In a recent interview for Nintendo Power, the director of The Legend of Zelda, Eiji Aonuma, spoke a bit about the coming Wii U Zelda. By the look of the interview it seems Nintendo has a few ideas of how to utilize the screen of the Wii U controller. This game was at first shown at E3 2011 shortly after the announcement of the Wii U and has a striking resemblance to that of Twilight Princess. This game might very well be in the early stages of development, which is definitely some exciting news for us fans of The Legend of Zelda.

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This is what Eiji Aonuma has to say about the Zelda for Wii U:

“I really think [having two screens is] one of the most exciting features of the system. Unlike the Nintendo DS, there’s distance between the television and you and your other screen. That really allows for some different interactions, some of which you saw [at E3]. For example, imagine having the contents of Link’s satchel available to you on the screen of your controller, and using elements of the pouch to interact with gameplay on the television.

With The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, we had the Nunchuck and Wii Remote sort of stand in for the sword and shield that Link carries. But in a game for the Wii U, I can definitely see something like the controller itself becoming the different items that Link is using, allowing you to interact with the game world and with the game items in a very different way.”

Source: My Nintendo News
  • sean

    Misleading title is misleading. He doesn't really talk about Zelda for Wii U just about how he wants to utilize the Wii U controller.

    • mcdude910

      He does mention "Link's satchel", so he's essentially confirming a Zelda title on the Wii U.

    • Yes, it -is- talking about how he wants to utilize the Wii U controller … specifically for Zelda. How did 26 people miss this fact?



    • the fierce oni

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    • Amused by Annoyance

      Get Firefox and Adblock+


    • blj

      Without ads, they won't get paid, and no pay, means no Zelda Universe. You do realize, that if they didn't have ads, we wouldn't have ZU. You gotta stop complaining, they're just ads. They may be annoying, but get Adblock or something.

      While I'm commenting, if Zelda is being made for the Wii U.. F*CK YEAH

      • tja

        that is sooo nonesense… if you use Adblock, ZU ist still not getting money and there will be no ZU no more.. 😛

        • mcdude910

          They don't get money for every time someone looks at the ad, they get money for the ad being on the site. If everyone on the site got ABP, then ZU would still get the same amount of money for the ads.

      • they need to strike a balance between making money with ads, and annoying the crap out of the people who come to the site. The full screen ads that show up the second we start reading an article are ridiculous, there are other better ways of making money that still respect the patrons.

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          There are plenty of ad options that don't block the entire page. You don't have to annoy viewers in order to make ends meet.

    • I'd rather we kept our ZU. 8P

    • mcdude910

      AdBlock Plus

  • That certainly is Link from Twilight Princess. You can tell by the Ordon Sword strapped to his back. Although, why would Navi be there? She also showed up with Link's introduction to the Subspace Emissary in Brawl. Possibly an early hint at a new title?

    I hope this isn't just some demo. I'd love to see a game in Hi-Def, just as it is now. =]

    • I don't think it means anything, but I'd be very happy if it did!!

  • Tropisk

    DAMN. Now I have to buy the Wii U too. I'm not made of money ;____;

  • yes

    What Twilight Princess lacked was depth. More inmersion and more interaction with the environment. The overworld felt hollow, shallow and empty. With the Wii U capabilities, I think would be a great step in improving the experience as well as inmersion in the game. I hope Nintenso realizes this.

    • Chris

      I don't know, I liked TP's Hyrule Field because it was HUGE compared to OoT. Of course that is to be expected but it was fun to ride all around Hyrule on Epona.

      • mcdude910

        It was huge, yeah, but it was boring. What's a large, empty space?

        • Like my new name?

          Well, soome of the space is filled with groups of Molins, and it's fun to kill them.

          • mcdude910

            I suppose, but they still could've put much more into it.

    • mcdude910

      I agree. Loneliness is Metroid's thing. That's why I'm not a fan of Prime 3, and Other M.

    • matt

      the Emptiness–the loneliness– was the point of TP. No other Zelda captured the isolation of the hero's journey more poignantly. That's why the developers chose to not include a magic meter or show festive ascending images during exits from grottoes (IMO–those fantastic images took away from the realism). Constantly seeking for those he loved yet always fighting on his own. Midna, while his constant companion, only mirrored (pardon the pun) his lonely journey. To declare that TP lacked depth was to miss the point entirely. Just saying.

  • There's no news regarding the tech demo. Aonuma didn't say it would be a game. He just said a future game might use the controller as shown in the demo. Some pretty cool things could be done with the new controller, like the inventory, but it will be weird playing that game after getting used to Wii M+.

  • The Iron Giant

    I'd kind of expect a new Zelda game on the Wii U to utilize the Wii U fully. This isn't anything new whatsoever.

  • TheTriforce

    Ok I can see having ads on the sides, but I am trying to use on my iPhone and all I get is ad popups in my face.

    • mcdude910

      Can you people please stop complaining? ZU isn't going to do anything about the ads. Get an adblocker.

  • Flare

    The piece shown off at E3 was a TECH-DEMO. It was not an exhibit of a game in progress. It was merely meant to showcase the technical power of the Wii U as compared with the Wii and the other current systems, and how well and quickly it processed changes. It was in no way meant to guarantee a Wii U Zelda, or represent the possible title. All of the Nintendo representatives on the show floor were very clear about that when asked. I'm kind of disappointed that Zelda Universe either wasn't aware of this or was, and decided not to point that out. You're giving alot of people the wrong impression.

    That said, odds are good there will be a Zelda title for the Wii U at some point, and it likely will be amazing. But what they showed at E3 is in no way guaranteed to be a part of it.

    • mcdude910

      To the "I'm kind of disappointed that Zelda Universe either wasn't aware of this or was, and decided not to point that out", would you believe me if I said they already have noted this many times? It's a little ridiculous.

  • Ginkasa

    Wii U Zelda was NOT first shown at E3 2011. That was not a real game. It was a tech demo that will most likely not have any real similarity to to an actual Zelda game for the Wii U that has yet to be revealed.

    Continuing to mislead your readers by claiming the tech demo was a real game only adds to the confusion and, later, disappointment when fans realize that the upcoming "ZeldaU" is not the TP sequel they had been imagining.

    • mcdude910

      "ZeldaU". I like that. I say that should be the working title for the time being.

  • Chris

    Guess some folk don't know a tech demo when they see one…

  • The Iron Giant

    I'm going to make an umpteenth comment to restate that what we see is only TECH DEMO. Doing so will make me feel smart and ahead of the curb.

  • zman friman

    I can definitely go for a game like this! Something different! Awesome.. =)

  • lifesavers2

    I think some people fail to realize that, no matter what, there's a 99.99999…% chance there's going to be a Zelda on the Wii U soon and it'll more than likely utilize the HD. Denying that is like saying there won't be a Mario on the next console.


    Make it the game shown in the image and I'll snap it up in a flash.

  • john

    a new twilight princess graphical game would be fun. also I just wanted to tell everyone that I just left this reply on my 3DS. cool huh?

    • john

      btw a few days ago, everytime i clicked on a song to download on this site it kept showing a pic of lucario. i just though id share that

  • Aura

    The screenshots are not from Wii U Zelda! It was strait up said that that was just a tech demo. This is referring to a whole new game.

  • Meagan

    That was just a tech demo! There's nothing to be excited about.Just because you see something, it dosn't always mean that it's worth waiting for. You can't always trust the ads that you see. :l

  • NintendoKing

    I'm gonna laugh when the do a WW style game for Wii U 😀

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  • Bill

    All I’m saying is, the game had better look like it does in the pictures.