Club Nintendo has just been updated with some info on the new OOT3D Soundtrack CDs.  The giveaway will be only for the US and Canada, it starts on June 19th, which is the day of release for the game.  There will be 50 tracks, some never before released, and one orchestrated track.  Miyamoto hinted at the CD only being given to the people who register OOT 3D on Club Nintendo first, on a first-come-first-serve basis, turning it into a friendly competition, something new for Club Nintendo.  Sounds pretty good, right?

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Now, when OOT was first released, the official soundtrack was released in Japan as well, with a whopping 82 tracks, covering nearly the entire soundtrack. The US release, however, was truncated down to 35 tracks, so albeit these “never before released” tracks were on the Japanese soundtrack, but not ours.  And the orchestrated track is most likely going to be the one orchestrated track we posted on previously.  But it still sounds pretty good.

This was all announced at Nintendo’s E3 presentation, where Miyamoto also stated that there would be a concert tour in every main region. The dates for these will be announced in the Fall, so you Zelda fans can be looking out for those.  Another CD, being released in conjunction with the Skyward Sword release will be featuring the music from these concerts, so be sure to grab that too.

UPDATE: The CD’s will be available in other countries, check the comments below for the stories (everyone’s linked to them).