A Link to the Future?

What do you get when you mix The Legend of Zelda with a Hollywood blockbuster trilogy? If you’re thinking of Zelda appearing on the big, silver screen, well, that’s not quite what what we were thinking, and that’s probably a relief to some. But if you answered that it results in about six minutes worth of laughs, then great Scott!  I think you’re right!

Grant Duffrin is the director and producer of this little movie short featuring Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and the increasingly convoluted timeline of the increasingly inaccurately named Legend of Zelda trilogy… all of which to hilarious effect. Naturally it all starts with Link having to go back in time to Alternate 1985 in order to set things in motion, but at least Link’s mom isn’t going to fall in love with “Calvin Klein” in this story.

Video is after the jump.

Source: The Daily What
  • Challie

    A few months old, but a great video! 🙂

  • supergiraloz

    this needs to go in the 'thoerizing for newbies' thread. it's so helpful

  • suntan99x

    nobody can ever get links persona right -__-
    then again, i dont think its possible outside a game, unless if everyone only makes him answer yes/no questions that he can just nod his head at 😛

    • noeyedhermit

      I think this guy was more going for the Marty McFly persona rather than a serious attempt at Link.

      • shooflypi

        Yeah, definitely Marty, even the voice

    • Lol. Or he could answer with a YHAAPP!!

  • Z-MAN7

    Kinda late on posting this one guys.

  • I should be staff!

    Everyone's already seen it guys.

    • NanaiX

      Not everyone. We all can't be on top of every single Zelda parody on the web. 😛

      • I should be staff!

        All ya gotta do is a bit of research and if you know its late then don't post it and assume most people haves seen it.

        • OracleOfMinish

          Or, how about no. I haven't seen it, I have no problem with them posting it here on ZU. You've already seen it? Don't. Fucking. Watch it.

  • kidgoku13

    I love how they missed one of the Four Swords games and Minish Cap in their timeline…

    • shooflypi

      probably because they weren't sure where to put them or they believe they occurred before Oo, in which case Doc Brown wouldn't need to explain them

    • zeldafan101

      they missed minish cap because theres no ganon in it

  • Darkstar

    Awesome video! This timeline seems a bit more coherent than the creators'. "I don't know, ask Myamoto" lol Doc is the best.

  • GorCoronSumo

    The CDi games don't count! Line of the day…

  • This is the funniest thing ever!

  • shooflypi

    simply fantastic. this made me laugh

  • Jack A

    Old news, where have you guys been?

  • goronbot


  • Alan

    OMG !! i was laughin a lot 😛 !! and that's why zelda shouldt be on the big screen !!

  • KyleLink

    "Oh so that's how the timeline works."

    "Would you like me to repeat it?"
    >Yes No

  • alinktothefuture

    this is awesome
    also funny it has the same name as my forum user name xD

  • Cyber Ninja

    That was epic…I laughed so hard! I finally understand the timeline now!

  • beachlovingirl

    Don't care if it's old news, I laughed my butt off so hard! Now to watch it again!

  • zeldafan101

    my heads spinning

  • GorCoronSumo

    Link should have said "Hylian, Doc."

  • Belinda Rudlong

    Speaking as a male, I could not agree more with your view of this ad. It reminded me of the goodies view of advertising for “sparkely peg” toothpaste, i.e. “housewives bless them, bless them”. A very poorly conceived ad.