So, we’re all waiting for the release of Skyward Sword that is said to hit shelves in the Western Hemisphere this September. However, fans have been wondering if Skyward Sword will be pushed back to the release of the next Nintendo home console, much like Twilight Princess from the Gamecube to the Wii? Well, IGN has been predicting what will be going on at this year’s E3 event, their main point of discussion being the possibility that Nintendo will announce that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be a launch title for Project Cafe, instead of being released on the Wii, Project Cafe being the codename for the next Nintendo home console, that will be revealed at this E3. IGN had this to say:

“Nintendo’s got a tough decision to make with Skyward Sword. On one hand the company has set this precedent before, when Twilight Princess was shifted from the GameCube to be a Wii launch title. On the other hand, we won’t see the new Nintendo system till 2012, which means the Wii is looking at a pretty barren release schedule this fall if Skyward Sword gets taken out of the mix. This one could definitely go either way.”

In my personal opinion, Skyward Sword needs to be kept for release on the Wii, the best selling console in the history of Nintendo. To keep delaying such a highly-anticipated Zelda game would upset a lot of Zelda fans.

What are your thoughts on this pressing matter? Do you think that Nintendo will make the right decision? Will we see a repeat of what happened with Twilight Princess? Let us know your opinons in the comments below!

Sources: IGN (via Zelda Dungeon)
  • Ashmic

    if its for project cafe and not for wii i give up on nintendo, im not buying another system to play zelda no much how I love it, thats how i ended up buying the wii, just for zelda

    • Nichyevo

      I ended up buying a Wii for Zelda too, although it was released on the Gamecube as well. I wanted to try something new, that that was it. Let's at least be treated to a Wii specific Zelda, shall we? Or, should the Wii be known as the only Nintendo console in history without a Zelda specifically dedicated to it? Since it's not Nintendo's habit to leave a console Zeldaless, I'm not going to worry about it too much.

      • mcdude910

        Two words… Virtual Console. That, in fact, is the only Nintendo system without a Zelda game. At least the Wii has a non-exclusive Zelda game.

    • arroba

      You could have bought it for GameCube, so if somebody's to blame for your buying a new system to play Zelda, it's only you. People in these threads are really so stupid.

      • Fanboy alert.

      • Ashmic

        wow thanks for insulting me, ur such a nice person

    • D.A.

      There you go. Whether or not SS will show up on the Cafe is unimportant. You'll get it for the Wii regardless.

      • vick

        that is awesome that means it going to take them another 2 years to release the game. jhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahhahahahahhahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahhhahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahahaha. while you faggit wait for another shitty nintendo game im going to have fun playing ac this year

    • arniexd

      It is for wii. It has been confirmed

  • Siaarn

    I can't afford the new system for like a year, if they DO release it on the new one I hope they release it on Wii too, like Twilight Princess, I bought the GameCube version.

  • starwebs1


    • starwebs1

      In fact, here's a comment on that article, from Dratier:

      "I agree with everything except for the launch of Skyward Sword. The game is being built completely around the Wii motion controls. It would make little sense to scratch that and release it on a new console that is not focused around motion controls. They wouldn't be able to just easily map buttons to waggles like TP. Otherwise, pretty good article."

      • Oracle of Minish

        Well, actually, if the rumor about Project Cafe having a touch screen is true, then they COULD substitute that for the motion controls… Not to mention, Twilight Princess originally DIDN'T have motion controls, but the wii version added them. Nintendo could easily do the same thing, but the other way around

        • starwebs1

          Did you even read Dratier's comment?

          "They wouldn't be able to just easily map buttons to waggles like TP."

          It's Wii MotionPlus. Not just the Wii Remote.

    • Link95

      Isn't Project Café supposed to be backwards compatible to Wii, so I don't see why wouldn't they repeat Twilight Princess situation

      • Link95

        Which I sincerely hope not. Unless they release it for Wii in 2011 and Project Cafe in2012 as launch title.

        • Disgruntled Wedge

          If they released it on Wii and THEN on Project Cafe a year later and it had NO different features, that would be pointless. If they released it on Wii and THEN on Project Cafe a year later and it HAD different features, that would be idiotic. It wouldn't be the same game.

      • starwebs1

        Yes, but it would be stupid to NOT use the system's controller for a release that's ACTUALLY on that system.

    • For all we know, the Cafe will support Wii Motion Plus too.

    • Albertouz

      yeah but what if we will be able to use motion plus on project cafe too or maybe something better, you never know what nintendo can come up with…

    • cloverplayer

      I say just make it so you can play wii/motion plus games on Project Cafe… problem solved!

