A Link to the Future?

What do you get when you mix The Legend of Zelda with a Hollywood blockbuster trilogy? If you’re thinking of Zelda appearing on the big, silver screen, well, that’s not quite what what we were thinking, and that’s probably a relief to some. But if you answered that it results in about six minutes worth of laughs, then great Scott!  I think you’re right!

Grant Duffrin is the director and producer of this little movie short featuring Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and the increasingly convoluted timeline of the increasingly inaccurately named Legend of Zelda trilogy… all of which to hilarious effect. Naturally it all starts with Link having to go back in time to Alternate 1985 in order to set things in motion, but at least Link’s mom isn’t going to fall in love with “Calvin Klein” in this story.

Video is after the jump.

Source: The Daily What