Club Nintendo has just been updated with some info on the new OOT3D Soundtrack CDs.  The giveaway will be only for the US and Canada, it starts on June 19th, which is the day of release for the game.  There will be 50 tracks, some never before released, and one orchestrated track.  Miyamoto hinted at the CD only being given to the people who register OOT 3D on Club Nintendo first, on a first-come-first-serve basis, turning it into a friendly competition, something new for Club Nintendo.  Sounds pretty good, right?

More info after the jump!

Now, when OOT was first released, the official soundtrack was released in Japan as well, with a whopping 82 tracks, covering nearly the entire soundtrack. The US release, however, was truncated down to 35 tracks, so albeit these “never before released” tracks were on the Japanese soundtrack, but not ours.  And the orchestrated track is most likely going to be the one orchestrated track we posted on previously.  But it still sounds pretty good.

This was all announced at Nintendo’s E3 presentation, where Miyamoto also stated that there would be a concert tour in every main region. The dates for these will be announced in the Fall, so you Zelda fans can be looking out for those.  Another CD, being released in conjunction with the Skyward Sword release will be featuring the music from these concerts, so be sure to grab that too.

UPDATE: The CD’s will be available in other countries, check the comments below for the stories (everyone’s linked to them).

  • shadow zant

    this seems like a good idea to possibly boost sales…

    • Lucas

      Really -13. Why do people get angry when people get angry when thay say first is it jealousy? Sure it may be annoying but to know your the first person to wright is a good feeling that wants to be expressed.

      • yeah i know! i mean at least he said something too, not just first.

  • Renado

    I want one sooo badly! I wish I knew how many copies were available so I could figure out if I have a chance or not 😛

  • Keith

    bleh there's no chance i'll be able to be that fast. 🙁 oh well… its mostly cause both my parents are in rehab/hospital so there's really no income right now. 🙁 ah well.

  • I'll have it on the 19th…. I just hope that the CDs don't go THAT fast!

  • Keimori

    I suspect I'll have this thing 6-8 business days/weeks from the 19th, for I got OoT 3D preordered. XD

  • Casual Vader

    Sucks that it's not the full soundtrack. :/

    • Craig

      Um, did you read it properly… THIS TIME it WILL be the FULL sountrack. It wasnt the full soundtrack that was released in 1998, it was cut down to 35 tracks. Now all 50 are on it. Reading is the best thing to do, skimming is terrible.

      • David

        Actually you didn't read it properly. The Japanese soundtrack was 82 tracks, 81 in game, and one orchestrated, which happens to be Kakariko Village. These 81 tracks aren't even the full soundtrack, as rarely official soundtracks are every bit of music in a game. In fact 82 tracks is a ton of tracks, and even 35 is about the average.

        The 50 tracks in the new soundtrack obviously aren't going to be all of the tracks, however, I'm still really looking forward.

        Also, guy below, chill man. No need to engrave your hurtful words on the internet. Haha, no, I'm not some hippie.

      • Casual Vader

        Oh no, I read it. I didn't skim. Like the article (and the David guy in the replys) said the Japanese soundtrack had 82 tracks. So 50 most certainly is not the full soundtrack. Though it's possible they combined some of the tracks like the horse race and finishing the horse race. Not sure if that kind of combining would bring the track list down that much but oh well. Still going to try to get a copy. 🙂

  • Monkeh

    So.. Nintendo is screwing Europe again?

    • DarkOwl

      Just curious, why have people voted Monkeh's comment down? I'm not really well informed about the Europe release. What bonuses do the Europeans get?

  • Astarael

    "The giveaway will be only for the US and Canada"



    • TheMaverickk

      Like how other countries are getting Ocarina's and other neat give aways?

    • Lucas

      Yeah you get several goodies so dont complain.


      • Astarael

        Several goodies? You mean that cheap plastic ocarina that comes with the Australian version of Ocarina of Time?

        Okay, I'll admit it's nice as a collector's item (and hey, it's better than a poke in the eye with a stick), but does it really compensate for the massively overpriced games, major delays and extremely limited selection compared to other countries that we Aussie gamers have to endure? No, not really.

