As we all know, there has been a My Little Pony craze spreading among teenagers and adults alike. It has spread in such a way, that one Deviantart member by the name of negativezerro has fused a pony, and our fabulous Demon Lord Ghirahim (Debbie) to create a Debbie pony! The first indication is the diamonds along the pony, and the second is the diamond on its ear. It’s a pretty awesome drawing, and just has an air of fabulous to it, just like Debbie himself.

Source: Deviantart, negativezerro
  • melcrow

    LOL UM

  • Astarael

    Oh god…

    So fabulous…

    My eyes…they just can't absorb the sheer fabulousness…

  • The Iron Giant

    God ***ing damnit.

  • robotortoise

    "My Little Pony craze spreading among teenagers"

    ….You mean teenage girls, right? 'Cause my guy friends aren't exactly into My Little Pony….

    The tongue thing is SOOOOO Girahim.

    • Jonah

      Have you seen the forums? Some of the guys are even into it.

    • Astarael

      …you're obviously unacquainted with the "brony" phenomenon.

      Statistics for the MLP:FiM episode "Fall Weather Friends" on pensivepony's channel (with 75,000 views):

      This video is most popular with:
      Gender Age
      Male 25-34
      Female 13-17
      Male 35-44


      • Disciple of Midna

        Does anyone else find the image of a 25-44 year old man watching MLP to be creepy? O.o

        • Oodles of Noodles


        • Danimus

          Extremely. Can’t really say I understand it at all.

          And when will it be Ghirahim, not Debbie?!

          • OneHungryHippo

            You obviously have never watched the show.

          • Danimus

            Actually I did. Thought it was boring. Maybe I saw the wrong episode?

          • DrahcirAloer

            You have to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The old series make you want to stab your eyes out.

      • robotortoise

        …Guess I'm not in with the trend. I did find MAST3RLINKX's channel being populated by ponies very odd….

        Then again, that is being said from a guy who didn't find out about the Weegee and "My Body is Ready" fads untill a few months ago. XD

    • Mugen K. I. Kagemaru

      There is a section of the "Ben Drowned" (Jadusable's MM ARG) fandom that is into MLP:FiM, which includes me. Recently I got my niece into it as well.

    • QyetCapri
  • pony-hater

    i'm unsubscribing from this site.

    • Psywing

      And not a single thing of value was lost that day.

      • Ashmic

        guys just grow up

        • Heck of a job there, it aslbouetly helps me out.

    • OneHungryHippo

      This article just got 20% lamer when you posted.

      • This article got 20% cooler when you left*

        • … Wait that was a little harsh.

          Oh well.

          • Caleb

            Thank you for being so cool, Jani. <3

          • OneHungryHippo

            Love and tolerance.

          • BellaKazza

            Tolerance to an extent, We don't tolerate stupidity and crime.

    • ChainofTermina

      How the hell do you "subscribe" to a website?

  • Siaarn

    XD Omg, I never thought I'd see her art posted here, this is great, she's a good artist.

  • Oni Link

    I find it irritating ZU still calls him Debbie.

    • Jonah

      Well, when I call him Ghirahim, people complain that I am not calling him Debbie.

      There's no winning!


    • Siaarn

      He will forever be called Debbie.

      • Z-MAN7

        We all have Mandrag to thank for that! It's not everyday you invent a new internet meme.

    • Danimus

      I’m hoping it will just sort of fade with time…

  • Twilit_Dragon

    Quit calling the new villian, debbie, it's insulting and stupid.

    • Siaarn

      Insulting to who? XD; It's just a pet name.

    • Oni Link

      It is insulting, he's an interestingly cool villain and I think it's pretty lame to try and make this new fad. Sounds so dumb.

      • Siaarn

        Again, insulting to WHO? He's not real, I don't think he cares. We all love him, he's epic, Debbie is just a pet name, it's like the saying "Tough guys wear pink".

        • Mucrush

          Well maybe the CREATOR don't like people calling him Debbie… seriously, if someone started calling my own characters other names, then I would be pissed too… its like insulting IMO :b

          And yeah, I know this comment with get many thumbs down for some strange reason…

  • Nichyevo

    Also known as: Bowie Pony! (David Bowie) Someone had to say it.

  • cloverplayer

    Lol, so great! complete with snake tongue 😛 It's weird how it actually works…

  • Hatch

    I guess Debbie put on a Pony Mask. Can someone please explain the MLP craze? I don’t understand it.

    • Cody The Hedgehog

      It's a good cartoon that a lot of people enjoy, what's not to understand?

    • Sol

      It all started with Lauren Faust, who created Power Puff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. She was put onto the MLP team, and made it awesome.
      Go onto youtube and watch it 😀 Only the Friendship is Magic one, since the older ones suck.
      I would say watch episode 3, 16, 7, 20, 22, or 25 🙂

  • :'D

  • Randy

    In his most FABULOUS form xD

  • Z-MAN7

    What's with all these damn ponies? I'm not hatin, it's just they are everywhere. You can't go to one forum on the web without someone posting ponies.

    • You can't go to one forum without someone liking Naruto or Bleach, or some other popular animu.

      MLP is just another cartoon that is well loved.

