Behold! New Skyward Sword footage has been released today. Not one, not two, but THREE new trailers available to watch.  Needless to say, spoilers abound; you have been warned!

The first one is the general Opening Trailer of the game. We get more of a glimpse of the land beneath Skyloft and more shots of the bird riding feature. Something else we haven’t seen in the previous trailers, Link’s trusty companion, who will be helping him solve puzzles throughout the game by pointing his sword in specific directions. Now, for something really new. An instrument! It resembles the harp that Medli had in Wind Waker, and could possibly play a very important part in the game. The rest of the trailer shows more of the fighting, shopping, new characters and some of the weapons that mostly resemble the ones from previous Zelda games.

The second trailer is the Romance Trailer. This is basically a trailer that gives us hope that maybe there IS love between Link and Zelda. It shows her giving a letter to her bird to mail to Link and then the bird riding clip which everyone saw at E3. But, just when thing’s start getting romantic, she get’s swallowed by  a whale. Too bad.

Lastly, the Combat Trailer. This is a little sword fighting demonstration from a very early point in the game. Like some of the previous Zelda games, Link always had some sort of instructor to help him with the different sword techniques, e.g. vertical slice, horizontal slice, jump attack etc. But now, we’ll be having to do everything ourselves, since our Wii Remote is basically acting as our sword. An advantage of this, is that we won’t have to remember the certain buttons to press at the same time or where to position or anything. We can just slash our sword wherever we have to by waving our remote.

That’s it for now. Remember, Skyward Sword is only less than 2 months away! Not bad at all. We’ll keep the site updated on new Zelda and gaming news regularly!