even I gotta admit that Link's lips look WAY to prominent. everything else looks spectacular, but Link's mouth just looks………weird. and not in the good way.

    • SuzetteRGreinwich

      He's got them lips cos mebbe he'll finally get that kiss from Zelda at the end! πŸ˜€
      Here's to hoping that's why his lips are so weird.

    • SpaghettiWeegee

      He's going to be the pop music heartthrob of teenage girls everywhere, though. He's going to be Link Bieber!

    • jmoods

      Miyamoto: Hey, hey Eiji, look at this! Chain of Termina says he doesn't like Link's lips!
      Aonuma: Shit, what are we gonna do?!
      Miyamoto: Nothing else we can do, Eiji. We have to make the whole game over again…

      • ChainofTermina

        oh, I'm sorry, I could have sworn that the point of this website was to discuss and share our opinions on current Zelda-themed topics. My mistake, I should have figured the point of this website was to make the creators of the game change it to our liking. what was I thinking? Of course I should have meant that they should go back and change it! how could I have been so deluded into simply trying to express my thoughts on the subject matter at hand, I don't know what was going through my head when I thought that this website for simply talking and exchanging conversations on our opinions about Zelda. no, the reason this site exists is to complain at the creators and expect them to cater to our every wish in making a Zelda game to our specifications. THAT'S what I should have meant when writing my comment.

        • jmoods

          Woah there… Just pointing out that there's a whole game here. A whole fantastic game, and you're complaining about link's lips. That's like playing Ocarina of Time, and your first reaction being "I'm sorry, but I just CANNOT excuse the size of Ganondorf's nose. It just looks weird, and NOT in a good way".

          Optimism, sir. Cool your jets.

          • rookie

            Alright! THAT is enough.

          • Kyle

            *Cop comes and pulls Jmoods over for trolling ChainofTermina using a Flintstones type police car with the deputy actually being the siren:

            *Jmoods gets pulled over and officer walks up to the *car*.
            All right buddy: I got a report of you trolling:
            Either you apologize and I'll let you go off with just a warning or you will be given a fine for Trolling In Public which is a class C misdemeanor. :p

            Did I mention that fines double when trolling in front of a movie trailer? Now do you really want to pay those fines?

            Your choice.

          • lolwut

            There's no trolling, there, my friend. He just said that the lips aren't that bad in the whole scheme of the game.

          • ChainofTermina

            did i say that the entire game sucks all because of Link's mouth? no. all I said was that I could not get used to how pursed they look. SS trailers have been out for over a year, and in that time I've tried to ignore it and get used to it, but as I said above, I can't. I'm not saying this is a horrible game, I know Link's lips are not the point of the game, I'm just expressing my opinion on a small, little tidbit that crossed my mind recently. discussing opinions about Zelda, that is what this website is for. it'd be pretty boring around here if everyone thought "well we were going to discuss some things about Zelda today, but Zelda is such a great game that what we were going to say doesn't really matter, because there's a whole fantastic game, so we wouldn't want to discuss small things that don't really matter in the big picture, so I guess we won't say anything at all.

            I wasn't really complaining about Link's lips, I was just saying that I didn't like how they looked and nothing more. complaining usually means that one does not like the subject matter that they are complaining about, and I do like SS.

    • lolwut

      Well, to me, I really have to pay attention to it to really be bugged by it…. When one looks at the big picture of this game, they shouldn't really notice it at all.

  • EraZ3712

    Woah, dang, that WAS massive spoilers.

    Well… this spectacular sneak peak of Nintendo's new and incredible cinematography as well as their promise of over 100 minutes of cutscenes….

    After recently reading the article "Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bottles the Essence of Fun, Prophesizes Skyward Sword’s Excellency"… I'd say that I would buy this simply if for any reason to watch it like a movie (like SSBB Subspace Emissary cutscenes).

    Nintendo, I don't think you are, but don't let us down now!!! I know trailers aren't your speciality, but this looks too good to resist~! (And after seeing this, would asking for a cutscene selection be too much to ask? I think I'll love replaying these over and over again~)

    • TheMaverickk

      That's not really massive spoilers…..

      We knew Link was going to get the Harp, that it was the instrument to be used in the game. We knew Zelda had the harp from the opening parts of the game… I think most people could've put two and two together that Zelda would pass the Harp onto Link at some point in the game.

      My guess is that this part happens relatively early in the game still…. simply because they seem to be demonstrating learning songs with the help of Fi. So it would make sense that if you are going to learn songs and use the harp through the majority of the game that you will get it relatively early (maybe after the Earth Temple, Link finally catches up to her briefly before Zelda makes her escape yet again).

      What's really nice to see is that the Girahim encounters will likely be frequent enough. At the very least his role seems to be the most engaging of villains at this point.

      Also WOW… that animation is stellar. Honestly it's like watching a animated film. The characters don't look stiff or have plastered on expressions. With each trailer the care and skill of Nintendo is really starting to show.

      I've been meaning to say this but I think that Skyward Sword could easily take Game of the Year awards from various accolades.