      • starwebs1

        Yes, but it would be ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS to have an actual Project Cafe release built so much around the Wii MotionPlus that it wouldn't even be ABLE to use the Cafe controller.

        And anyway, didn't you read the article where Skyward Sword had been reCONFIRMED for a 2011 RELEASE?! It has been said by I think NINTENDO THEMSELVES that Cafe isn't going to be out until 2012. AT LEAST.

  • Beka

    I would hope that they release Skyward sword for the Wii now, and just bring out the cafe version when the console comes out.

  • Syron

    Rinse and repeat, keep Skyward Sword for a Wii launch and then upgrade to an HD modified version of a new Zelda to launch on 'Project Cafe'.

    I'm thrilled to think of a Final Fantasy-graphics upgrade for Zelda, heavy detail-realism. To think we're finally going to see a next-gen console from Nintendo that can par with the PS3/Xbox 360 on a graphics level.

  • Batu

    Nah i don't think so, when nintendo delay so much the twilight they get the fans to angry… they won't repeat that again.

  • Keith

    I'm quite shocked ZU's trusting IGNorant.

  • I personally don't think Nintendo would do that. They've probably realized their mistakes with Twilight Princess and will keep it a Wii-only title.

  • Google Says

    If it's gonna be delayed because of this then I'll be fucking angry.

    • It can't really be "delayed" if there is not set release date.

  • KingOfHeart

    Do just like they did with TP, launch it for both titles. TP failed for the Wii because it was too rushed. However, now they have a better chance and more time.
    It would be a huge backfire if they only released it for the next console.

    • zik228

      TP failed because they scraped the original project and basically remade OoT. While the game was visually appealing it was a disappointment from the original trailer that was released

  • PhantomVII

    Much of the focus of SS is to utilize the Wii Motion Plus with 1:1 sword fighting, so for both an advertising strategy for Wii and an innovative gaming experience, Nintendo will most likely keep its release on Wii.

    Remember this?

    • avert_from_the_norm

      If it's been confirmed overseas for a release this year, then i don't see how it could not be coming out for wii. if they do a subsequent re-release for project cafe, that is acceptable, but at the same time that would be a bad and stupid move financially because of the fact that they have so many wii owners who won't be getting the new system or will already have the wii version.

      Basically they will most undoubtedly stick with a wii release, and not bother with doing anything about it for project cafe. Why take the time to translate it to the new system, like with twilight princess, when they could start working on the next console zelda instead.

    • Maybe. Maybe not. Motion Plus came WAY too late in the Wii's life. From a business standpoint, Nintendo might think that it's better to just ignore the Wii now and rework Skyward Sword for the Cafe.

      • starwebs1

        And that would take about three more years. SS has been in development for about FIVE YEARS!

  • ganonking

    It is not possible for this game to be released on project cafe, this game is designed for motion plus not a touchscreen controller.Nintendo themselves have said that this game is coming this year for wii, so why would IGN think that anything different was happening.

  • Beer and Zelda

    It would be a horrible idea to push it back to the new system, because the game was designed for the Wii, much like TP was designed for the GC, and it showed. What you would be left with is a new Zelda that still does not showcase the true capabilities of the new system. The Wii needs to have it's one Zelda title, where Nintendo says THIS is why we made the Wii.

    • Horrible idea (for you) or not, Twilight Princess helped sell the Wii when it launched. Nintendo could think that they could do the same thing again with Skyward Sword.

  • Tim

    Is this normal to do that to a Zelda fan?!… I guess so…
    They are lying and lying and lying and lying…
    Can they not make a fucking simple thing, like just release the fucking game when it finished?! How fucking difficult can it be?!
    I promise that they will wait and wait until we die… And THEN release it…
    I think i will end to order that shit now… So tired of this!!
    Fucktards… >:(

    • Nichyevo

      Heh, heh… You're learning the hard way about the boiling feelings that we've all felt at one point during Zelda history. As for me, it was waiting for Twilight Princess. Before I knew it, I had already experienced four grades (years) in school during the time Twilight Princess was delayed before actually holding the materialized game in my hands.

      It all gets better, though. I've been finding the wait to be quite enlightening, really. More and more, I'm appreciating the time and processes that Nintendo goes through to make a game. Miyamoto's quote goes something like this, "while a good game is good, a bad game is bad forever." I'm willing to wait for anyone who puts out good philosophy like that.

      • avert_from_the_norm

        I disagree, the fact is that a good game shouldn't take the level of time that twilight princess did, not to mention that the information they gave out also helped to make it so annoying and frustrating. I understand that waiting for something can be enlightening, but not when they continually give false information.

