Yesterday we reported about how well the sales of the Nintendo 3DS have been in Japan since the drastic price cut. Apparently Nintendo is having a similar success in the United States as well.

While the statistics a more vague than as in Japan, a spokesperson for the retail chain Target has confirmed that there has been high demand for the Nintendo 3DS since the price cut, just as has been observed in Japan. And odds are that it’s not just Target that is experiencing the recent sales burst. Other retailers such as Walmart most likely have the same story to tell.

Even better for the Legend of Zelda is that Ocarina of Time 3D is currently the top-selling game at Target! Even though the sudden rise in popularity shouldn’t be a huge surprise given the lack of big-name titles for the 3DS, it’s good to see the Legend of Zelda going strong in the sales department.

Source: My Nintendo News