      • Jailin

        By adults and teenagers? Maybe some peppy girls 14 – 16. I even saw it on a sig in a Modern Warfare forums.

        • And? There is a rather large older audience for popular animes too, despite most of them being aimed at teenagers.

          If people watch something and like it, they will like it and express this regardless of their age.

          What are we all doing on this site? Expressing our love of Zelda. Zelda is mainly aimed at young teens I'd say, but everyone from children to adults play and love the series.

          Same goes for MLP, while it is mainly aimed at a younger audience, I'm fifteen and I adore the characters and the style, and I'm not exactly going to hide my liking of something just because it's 'childish' and not what the site is based around. Admittedly I am female, but gender shouldn't stop anyone liking anything. Zelda's mostly for guys, but I still play it.

          Forums are about meeting and talking to people, if I want to talk about a series and someone else also wants to, there's no reason why we shouldn't.

          I'm also an artist, and if I want to draw some fanart, I should be allowed to.

  • smbmaster99

    Man, I saw the show by accident once and became addicted to it XP

    Never thought I'd see him as a pony =P

  • Poe Princess Mara

    There should be an official My Debbie Pony made. I'd buy one.

  • ?????

    LOL to me it looks like something you'd put on a FABULOUS coat of arms. XD

  • It is WAY better then ANY of the new Pokemon!
    if there was a pokemon game with this in it I would buy it INSTANTLY

    • … Where did Pokémon come from? This is My Little Pony, my friend! 😀

  • Ashmic

    Okay guy's there is a whole bunch of Ghirham Fanart on, but srsly you don't need to post an article on every one

    • Jonah

      Don't spoil my fun.


      • Ashmic

        use the search function on DA, easier than flooding a server with unnecessary posts

  • Fabulous ;o

  • Jesus Christ, is this a Zelda website or 4chan?

    • Ashmic


    • Problem

      Is this Zelda related?
      Then what's the problem?

  • Shania

    Debbie pony…

    Yep, that really captures Ghirahim. XD

  • Labrynian Rebel

    Now that's funny, but there is just one problem that's bugging me… one of Ghirahim's ears is rounded…

  • sk8on9876

    Ghirahim FTW

  • loz

    Never thought I'd see a pony here. I guess I can call this a "pleasant surprise."
    Love the pic. Does a good job of combining pony cuteness with Ghirahim creepiness.

  • PeanutButterDimond

    Wow that is amazing! Ghirahim actually looks good as a pony. His toung is just a freaky when he is a pony. The llord of the demons being a pony makes me want to laugh. Wether he is a pony or not, Ghirahim is awesome!

    As for people who don't understand the MLPFiM craze, watch a few episodes. For those expecting it to be "lame and cutsey wootsie good twoshoes" crap are in for a pleasant surprise.

  • Yes.

    That is all I have to say on the matter.

  • Galatica

    Prepare thyself for you shall see unbelievable things that have never been explored before, this time you will understand more deeply the true history of the Legend, in the Legend of Zelda.

  • Oni Link

    Jonah's posts are lame.

    • Danimus


  • Wartortle

    w00t Featured on Equestria Daily!

  • Anonymous

    I find it amusing (being a brony myself) how some of these people are so frustrated that ponies are becoming a craze now. Let me help ease some of the confusion. The My Little Pony you guys are pretty much thinking of right now are probably the '80s style, Tastes-Like-Diabetes kind of ponies. The new ponies from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic isn't made by the same director/producer. In fact, did any of you watch the Power Puff Girls or Fosters' Home for Imaginary Friends? Yeah, the same producer who thought of most of the ideas for those good shows (Lauren Faust) happens to be the same producer for the new My Little Ponies. The animation is much better, much more colorful characters, all-in-all, the ponies that are mainly the craze now are completely different from the other series.

  • SomePony


  • Anon

    Reporting in from Equestria Daily. Color me surprised some people on the internet have yet to watch, let alone hear about, MLP: Friendship Is Magic.

  • nekoneko


  • zeldafan4040

    Wow. Lovin the tongue action. 😛

  • TheFoxshot

    My Little Debbie – Pre-Order bonus for Skyward Sword at Gamestop. Power to the Players.



  • Charles

    please… for the love of God… stop calling him Debbie…

    • Aivatrix

      NO! Debbie shall never go against his birth name! Doing so will bring shame to all Zelda fans!

  • Soulless Creature

    Poor soul: "My little ahhhhh!"
    Debbie: "You're next Green boy!"
    This is freakishly funny.

  • Soulless Creature

    Debbie is easier to remember than Girahim. I can't even spell his name unless I look it up on the internet and I'm lazy so to me he is Debbie.

  • BellaKazza

    "Spreading among adults and teens alike." WHAT THE FUDGE, Are people just dirt stupid??? How can you enjoy a T'V show and toy line that was aimed at LITTLE GIRLS!!!!
    Come on! When people were calling Lord Ghiraham "Debbie" I thought that was a clever Spongebob reference from the episode "My little seahorse".

    What in the world is WRONG with these people?!?

    • BellaKazza

      To the episode*

    • Soulless Creature

      I will answer your question with a useful quote, "What's the point in being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes?"