      • Craig

        Zelda and even her descendant in Ocarina of Time's very same instrument isn't a Harp, it's a Lyre πŸ˜› It even says so in the game.

        • TheMaverickk

          yes you are right, it is a lyre, and it's written write in the title of the video. For the sake of discussion I just say harp because I think the majority of people will know what I'm talking about when I write that.

          Interestingly enough in Oracle of Ages Nayru has a lyre, but it's called the Harp of Ages. Same with Medli in Wind Waker… yet again that one is referred to as a harp as well. Regardless though it's just a technical point of speech, and when you say harp people do automatically know what you are talking about.

      • rookie

        Aaaaahh. Those cutscenes from brawl were amazing! So detailed, and, and well much like these.
        Can't wait to play the Lyre using motion plus!

    • matt17

      Metroid Other M did a good job of making the whole game as a movie

  • matt17

    There are way too many spoilers for this game. I'd just only watch the trailers on the skyward sword site an that's it if I were everyone.

    • Kyle

      I agree. It's likely going to be over hyped.

  • gamemodo

    It looks like The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword maybe the best Zelda game ever. http://www.game-modo.com/2011/10/best-zelda-game-

    • CrankyStalfos

      Wait, that article says IGN gave it a 10. IGN doesn't have a review up, where did they get that?

    • Kyle

      Now where did I hear that quote before?


      Welcome new user!

  • I love how Fi dances when you play the Harp. This game is going to be both musical, and magical.

    • mcdude910


    • rookie

      We've been through the whole harp/Lyre thing.
      drop it.

  • Ashmic

    I love this game but its killing me all the questions and no answers T_T

  • wow Fi was like a firework going all over the place

    • Soulless Creature

      Simply magical.

  • krisss

    Wow! That great game! I like the part where Girahim attacks the castle and Link and Zelda face it. : D

    • TheMaverickk

      I think in that scene Zelda is actually making her escape. Her and Link aren't facing down and fighting Ghirahim there. She is passing the Lyre onto him for a specific purpose most likely. Much like how Zelda passed the Ocarina of Time onto Link when she was fleeing from Ganondorf.

      It will be interesting to learn some of the details of why she has to do what she's doing.

  • Leendy

    I am crying this game is so amazing!!!!!!! TT~TT

  • fiercedeityfan

    epiiiiiiiic!!!! This is obviously gonna win game of the year award. there's no way it cant. and besides, what COULD win if it weren't skyward sword?

    • TheMaverickk

      Lots of people have been saying it will probably be tough competition between Skyrim and Zelda for whatever reason…. but from what I've seen Skyrim is just a pretty game… and overall it looks like any other RPG trying to be realistic, like Dragon Age or whatever. Not to mention the stiff characters… ungh. Still people love anything trying to be realistic so it will be a tough call to see what will end up on top.

      I'm hoping Skyward Sword will, it's just got so much detail and character I can't help but be floored.

    • kkk

      They think Arkhan City will be hard competition; haven't got it, saving my money for SS, but if not prize-wise, al list selling-numbers-wise it wll be a hard contender.

  • GreatSpin

    Wow, I think Skyward Sword has won the award for "most trailers for a game."

  • AzTno

    HEY!! Go to http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/QeN8TUXNTFFo… scroll onse to the left and look at the picture in the middle whit the yeallow guy in a suit like links! :OOO could this be co-op? or something? or is he just another "knight" ?

    • AzTno
    • rookie

      No, not co-op, its just that the knight school wears different colored tunics for every year. Link's year happens to be green. : )

      • AzTno

        thx ^^

        • rookie

          And by the way, no prob 4 the info, AzTno. : )

    • kkk

      Tthe only thing more pathetic than an obsessed nerd is an ignorant nerd that doesn't follow the news and throw up stupid assumptions.

      • AzTno

        lol well sry. -.-

      • Ashmic

        wow kkk, ur so nice

      • rookie

        Alright, kkk. You need to leave AzTno alone! I mean really, he missed one article! deal with it!!! He was just curious.

        • AzTno

          Thx people^^ really kind of you to say that kind of stuff πŸ™‚ Good to know that most people in ZU are nice .

  • Bingo

    The overexposed scenes where he plays the harp look really really good for a Wii game, very impressive looking.

    • rookie

      Yeah, it really is beautiful.

  • Kyle

    Edit: I do not know how to do bold text so the words that appear bigger is meant to be in bold.

    Another thing I realized is that this is being released towards the end of the Wii's life span which is not good for bringing in new Zelda players and making the most out of the system.

    Why can't Nintendo make these games in the MIDDLE where they already know what they can/cannot do with the system functions AND still bring in dedicated players who are not trying to save $$ for the next big system.

    You can't just find money hiding under a rock like in Hyrule or kill a monster to get any. :p

    Now that I think about it I wish they SHOULD make rupees harder to find like in real life where you may have to do odd jobs to save for something expensive making good use of the Wii remote.

