Remember back at E3 when we were bombarded with information about the Wii U controller and nothing about the console itself?  The only image we had was a zoomed in version of a console showed during the tech demo of Zelda.  Well, some images of the console have surfaced showing off what it looks like and it definitely strikes a similarity to its predecessor.

There is an image of the back of the console.  Look familiar?  Well, it is almost an exact clone of the back of a Wii, with one glaring different.  See that wonderful HDMI port?  There is some definite proof that Nintendo is not messing around with the idea of making this console HD ready.  The image below is just a side view of the console.  There are a few more vents on the console and the disappearance of the Gamecube controller ports and memory card ports show the proof that the Gamecube is getting the axe.  The front also looks similar to the Wii as well, with a disc slot and all the misc. buttons used for the console.

Source: Joystiq
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