Good day, Zelda Universe! So, Zeldathon is back, and this time they will be playing various Legend of Zelda games for 96 hours non-stop and, throughout the marathon, will be taking donations and raising money for the American Red Cross. Additionally, as Zeldathon reaches certain milestones in donations, they will be taking on certain challenges, such as the Phillips CD-i Zelda games! There are tons of prizes, fun events lined up, and plenty of Zelda gaming and discussions! So watch the 96-hour marathon live here and make a donation to Zeldathon! You will be helping the global community and be entertained at the same time!

Source: ZeldaDungeon
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  • mcdude910

    What games will they be playing? Also, first 😛

  • I stopped watching the second they said "Wind Waker sucks"

  • robotortoise

    I was wondering when ZU would mention this…

  • Name

    I has no money to donate D:
    But I might watch this though. Looks interesting ^^

  • guest

    I would donate money if it were going to any organization other than red cross. They are notorious for using donations for things other than helping people in need.

  • ratstanson


  • Looking at this and love the graphic design