Robin williams daughter, Zelda!

I haven’t really watched a movie starring Robin Williams since I was a child, and wanted my very own Flubber! Only recently did I discover that he has a daughter, named Zelda, and yes she was named after THAT Zelda. That isn’t all: Zelda appears to be working on a “Super Secret Nintendo shoot.”


“The Super Secret Nintendo shoot has begun! More fun pics as the day progresses. Stay tuned!”

That was the first of three tweets by Zelda Williams, on the 24th of May, about the shoot. One of the “pics” came with her second tweet which stated “Nintendo set update: don’t be fooled, even directors get tired!”

See the pics after the jump!

The directors 'hard at work!'

The third tweet about the shoot said “That’s a wrap on Super Secret Nintendo set part 1! Look, real building, fake skyline.” It came with this image. What kind of Nintendo themed shoot would need a bookcase?

"Fake skyline," could they add a Nintendo themed background?

The final tweet by the actress says “Totally filming across the street from one of my favorite random restaurants in NYC. Their tees are great!” Personally, I want to know what restaurant she is talking about!

What do you think Zelda was filming for in NYC? Could it be related to Project Café, or the 3DS? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!