Japan, Europe, and North America have all received new information regarding Skyward Sword throughout the day. There’s a lot of new information, but we’re going to break it down for you.

*Spoilers ahead… you have been warned!*

New Location: Lake Floria

Lake Floria is located near the Faron Woods, but will not be visited when you first visit the woods. This is the first time we’ve heard specifics about revisiting places we have already been to. On your return trip to Faron Woods, you will find the lake, a new dungeon, and a new race of people.

Swimming will be motion-controlled and will be similar to the Loftwing or Beetle controls that we have already seen in action.

New Race: Parella Tribe

Parella are a squid-like race that live in Lake Floria. Skyward Sword will be their first appearance in the Legend of Zelda series. Not much is known about them at this point, but I’m sure theorists will be all over this one. In fact, I’ll just say it for you: Zoras.

Whip Details

We’ve known about the whip for a very long time, but we’ve got some more details about the item. A lot of this information was likely assumed by many fans, but we now have it confirmed. The whip is a weapon to defeat enemies and a tool to solve puzzles and gain access to new areas.

It’s clear now that the whip will be used similarly to the Grappling Hook in The Wind Waker. It also appears that the whip will be used to flip some switches from a distance.

Create New Potions with Bugs

Sometimes I wonder where Nintendo gets some of these ideas. As usual, potions can be created (I assume you can also purchase them), but this time the new upgrade system will also come into play. You will be able to enhance potions using bugs that you catch with the bug-net.

While I am excited to see the bug-net returning after such a long hiatus, I’m not so sure feeding Link bug juice is the best way to save the world. Regardless, it sounds like there will be plenty of potion options.

Fun Fun Island

Nintendo’s press release mentions Fun Fun Island, but doesn’t really tell us anything about it other than that it is located on an island in the sky near Skyloft and is full of fun things. It also sounds like you will have to complete a side quest before it becomes available.

One screenshot that was released (seen above) looks like a mini-game. It is probably related to Fun Fun Island.

Other Tidbits

  • One of the new screenshots from Nintendo of America shows Link wielding an enemy’s weapon.
  • Several of the new screenshots are taken from a dungeon that is likely located near Lake Floria. We’ve seen this dungeon, and it’s multi-armed boss, before, but this is our first clue to its location. It’s likely that the whip will be found in this dungeon.
  • Two new screenshots show off the Scattershot, an upgrade for the Slingshot. Based on the screenshot, it looks like the Scattershot shoots nine seeds at once.
  • Soeroah

    Oooh, multi-shot? Upgrades are starting to sound even better than I thought.

    • Luca

      immagina l'upgrade della frusta!

      • gosc

        "imagine the upgrade of the whip!"

        • Luca

          oh you know italian? i'm pleasantly surprised

  • mcdude910

    So, I heard news about Zelda singing in Skyward Sword, and a video that has been rumored to have surfaced. Can anyone confirm this, or can the ZU staff write an article on it (if it is true)?

    • heroofmasks

      yes she doesa sing they had a video of it here but the person privated it

      • mcdude910

        Do you have any idea why it was privated? Also, if you saw it, could you comment on the quality/sense that the singing had/made?

        • Super

          I guess it wasn't supposed to leak.
          Zelda's singing was beautiful. Sounds like a japanese teenage girls voice. She was singing the melody of the Goddess song. Kinda like 'meeeeeeh, kasheduuuuuuu, tadeeeeeeeeeh solooooo, meeeeeeeeh soduuu, tashenuuuuuuuuuu, toduuuu…'

          • mcdude910

            Well, if anyone can find the leaked video, if they could link it here, that would be much appreciated!

          • Craig

            It wasn't exactly a leak, it was at an event showing off the game for journalists. She is singing in Japanese about a hero from the sky reuniting heaven and earth.

    • Craig

      Yeah she does sing in Japanese and says something along the lines of "A hero sent by the Goddess will reunite heaven and earth"

  • Oxling

    Fun Fun Island? Really, Nintendo?

    • AzTno

      sounds like fun to me ^^

    • matt17

      I hope it doesn't involve mii's

  • I also dislike the Fun Fun Island name choice, sounds so kiddy, nonetheless, the new information is pretty epic! 🙂

    • Craig

      Well to be fair, Zelda always has this kinda thing in it… The Happy Mask Shop is "kiddy". Zelda isn't meant to be purely a mature game… It's about exploration, fun, adventure, puzzles and combat.

  • Dimitris

    they removed ZORA for..this?o_O..PARELLA??…it looks like an octrocok combined with a leever and a squid!

  • I absolutely love the swimming in Skyward Sword. It looks a lot like the Zora's method of navigating the water, especially that barrel roll Link does in video one.

    Also, that multi-armed statue has been confimed as Da Iruoma.

  • GorCoronSumo

    I find it interesting that the Zora tribe seems to evolve a lot but the Gorons are always the same.

    • heroofmasks

      well i cn see them evolving into the rito tribe they prob cant survive in salt water but who knows if these people turn into them mayube maybe not

      • Well Zoras survived in the ocean in Majora’s Mask and in Wind Waker I’d think the Zora tribe would be huge and the Gorons would be wiped out. I personaly like the design of the Parella Tribe, but I want Zoras. Hopefully maybe the Zoras and Parellas are compeating tribes?

        TEAM ZORA lol

        • heroofmasks

          i think the grear bat water was fresh water the great sea was salt water wich would probally kill them so they had to move to land

    • Craig

      Not really… Who says the Parella are the Zora? They're another forest Tribe, except they live in the Forest Lake – so really, they're not even in the correct area to be Zora. Anyway, maybe we'll see at least 1 Zora or maybe some kind of Fish that is their pre-evolved form… In a past game booklet it said Zora's evolved from regular fish.

  • pololmejor

    I think we spoiled the whole game at this point haha

    • Leendy

      Agreed lol

  • Ashmic

    Lol something tells me im gonna go through ALOT of shields in this game, and run out of stamina alooot

    i can't resist spoilers -_- im gonna end up looking at the whole storyline before getting the game, i did the same with TP lol

    • Craig

      It's not really spoiling the whole game, just locations and all.

      • Ashmic

        i mean after the game releases

  • Anony

    Awww the potion lady looks like she has a baby with her 😀

    • Ashmic

      i just saw that ^^

    • Craig

      That's a guy… not a potion lady lol.

  • TheMaverickk

    Yay for upgrades…. they give you a reason to search for items other then to sell them… and on top of that gives you a reason to use a sling shot after you get the bow.

    I'm impressed…. I wouldn't be surprised if you can upgrade arrows for the bow in order to get bomb arrows, or fire arrows and ice arrows.

  • Silver-Lynx4

    same here lol

  • the magic elixer

    i cant wait to try the upgrade system and the sword in syward sword ive played every game so it wont be a chaleng! :p

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    cannot wait to get this game for christmas!!!!! 😀