He looks happy to be working on the soundtrack, we should be too!

Ever heard of Mahito Yokota before? Neither have we, but he is one of the composers that worked alongside Koji Kondo in creating the soundtrack to the Super Mario Galaxy series. In an “Iwata Asks interview,” Iwata talked with both Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota about how they’re working to re-master the soundtrack for Ocarina of Time 3D. Even though this interview is in Japanese, according to Zelda Informer, they talked about how they are trying to adapt the soundtrack for the 3D’s surround sound speakers. This means that they could only be changing the music to fit the 3D’s hardware rather than changing or adding to the already existing soundtrack.

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Mahito Yokata is also working on the soundtrack for Skyward Sword, and since this guy worked on the Super Mario Galaxy series, that can only be a good thing! As we’re sure that all of us agree, the soundtrack in the Super Mario Galaxy series has thus far been pretty amazing. And we can only trust that Yokota has gotten better at creating music since he worked on Super Mario Galaxy, so we’re pretty positive that the soundtrack for Skyward Sword is going to be an amazing one.

Hearing this news has definitely rejuvenated my excitement for Skyward Sword, I personally love a good soundtrack in a game, and Nintendo rarely (if ever) disappoints. So, what are your thoughts? I’m sure we all see this only as a positive thing, but feel free to post in the comments below!