Looking snazzy, Mario!

As of June 5th, the DS Lite will be getting a price drop in North America, down to $99.99! This price drop is no doubt because the Nintendo DS is nearing the end of its life cycle. The only problem I can see with this price drop, is that everyone already owns some form of a DS system already!

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A selection of 6 Mario titles are getting super special red packaging! Ok, there is nothing ‘super special‘ about it, but I think it looks rather snazzy. Nintendo claims that this packaging change is to make it, “easier than ever for consumers to identify these hit titles in stores!” Effectively, Nintendo doesn’t think that these games have high enough sales and so they’re trying to make them more identifiable by consumers in order to try and grab a few more sales.

Nintendo has also showered us with some of the titles sales figures:

  • New Super Mario Bros.: more than 9.25 million units
  • Mario Kart DS: more than 7.40 million units
  • Super Mario 64 DS: more than 4.34 million units
  • Mario Party DS: more than 3.27 million units
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story: more than 1.98 million units
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!: more than 1.01 million units

Will you be purchasing any of these titles, along with their new packaging? What do you think of the DS Lite’s price drop? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Brutal Gamer
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  • zeldafan4040

    That's great, but I have a 3DS now! 😛

  • Peter

    My DS hinge and L (or is it R) button are broken. If it goes down to $50 or less then I will buy one.

    • robotortoise

      Save the money you'd spend on a new DS on a 3DS. Sure, it costs more, but it sure beats paying more money for something you already own…

      • Peter

        Yeah, that's why I wouldn't buy a replacement unless it got like as cheap as the gamecube did.

        • robotortoise

          The Gamecube's over nine years old, so I'm not sure that's a worthy comparison. But the DS price will drop lower eventually, so just be patient.

  • Keimori

    This would be awesome News if i didn't already own these games already. XP

  • Keith

    Hmm nice. I may have to rebuy some of these since I got rid of them stupidly. :/ but hey, this makes buying them again even more worth it! 😛

  • pissed that i no get

    I have never owned a DS.

    • Soulless Creature

      I haven't got a 3DS but I can still play OOT on my GC or WII you don't have to have every console to be able to play every Zelda game to be a Zelda fan.

  • Miss Poe

    I guess they're doing a nintendo-version of playstations platinum-editions?

    • Joblev

      Well, no. These are just for the good Mario games. If anything, they already started the platinum-edition like class with those.. Masters games or whatever. They're releasing really good Wii games for $20 :P.

  • IcePhantom

    I already own all of those games except Mario Party DS and M&L: Bowser's Inside Story, but I don't like Mario Party games that much and I already beat M&L: B.I.S. on a borrowed copy of the game. So I won't be buying any of these.

  • Nouvione

    WTH are eggplants?

  • cukeman

    would prefer a mario game price drop 😐 …