So, we’re all waiting for the release of Skyward Sword that is said to hit shelves in the Western Hemisphere this September. However, fans have been wondering if Skyward Sword will be pushed back to the release of the next Nintendo home console, much like Twilight Princess from the Gamecube to the Wii? Well, IGN has been predicting what will be going on at this year’s E3 event, their main point of discussion being the possibility that Nintendo will announce that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be a launch title for Project Cafe, instead of being released on the Wii, Project Cafe being the codename for the next Nintendo home console, that will be revealed at this E3. IGN had this to say:

“Nintendo’s got a tough decision to make with Skyward Sword. On one hand the company has set this precedent before, when Twilight Princess was shifted from the GameCube to be a Wii launch title. On the other hand, we won’t see the new Nintendo system till 2012, which means the Wii is looking at a pretty barren release schedule this fall if Skyward Sword gets taken out of the mix. This one could definitely go either way.”

In my personal opinion, Skyward Sword needs to be kept for release on the Wii, the best selling console in the history of Nintendo. To keep delaying such a highly-anticipated Zelda game would upset a lot of Zelda fans.

What are your thoughts on this pressing matter? Do you think that Nintendo will make the right decision? Will we see a repeat of what happened with Twilight Princess? Let us know your opinons in the comments below!

Sources: IGN (via Zelda Dungeon)