It looks like the Wii U isn’t the only home console Nintendo has in the making. There seems to be yet another console that will be released before the Wii U.  Nintendo has announced a new Wii model will be released later this year: the Wii Family Edition. This revamp is similar to how the original DS system was revamped into a DS Lite. It’s basically a Wii with some extra features (and some missing features), like:

  • This system has a size reduction, much like the DS Lite compared to the original DS.
  • Due to the size reduction, this system no longer supports Gamecube games seeing the lack of space for controller slots.
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The Wii as it is has sold over 87 million units as it is, and a simple revamp like this one might not help with sales all that much.  The main fault keeping this system from completely cleaning off the shelves for this holiday season would be that consumers would rather save their money for the upcoming Wii U in just a few months after the release.

This console has a release set for the holidays and will be included in a couple of bundles. However, throughout the past few days Nintendo has announced that there will be no plans for this console in neither North America nor Australia. So far, Europe is the only region where the Wii Family Edition is available.

Source: Nintendo Buzz

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