        Honestly, pre-order bonuses like the Ocarina of Time one being exclusive to Australians are *extremely* rare cases of luck for us – it's usually the Americans and Europeans who are the lucky ones.

  • Leftyrock91

    Hey Maybe Gamestop will offer the 2nd soundtrack as pre-order bonus! Wishful thinking I know, but it would be awesome!

  • DoctorYou

    I've been waiting to buy a 3DS… Ack, Nintendo's goal to drive sales must be working, because I think I'll be getting one this week!

  • OK, it seems worth reminding folks that a group of Zelda fans have redone the OoT music using live instruments. The Zelda Reorchestrated has orchestrated all of the tracks on the Japanese version of OoT and they sound incredible. And they can be downloaded for free from their website at

    Given this, I have to say I'm quite disappointed if this is the BIG Zelda 25th anniversary CD. Given the quality of the work done by Zelda Reorchestrated, a few old MDI tracks doesn't really seems special enough for Zelda's 25th.

    • DoctorYou

      This is just an incentive to buy OoT. The real musical gift is the concerts celebrating Zelda music that are going to be held around the world later on this year! Plus, at E3 Mr. Miyamoto mentioned that there will be more "surprises." Don't dispair!

    • Casual Vader

      I was debating telling about ZREO's completed OoT soundtrack reorchestration. Since they actually did every track. Don't be put off by Nintendo's Official OoT soundtrack though, it is free with registration of OoT 3D after all. Also, what DoctorYou said.

  • Soeroah

    Yeah, I also thought Nintendo was going to do something every Zelda fan could enjoy this anniversary.

    Le sigh.

  • aeolus

    So basically, this CD has one valuable track on it? The one that is actually live instruments? I mean, haven't people already ripped the original music off the game anyway? There isn't really anything I want to hear so badly from the game that I would buy a soundtrack for when I can just go to Youtube and search for any track I want and have it played there…. Not that this isn't an amazing soundtrack. Its just that…… its the same thing we heard when the game came out in 1998, + one amazing track…. Is the one amazing track worth it?

    • wetqwet

      Does it even matter? The CD is FREE.

      • Majora

        Don’t you love Nintendo? They’ve already made Twilight Princess cheaper, going to release one, possibly two, CDs, and they’re releasing Four Swords for DS, ans that’s free too! Four Swords is a great game by the way :]

  • sam

    like to see you play it since its not possible to extract roms

    • Ben

      i meant for the soundtrack

  • Only in the US and Canada?

    …. D':

  • Fenris

    Europe doesn’t get screwed actually, at least Germany doesn’t:

    “Club Nintendo-Mitglieder, die ihr Exemplar des Spiels registrieren, haben die Chance, sich eine exklusive THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME 3D SOUNDTRACK CD zu sichern, die tolle Musikstücke aus dem Spiel enthält. Falls Sie ein Exemplar davon haben möchten, müssen Sie Ihr Spiel bis zum 30. Juni 2011 registrieren.”

    It even sounds like the CDs aren’t limited.


    “The giveaway will be only for the US and Canada” not true.

    I’d recommend updating your news 🙂

    • Miyamoto stated that it would only be for US and Canada, so that's what we posted. When one of our correspondents checks in, we'll post a new post about Germany getting it too.

      But please, don't tell us what to do <3

      • Fenris

        I didn't tell you what to do, but recommended something, since I was thinking of all the European fans and their low hope on getting a CD. It was a good news, so why not being happy about sharing it?
        Also, you mentioned Club Nintendo as source in your news, not Miyamoto stating it, and obviously Club Nintendo of Europe announced something different. Sorry, but I just wanted to help with providing the information…

        If you want to reply to this, please do so by email, as I won't keep checking the comments.

        • Caleb

          Eh, I don't have access to the emails, so whatever

  • In the UK, anyone who registers before the 30th June will get a CD

    I hope it isn’t first come first serve like the AR shirt was

  • Twan A

    Does he mean every main region of every not third world country?

    • DoctorYou

      I suspect it's probably going to be in highly populated areas in more developed regions. Even if we can't all make it though, there's always the internet! ^_^

  • Twan A

    I meant the orcestra tour.