        Basically, while i think the guy that posted this commment went way far over the limits he should have with language and such, showing that he's an immature person, I can understand his frustration on a base level, though I have only heard of maybe 3 prior release dates for the game. Christmas season 2010, march 2011, and june/july 2011, before the supposed september/fall release. While His frustration is somewhat justified, i'm like you nichyevo, in the fact that I knew about TP from it's first release of information in 2004, as well as subsequent suspected release dates in the following years.

        Basically, a good game can take time, but they shouldn't give away the information before the time comes that it is finished, or truly close.

        also, lastly, tim, you're an immature idiot to be honest.

        • Tim

          Hahaha! You call me an immature idiot? πŸ˜€
          Good for you! πŸ˜€
          So how do you know who i am, and how old i am, mindfreak? πŸ˜€

          You should know ONE simple thing…
          Before you say something about me or someone else, find out about it before! And if you don't know who i am, just shut up! πŸ˜€
          THAT is really immature to not respect them who is upset about something…
          So don't sit there behind the computer screen and think that you know who every one is… πŸ˜‰

    • Nintendo rushes out a game. People complain. Nintendo takes their time in making the game as good as great as possible, and PEOPLE COMPLAIN.

  • cloverplayer


  • Shima

    I don't want to buy another much to expensive console just to play the new zelda, and if the rumors are true which I heard from project cafe, like HD visuals, then wouldn't it be better to make a more realistic looking zelda that really shows how zelda can look in HD as a launch title whether then a mix between the cel-shading style of WW and the almost-realistic looking TP? Also, Wii Motion Plus could be possible on Project Cafe since I read that they might make it compatible with Wii hard- and software, but still I want the new Zelda for the Wii.

    • I don't think you would have to. I'm guessing that IF they put SS on the Cafe, that it would be a port, just like TP. You'd still have the Wii version to play.

  • @@@

    They better don't. That would leave Wii being the fist Nintendo console without it's own Zelda title, since Twilight prince doesn't count being developed for GameCube and just adapted for Wii.

    • What's more important to a business? Money or making sure a specific console has a game exclusive to it?

  • David

    Just put it on the Wii. I don't want to have to wait for Skyward Sword, and I don't want to have to buy the "Project Cafe" just to be able to play it. I will, but I don't want to have to buy it right away.

  • Disgruntled Wedge

    It's not such a casual thing transferring a game to a new console when said game was made in the first place to demonstrate the features of the first console. As an actual game developer, I'd say a that year in a half is not enough time to improve the graphics and implement the new features of Project Cafe when the game is almost finished.

    Miyamoto even said a few months ago that they were putting finishing touches on it. It could even be done.

    • For all you know they've been working on a Cafe version behind the scenes for a long time now. In fact, most Mario games are that way.

      • starwebs1

        What does Mario have to do with this? And WHAT THE HECK are you talking about?

  • Disgruntled Wedge

    It's kind of sickening how much stuff gamers take for granted…

    • Emilie

      I'm sorry, but it's about spending a 400$+ or not to be able to play a game. So it's normal that we find it frustrating as buyers.
      I wouldn't say anything if Nintendo were doing charity, but they aren't. So I wish you're right and that it would take too much time to rearange the game for a new console.

  • Ellie

    We've waited long enough for this game!
    I'm just so angry. I understand that it takes a long time to perfect a video game, especially one for a popular series like LoZ, but GIVE me a break! They can't do this to me again!

  • This is the first zelda FOR wii. if they do this to us AGAIN, idk what i'm going to do. I'm tired of it. TP was pushed back a year because of the Wii and that was FOR GameCube.

  • avert_from_the_norm

    I fell for this at first too, but i firmly believe that this is IGN being stupid and idiotic, and that, no offense, but adam also made the mistake of reporting this thing.

    Here's what needs to happen. The people of zelda universe need to refrain from posting anything that is NOT supported or confirmed by Aonuma or Miyamoto, until after E3 anyways, because honestly, if it's not something coming from their mouths, then it's just rumor and speculation at this point which doesn't do any good for anyone.

    • A rumor is a rumor. I myself doubt that Skyward Sword will go to the Cafe.

  • nikki4476

    This is exactly what I knew I was going to hear as soon as I first heard about Project Cafe. Unbelievable, I didn't think they would actually consider doing it though. Really, I mean do their fans mean ANYTHING to them? I've been anticipating the release of Skyward Sword for so long, release it on the Wii!! Please don't make us wait again, I'm finished buying game systems solely for Zelda games.

    • Look at it this way. Nintendo could have the potential for the most awesome launch lineup ever.

