Multiple controller support has been a much speculated about issue since the announce of the Wii U console at E3. After Miyamoto said they were focusing on single controller only, many thought that was the final answer. However, Nintendo CEO, Iwata, has spoken up with:

“Technically, it is possible for the Wii U to support multiple Wii U controllers.”

However, due to the high price of the Wii U controller/console, the focus will primarily be on single controller games.

Source: N-Europe
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  • Partyboy3543

    I wonder how expencive the controler will be?

  • katyerin

    Why not try a two-player Zelda adventure? In a lot of games, Zelda or another player ends up helping out in the end anyway. Why not have someone else controlling her as a secondary protagonist throughout the whole game, in the same fashion as Mario and Luigi? They could program it to where the secondary player (Zelda) could be controlled by a computer or a second player.