He looks happy to be working on the soundtrack, we should be too!

Ever heard of Mahito Yokota before? Neither have we, but he is one of the composers that worked alongside Koji Kondo in creating the soundtrack to the Super Mario Galaxy series. In an “Iwata Asks interview,” Iwata talked with both Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota about how they’re working to re-master the soundtrack for Ocarina of Time 3D. Even though this interview is in Japanese, according to Zelda Informer, they talked about how they are trying to adapt the soundtrack for the 3D’s surround sound speakers. This means that they could only be changing the music to fit the 3D’s hardware rather than changing or adding to the already existing soundtrack.

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Mahito Yokata is also working on the soundtrack for Skyward Sword, and since this guy worked on the Super Mario Galaxy series, that can only be a good thing! As we’re sure that all of us agree, the soundtrack in the Super Mario Galaxy series has thus far been pretty amazing. And we can only trust that Yokota has gotten better at creating music since he worked on Super Mario Galaxy, so we’re pretty positive that the soundtrack for Skyward Sword is going to be an amazing one.

Hearing this news has definitely rejuvenated my excitement for Skyward Sword, I personally love a good soundtrack in a game, and Nintendo rarely (if ever) disappoints. So, what are your thoughts? I’m sure we all see this only as a positive thing, but feel free to post in the comments below!

  • Indigo

    My thoughts: YESS!

    MG2 had some kick-ass music and I'm so glad the same person is working in SS's music.

  • David

    These two, Mahito Yokota and Koji Kondo make a great composing team. I read the Nintendo.com article about Koji Kondo composing music for the Super Mario Bros series. It sounds like, as much as Koji Kondo is the head composer, the people under him also make incredible music. I can't wait to hear the music in game!

  • steffex

    soo.. is this a.. "we are going to remaster the original soundtracks" or is this a "we are going to add move soundtracks" newsitem cuz i thought they would keep the original midi sounds and stuff =o

  • wow this is so cool to see that Koji Kondo is still Composing for Zelda I Love his work on this game he's so cool and he's pretty cute for a Japanese musician I Love you Koji Kondo

  • Zombeh

    Miyamoto originally said that orchestrated music was unnecessary, but changed his mind after E3. That could explain the delay of SS to this fall.

    • TrustMe101

      Well, if that's the cause of the delay, then I'm not complaining!! Orchestras sound amazing! It's totally worth the wait!! 😀 😀

    • MagmarFire

      I think Aonuma said something along the lines of that we'd already have the game if the art style weren't changed. Still, I'd imagine the music would have something to do with it, too.

  • PhantomVII

    You know what this means… the music just might be orchestrated after all!! 😀

    • Wasn't it already confirmed that it'd be orchestrated?

      • PhantomVII

        That was SS; I'm actually talking about OoT 3D. Sorry if I wasn't clear. 😛

  • DarkChu

    All that I can say is that if this dude helped make SMG music… Skyward swords music is going to be very good indeed…

  • Lucas

    Yes next to the plot line and gameplay music is the most important thing in a game.

  • Shima

    I wished that these two would team up for the Skyward Sword Soundtrack since I really like the SMG and SMG2 Soundtrack. That was a good decision, Nintendo

  • YES! Is this the best news ever or what? Yokota is the mastermind behind the Gusty Garden Galaxy theme. The best song in Super Mario Galaxy 🙂

    Skyward Sword music will be epic!

    • He also made the Twilight Princess trailer music.

      • cloverplayer

        lets hope for a trailer soundtrack that equates to that for e3!

  • Robert

    I thought Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D was already done in its developement though?

    • robotortoise

      Exactly what I was thinking… Maybe it's an old interview..?

    • starwebs1

      The GAME is, but that doesn't mean that the music is. Wait a second, that can't happen. Robotortoise is right.

  • TrustMe101

    Whooo!! Love these two!! So excited for this game even more!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Eagor

    I hate to be pedantic, but Yokota wasn’t “one of the composers that worked alongside Koji Kondo”. He was the main composer of both games, with Kondo only helping with a few pieces. He should get some more credit.

    Still fantastic news. The music in the newest trailer really does sound like the galaxy orchestra.

  • Typhoon

    I'm REALLY confused right now.
    They're saying that Ocarina of Time 3D will have a remastered soundtrack, but I've seen videos on youtube of people who already have a preview copy of the game and the soundtrack is the same as on the N64.

    If it's true that they're gonna squeeze in a remastered soundtrack before the game gets released to the public, I'm overjoyed~ :3

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