    I hope Nintendo does not shoot themselves over the foot with this as this game DOES look to have potential only for people to turn away due to being the end of the life.

    • fi desi

      Think about the "Save the Cuccos" minigame in Minish Cap. Now imagine doing that every time you wanna get more arrows.

    • TheMaverickk

      You know these games take a long time to develop….. Skyward Sword has been in development basically since the moment Twilight Princess was finished and out the door.

      Motion Plus came out just under 2 years ago… and just for them to perfect what they are able to do with it was a time consuming process. In fact it was almost dropped from the game's production at one point.

      Also just because it's the end of the Wii's life, it doesn't mean people won't play the game. There are over 80 million Wii's out there…. and that's a lot of potential people to buy the game. Since those next gen consoles aren't out yet, and we don't know when they will get here, what reason do people have to not buy the game while they are waiting.

      I don't know about you but I would like an amazing game to play over the next 6 months before the Wii U comes out (that is if it hits the March/Spring estimated release date).

      I can buy this game, and over those next 6 months, easily work and have the money to buy the Wii U. Not to mention that since the Wii U will be backwards compatable, I'll still be able to play Skyward Sword on the new system.

      That seems like a no brainer situation.

  • Kyle

    I mean I wish they would make money harder to find like in real life so the money you earn will feel like a real reward.

    • kkk

      A lot of people play games or watch movies/TV to take a break from real world, come on, give people a break!!

  • Kyle

    It will also teach people to do good deeds.

    • kkk

      Videogames should not be meant to teach anything, they're entertainment, my god!! That's why people wants to censor videogames, coz they think they're going to make their children violent or insane, which is not real. Violence is not in videogames, it's on a penrson's psyche, and that's raisen and nortured by their parent's. Parents that don't want to be responsible for their children education are the ones worried about violence in videogames, coz they don't want to take the time to check what their children are watching, or tell and teach them that videogames, movies, tv… are fantasies, not the real world. That works in both senses, you can't expect a videogame to do a father/mother's job and teach children about how to do good deeds.

      • Ashmic

        i actually learned alot from videogames, silent hill taught me about Shakespeare, im not kidding.

        • kkk

          Well, I'm not familiar about the reference you're making, so I can't really give an opinion, but I may assume that the videoame just quote or made a reference to Shakespeare, and you, being a curious person, expanded on that quote/reference. The videogame didn't teach that, you had the desire for knowledge in you and expanded upon a refernce on your own.

          • fi desi

            Jesus, that's the best comment I've read so far!

  • Ulises

    Epic, this could be better than Ocarina of Time, finally.

    • kkk

      Wow, another ocarinaholic, that amazes me!! Ocarina of Time was a good game, but its time passed a long ago. People shuold learn to let things go and embrace new ones.

      • TheMaverickk

        Way to be so negative…. I think what he's really saying is that Skyward Sword has the potential to surpass the glory of Ocarina of Time.
        Ocarina of Time isn't the best Zelda game ever. Still it was an extremely important and influential title in the history of video games as a whole. Things like day/night cycles… Z-targetting…. it even set the standard for adventure games in it's time. Breaking from the other 3D game mold that Super Mario 64 set.

        Skyward Sword has a lot of amazing gaming elements in it, and despite being something very familiar, it's still filled with amazingly refreshing new concepts as well.

        • cloverplayer

          Yes, Ocarina of Time was a legend when it came out, and it still is today.

    • lolwut



  • TheMaverickk

    I wanted to put this out there but if you'd like to see/hear some of the Hyrule Symphony show there are some video's up from the performance for people to watch;

    This is Gerudo Valley:

    This is for the Wind Waker:

    Enjoy to your heats content.

  • mini link

    omg i love this πŸ˜€

  • Soulless Creature

    1:24 A mirror or is it the mirror ? πŸ™‚

  • fiercedeityfan

    this could possibly be better than a link to the past!

  • Oceanbear1

    Alright I have been watching this sight but never joined until now because I noticed something in the lyre trailer and HAVE to ask about it. so if you pause the screen as the wall is being blown up, and look in Zelda's direction, there appears to be someone standing next to her. who could that be? if anyone could get a screen shot of this that would be great

    • TheMaverickk

      I believe it's the blond haired sheikah.

      From watching this trailer and others I've been slowly putting together clip moments and where they happen and occur.

      From what I've seen the blond haired girl is the attendant to the goddess….. Ghirahim mentions that Zelda was saved from being swallowed by the black beast thanks to the Goddess' helper. I'm starting to think that's this mystery Sheikah-esque person we keep seeing.

      We see Ghirihim break through the girls magical barrier in one trailer, and we see Link chasing after her as she escapes (although I think he's chasing after Zelda and this person is just the last one through the glowing light portal).

      Zelda is on the run and someone is helping escape from Ghirahim, I believe it's this mystery girl.

    • Oceanbear1

      Didn't realize another trailer came out the 21st, that clears up fro me who is with Zelda


    Both Ghirahim and Fi have some wicked moves!