I hope they use these models to create a full 3D Pokémon title!

Well, the eShop is finally upon us! With the upcoming June 6th 3DS update, we will be able to access the eShop and internet browser via our 3DS systems! Unfortunately, the web browser will not support Flash or PDF files so you won’t be able to browse websites such as Youtube or Facebook with ease. The important thing that you really want to hear about is, of course, is the eShop launch titles. 

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Amongst the eShop launch titles 2 completely free games are included: Excitebike 3D and Pokédex 3D. Excitebike 3D will only be free until July 7th and it is, of course, a port of the 1984 NES racing title. The port of Excitebike will also feature the ability to save custom made tracks; a feature that was not present in the original NES game.

A reason to get Excitebiked about the eShop!

The Pokédex 3D title mentioned is effectively what the name suggests, a Pokédex! This Pokédex will feature all of the 5th generation Pokémon (the Pokémon from the Black and White Pokémon games). Pokédex 3D will have 3D models of all 150 5th generation Pokémon. It will also support StreetPass, which will allow you to trade Pokémon with your friends. Players can also download Pokémon through SpotPass by scanning QR codes with their 3DS.

The other titles available for the eShop are:

  • Super Mario Land
  • Alleyway
  • Tennis (Europe only)
  • Radar Mission (North America only)

These will all be available under the Virtual Console section of the eShop. Excitebike 3D has been deemed a ‘3D Classic’, which are ports of older games with 3D capabilities added. Pokédex 3D has been named a part of the ‘3DSi Ware’ selection.

Users can also transfer their purchases from their old DSi systems to their 3DS systems with this update. Also, over 250 of the DSi Ware games will be available to purchase in the eShop, which is just another reason to trade in your DSi and upgrade to a 3DS!

As of now, these are the only titles that have been announced for the launch of the eShop. What are your thoughts on these titles? Will you be purchasing any of them? Are you going to nab Excitebike 3D before July 7th? Leave a comment below!

Source: Digital Spy
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