  • Twan A

    The Netherlands get the CD aswell:

  • Majora

    Maybe the concert CD will be for those who pre-order Skyward Sword. I’ve had a pre-order since 2010 Christmas :].

  • avert_from_the_norm

    Here's an idea nintendo…SELL IT!!!!

    Seriously, how many people would buy this legit? I think i can speak for 85% of zelda fans when i say that we would buy it. So just give it to us online as a buyable product for, oh, i would say 15$'s, maybe 20. idk bout you but to me that sounds fair.

  • In a way, Ninty arn't doing something for all Zelda fans. Not everyone has a 3DS and/or a Wii. Some people probably won't get OOT3DS, so a soundtrack they won't get.

    I would have thought that Ninty could do something on both the 3DS/Wii that is accessable for all fans. And perhaps, selling the soundtrack. Because at the moment, European fans are getting shafted again.

    • Vio

      So you want them to do something for fans who don't own a Wii or a 3DS? Like Four Swords on the DSi for free? Well lucky you!

  • Jack

    Nintendo are giving this CD as a gift to those who have invested in there system and game so in there eyes you don't deserve the goodies.

  • cloverplayer

    sorry, I haven't gotten a 3ds (yet?) so I won't be getting the Oot 3d soundtrack 🙁 but Skyward Sword soundrack = heck yeah!

  • DoctorYou

    I voted down not because I dislike your comment, but because I'm gonna go ahead and get a 3DS. I know that, in addition to Zelda, I'll be getting Kid Icarus: Uprising, and probably Starfox 64. Also, I'll probably buy Kingdom Hearts 3D later on, just to have something to play when I'm bored (I'm a mild KH fan). So, for me, I might as well purchase it now just and get a bonus, since I'd eventually buy it anyway. Plus, there's the eshop, which I expect will become very full in content as the months go by!

  • Caleb

    Yay, so guys, obviously Club Nintendo (and Miyamoto) was wrong in saying that only US and Canada will get it. When one of our news correspondents checks in next, I'll be sure to tell him/her to read these comments and put up a new post saying what countries are going to get it. Thanks for keeping us updated, although from now on, please try and use the "News Submission" form instead of commenting. We love our comments, but we love news submissions even more <3

    • I think those are just terms and conditions for the US site, basically saying the offer on that site isn’t available anywhere else

      Although there were a few bits of the show I missed because of lag so I could have missed a couple of details

  • Ashmic

    Yo wanna see the sword girl Phi

  • Sakume

    Hell to the yah preordered already. The instant Gamestop opens I'm nabbing this, coming home, getting my cd ordered, and chillaxin playing some oot 3d. Yeah. I just rhymed. I'm that badass.

  • I really wouldn't worry if you don't get the CD. It's not like this thing won't be ripped and put onto the Internet the second someone gets it in the mail…

  • Astarael

    I want to check to see if the soundtrack is being made available in Australia as well, but the Club Nintendo site has been down for maintenance all weekend.

  • Food for thought

    It's a difficult concept I know: Waiting to buy something until you think it's worth the cost.
    If I were you I'd buy everything I want at any price; otherwise life might get too confusing…

  • …does nintendo not realize that the people on the west side will have a three hour headstart to getting their CD?!?!

  • BandoGuy4

    Also, for those worried about whether this is the big "25th Anniversary" thing, during their E3 conference it was stated that all the game releases and rereleases, along with these CDs, are only part of what they intend to do. In addition to the concert tour, Miyamoto said many more events and promotions should be expected.

  • Vio

    Kid Icarus, Mario 3DS (with Zelda homage) and Smash Bros. on the way. Seems like a good enough deal to me.

    • Vio

      For some reason my reply to a comment on the first page appeared here? Oops.

  • kuo

    Japan is getting the soundtrack as well:

  • Ganon

    Yup, Club nintendo of the Netherlands also says that you get a OoT CD if you register your OoT 3DS before june 30th!

    Europes isn't screwed (thank god)

  • legendofganon

    Man, only 50? So much for me getting a legit copy whether I've got it pre-ordered or not. I agree with the guy/gal who said Nintendo should sell sell it.

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