Robin williams daughter, Zelda!

I haven’t really watched a movie starring Robin Williams since I was a child, and wanted my very own Flubber! Only recently did I discover that he has a daughter, named Zelda, and yes she was named after THAT Zelda. That isn’t all: Zelda appears to be working on a “Super Secret Nintendo shoot.”


“The Super Secret Nintendo shoot has begun! More fun pics as the day progresses. Stay tuned!”

That was the first of three tweets by Zelda Williams, on the 24th of May, about the shoot. One of the “pics” came with her second tweet which stated “Nintendo set update: don’t be fooled, even directors get tired!”

See the pics after the jump!

The directors 'hard at work!'

The third tweet about the shoot said “That’s a wrap on Super Secret Nintendo set part 1! Look, real building, fake skyline.” It came with this image. What kind of Nintendo themed shoot would need a bookcase?

"Fake skyline," could they add a Nintendo themed background?

The final tweet by the actress says “Totally filming across the street from one of my favorite random restaurants in NYC. Their tees are great!” Personally, I want to know what restaurant she is talking about!

What do you think Zelda was filming for in NYC? Could it be related to Project Café, or the 3DS? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

  • Josiahinnc

    a Zelda movie staring Zelda as Zelda

    • Kitakee

      No. Just … Gad, no …

      • Josiahinnc

        that was a joke haha fat chance

        • Link2k13

          your comment made me want Delicous and Moist cake lol

          • Josiahinnc


  • Rakshael

    Zelda Williams is pretty cute. I could see her playing Zelda, especially the TP version.

  • Maxxxxxy

    This is probably exactly what Robin Williams dreamed of when he named her. XD

  • Matthewzfan

    Oh my god! Could it be a Legend of Zelda Movie!!! That would be soooo sweeeeet. *Cross fingers*

    • cresent soul

      zelda movie would be pretty redundant. The way I see it, a movie of a video game is just the video game less the gameplay. Point: it cannot possibly be any better than playing the game itself. Zelda has a great story, but why tell it in movie form when video game (which it was created for) is better suited for it. Don't milk what need not need milking.

  • Aura

    Zelda looks like Miley Cyrus….*walks away*

    • cresent soul

      is that because they are both brunettes??? I see no other similarities, sorry mate.

    • Link2k13

      I should slap you. nuff said

  • Z-MAN7

    They might be filming a live action epic commercial for OoT 3D like they did with Metroid: Other M.

    • PhantomVII

      Or Skyward Sword.

      • cresent soul

        or most likely a 25th anniversary for zelda.

      • TaffyPool

        Or Spirit Tracks. Actually, exactly like Spirit Tracks. Real-life interior, fantasy CG exterior.

  • LinkMasterYoda

    The "Director" on the left looks a bit like Jason……

    • HylianPwnage

      Except the beard connects to side-burns XD

  • BalladOfGales

    Judging from the bookshelf, clothing, fake skyline, and the fact that we've never heard anything about this before, there's no way it's a Zelda movie. I personally think it's a promo for Project Cafe, and that we'll be seeing this "Super Secret Nintendo Shoot" at E3 when they announce Cafe.

    • Keimori

      I Agree, it looks alot like the "Hip NY Appartment" that video game companys like to shoot new console trailers in these days.

  • Aeolus

    Probably something for Zelda’s 25th. It isnt a movie

  • Link2k13

    If this means a Zelda movie i need to have ImDb active on my iphone at all times

  • Ashmic

    I knew he had a daughter named zelda since she was born……. old news

    and its not a movie because nintendo is too selfish to make one, and idc ur responses, they are, they have 2000 ideas they could use right now to get alot of money, and they don'y

    • guest

      wait sy what? too selfish to make a movie? So you say they should make a movie out of a video game to make money. Have you seen the Mario bros movie or anyother VGmovies? they are 9 out of 10 nothing like the game and rubbish in most opinions, they only make money cause of the name. So nintendo not making a rubbish movie and in doing so not making a lot of money is selfish?

      • guest

        sy=say p.s if they made a movie how could they recreate the temples or locations to a fans expectations?

    • cresent soul

      if anything, a video game company making a movie out of a video game is a business choice and therefore made to milk a franchise for the worst and therefore is a selfish business decision. So Nintendo is being unselfish in not spoiling zelda by having the franchise expand into areas it doesn't belong in.

  • PhantomVII

    I think this will have something to do with Zelda's 25th. Not sure what, but who can be? Nintendo's always about surprises.

    • cresent soul

      I second that

  • Zelda Dude

    Just because her name is Zelda doesn't mean it has to do with Zelda. It could be Mario or something else Nintendo!!!

  • Eddy

    Maybe this is about the 25th anniversary for the Zelda series



  • sesshouseki

    maybe a live action commercial for skyward sword???? i don't think their making a movie though…

  • Labrynian Rebel

    That means Robin Williams is the King of Hyrule.

  • steve

    I think it will have something to do with the 25th anniversary of Zelda games.

  • WollClark

    It's a commercial for Ocarina 3DS, a touching one: