Remember back at E3 when we were bombarded with information about the Wii U controller and nothing about the console itself?  The only image we had was a zoomed in version of a console showed during the tech demo of Zelda.  Well, some images of the console have surfaced showing off what it looks like and it definitely strikes a similarity to its predecessor.

There is an image of the back of the console.  Look familiar?  Well, it is almost an exact clone of the back of a Wii, with one glaring different.  See that wonderful HDMI port?  There is some definite proof that Nintendo is not messing around with the idea of making this console HD ready.  The image below is just a side view of the console.  There are a few more vents on the console and the disappearance of the Gamecube controller ports and memory card ports show the proof that the Gamecube is getting the axe.  The front also looks similar to the Wii as well, with a disc slot and all the misc. buttons used for the console.

Source: Joystiq
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  • supergiraloz

    it's just a Wii with rounded edges…

    • Pryex



    • Errorjack

      I have to say the same. Who ever disliked that just knows the truth. The good thing about it is that you can use the old cables for this new console.

    • vast

      It a good thing that it is a giant like the PS3 and 360

    • Visually.

    • cloverplayer

      he meant visually guys, calm down!

  • Astarael

    Hmmm…interesting! I think this is the first time I can recall a Nintendo home console having such a strong resemblance to the console preceding it (and even having the previous console's title in its own name to boot, not counting NES –> SNES).

    It still looks quite nice though. The aspect I'm most disappointed with at this stage is that the Wii U will lack the ability to play DVDs and Blu-Rays. I suppose though that streaming/downloading movies is becoming more and more popular, so in time it won't make *too* great a difference I guess.

    Anyway, thanks for posting this news – I'm greatly anticipating more news about this console's abilities!

    • Astarael

      Oh, and one other thing – I wonder how long it'll take for the inevitable "special editions" that come in some other colour than white? 😛

    • T Dave

      There are currently 6 different ways to play DVD's in my house. Its only worth putting that in a console if its the most recent version and it isnt all that widespread at the time of the consoles release, like PS2 with DVDs and PS3 with Bluray, anything less is just wasted space in the console and a waste of our money. Since 3D needs an expensive TV to go with it and Nintendo already has the 3DS its probably best for our wallets come 2012 that the WiiU dosent play DVDs or Bluray.

    • Mucrush

      There is no reason to let it be able to play DVDs/Blu-rays, this is a gaming console, not a DVD/Blu-ray player :b

      • Astarael

        Who says it can't be both? Just look at the Playstation 3. 😛 There is an increasing tendency these days for newer iterations of products to diverge from their "original" purpose and incorporate several functionalities – the iPhone being a key example.

        I do understand why Nintendo has opted not to include Blu-ray / DVD functionality though – cost. Their business strategy is very smart in that sense – minimise costs involved in production while trying to appeal to a wide audience. The Wii was the epitome of such a strategy.

        • A Random Guy

          Because then it wouldn't be a Video Game System, It would be a home media system. Thats why I don't consider the PS3 a Video Game Console. A Video Game Console Does nothing but play Video Games! So far the Wii (in my eyes) is the only true video game console left.

          • Alessandra

            And Iwata already said that it won't play DVD's or Bluray look here:

          • Astarael

            Yes, I know that it won't have this ability. Wasn't that clear? 😛

          • Astarael

            I guess we have different ideas on what constitutes a video game console then. *shrug* To me, an iPhone is still a phone, and the PlayStation 3 is still a gaming console. I guess we'll just leave it at that!

    • Craig

      It would be nice if it could play DVD's but seriously… If you got a DVD or Blu-Ray attached to your TV already, why would you need to watch them on the console? Either way, it's a waste of money… Some people need pointless clones of something they already have just to feel satisfied that something has everything. Sony do the whole "throw everything possible together pointlessly just to win our ridiculous competition" (which it shouldn't be about), that's not Nintendo. Nintendo do things for a reason, not just because they can.

      • Astarael

        It is nice to have several DVD players if you live with a family, and have multiple television sets throughout the house.

  • Here's a story of one of my friend's.
    His family wanted a Blue Ray Player… And they were looking around to see that they wre pretty expensive. The kids ALSO wanted a PS3, XBOX 360, or WII.

    They ended up getting a PS3 because that was the only system that fitted their needs, and only cost about $100 more.

  • Zelda Paradox

    if they re-release this crap, make it Gamecube compatible!!!!!

    • Bobby Emerald

      If you think the Wii U is a re-release then I pity your intelligence.

    • Zaros

      im sorry for what happened to your head but we will always be by your side

  • Majora

    Since there is an HDMI port…, that means that we could see the E3 meeting live through our computers [if you don’t have cable!].

  • I am actually looking forward to the HD capabilities. I am currently living with my mom again, and the only real place I have to play my Wii after 11pm is my laptop and I only have an HDMI slot that could connect to the console. But alas, the Wii is not HD ready. So, I would have to go buy a A/V > USB connector (like a dazzle) to get my Wii to play on my laptop screen or computer moniter. Because I don't think putting my 32 inch TV on the kitchen table would be an option.

  • Keimori

    Or you could just, I Duno, play them on your Wii or bust out your old Gamecube and play them on it!

    Bunt no, that'd be silly! XP

    • TheMaverickk

      I personally love re-downloading old game I already own. Usually it becomes an excuse to play through the games again.

      Also I don't have to bring my games with me where ever I go. I have them all ready to play on the system. I am hoping that Nintendo does WaveBirds for the Wii U though… the WaveBird is still my fave controller for N64 and Gamecube games. That's the only thing I can personally say I will be missing.

  • Chad

    look at the sides though one side appears to have a split cover while the other has acover that's together. I wouldn't get rid of the gamecube so soon that attached cover looks like it has a similar thing to the wii in that the cover opens and closes

  • Callin

    It apparently has an additional 2 usb ports on the front.

  • Alessandra

    wow, it has similar connections to the current Wii in the back, the only one difference there is the HDMI port, also the button placements in the front are different too, same little buttons yeah but not in the same spot. Even if they did take the GameCube support on this that's okay I can just get out my GameCube and play them on there, I would play them on the Wii but one of my memory card slots stopped working. I do like that it has more vents so that means it'll have better ventilation than the current Wii.

  • Oh yeah. This is gonna be awesome. I can't wait! I'm just a little sad because chances are I will be broke when it comes out. DX

  • #1 Zelda Game Lover

    I wonder how much this is gonna cost? I'm guessing at least 300

    • Alessandra

      That's what I feel too

  • It looks slightly thinner tbh

  • Panchofilo

    fuck you all…

  • Lucas

    Why did they get rid of the reset button?

  • cukeman

    darn, I wanted to play Wind Waker on the Wii U controller

  • Linksoer

    I thnk this (WiiU) along with the wii remote plus, is what the Wii should of been 5 years ago. But, oh well.
    Looking forward to this console, though I wish they would of kept the Gamecube controller ports, I wanna play the next smash with my GC controller! =(

  • 12345

    looks good,I'm pretty sure wii u will be the best system
    ever made!

  • Sarcasm is a foreign language to you, isn't it?

  • I'm glad that the WiiU isn't the size of the Titanic like the 360 and PS3 are.

  • Link64

    So,Wii U will have new motion control like Wii remote
    Or playstatoin move?

  • manga ninja

    You know my dad bought a PS3 because of the Blu ray and because we will be able to play games.

  • Nerissa Minkler

    So true TC.We have to forgive so we can be forgiven. I have struggled with this in the past, but now i let my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ handle it. You have to let it go or it will prevent you from living the life the Lord wants us to live. God Bless.