      New Mario game
      New Smash Bros.
      Skyward Sword

  • And I think Twilight Princess is best on the Gamecube. But that didn't stop them from porting it to Wii.

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  • I'm amused from all the fanboy rage going on with this wee RUMOR.

  • TheMaverickk

    Skyward Sword won't be pushed back for a release on Project Cafe. I'm calling this right now, and people can hate on me if I'm wrong later, but I've got some sound reasons for believing that SS will be released by the end of this year and not be a Project Cafe launch title.

    The first reason is that Skyward Sword was designed with Motion Plus in mind. The whole basis of the game was to show that 1:1 sword fighting can work in a Zelda title. There seems to be a lot of motion centric puzzles and events…. So releasing the game for Project Cafe means they'd have to change the game drastically in order to suit it's new controller since it's more traditional.

    The second reason is…. why bother when Project Cafe is backwards compatible? People will still be able to play their Wii games on Project Cafe, with their Wii remotes and everything. So there really isn't much to be gained in bringing SS over to a Project Cafe launch, except for upping the game to HD quality. Which in reality isn't worth the extra production costs.

    The third reason is the silence of all of Nintendo's studios. Everyone has mentioned it… this year is basically a lull year in term of Nintendo's first party happenings. The last of Nintendo's bigger studios finished work on their last games this past fall. Others have been quiet for years already. The truth is that Nintendo has been anticipating Project Cafe for a while, and you can bet they've made sure that their in house studios are already working on Project Cafe specific games. In all likelihood it's why we haven't seen Pikmin 3 yet, or Star Fox, or F-Zero. It's also why Nintendo has been handing out it's franchises to be handled by 3rd party companies…. Team Ninja doing Metroid… Grezzo in charge of OoT 3D…. it's safe to assume that Nintendo is going to announce Project Cafe with completely new games that promote the consoles abilities.

    Skyward Sword won't be a Project Cafe launch title. If it does become a launch title, that would be a strange move by most peoples standards.

    • zik228

      I'm going to agree with you: SS will be on Wii for reasons already mentioned on like every console having a Zelda title specifically to it. But I have bigger concerns with the implications of your points than what system this game will appear on.

      If this game was created to show the capabilities of Motion Plus and 1:1 motion, where will that leave the actual game play and the level of enjoyability? I can definitely appreciate the engineering that goes into the technology that is being used in the game, but if it's not fun to play then there's no point in trying to sell it to consumers. There should be a balance between the innovative engineering of the game and creative storyline being used. That was one of the problems that I had with TP. It had a beautiful feel to but it lacked story.

      Consumers want backwards compatibility more than the Companies do. This has to do with money mostly because it takes more money to make a product that can do it when they could just resell the game to the consumer in a new medium (ie. digital market, new platform disc.) Therefore I wouldn't be surprised if Project Cafe has Wii compatibility but not GCN. I wouldn't be surprised if when SS gains a players choice status, it comes out on Project cafe.

      The fact that Nintendo's bigger studios have been quiet for years slightly disturbs me for two reasons.The first being that I don't think that the whole reason behind their quietness is because of Project Cafe, it might have to do with internal issues that have not been made public. Sometimes studios "break up" or have core members leave and the public doesn't hear about it until a new game comes out. I hope it's not that since those studios have been very successful in the past, but I think it would be nice to see one of the studios make a bold new move with a new interesting game that might not be for everyone to play. My second issue is that they might be outsourcing their large franchises to other studios and are not getting the same quality that consumers expect. Personally, I enjoyed what retro studios did with Metroid Prime- it was beautiful, challenging, and was everything I expected in a video game. But when I saw what Ninja was doing with Other M I was not impressed because it didn't look like a new platform game, it just looked like the graphics were improved and some new tricks were added.

      Yes, SS will be a Wii game, but there are bigger things to look at here

  • Pietro

    I called this in 2007, the next Zelda game will launch dual platform on both the Wii and Wii2. That's all, you can block your ears and say no no no, but that's what's happening.

    • avert_from_the_norm

      no, your wrong, based on the article about release in UK for this game, the fact that it's almost finished, both these support the wii specific game.

      But let's just wait until e3 comes around, then i think we will know for sure.

  • Tom

    I really hope they don't put it on this project cafe console. When they did it with twilight princess it was obvious, and annoying, that the game did not use the Wii's functions to it's full ability. Project cafe supposedly, according to the rumours, has much better graphics than the wii, which a project cafe skyward sword would not use fully. And whatever new controls system the console uses then the skyward sword will not use them properly.

    We have been waiting for a proper Wii zelda game for a few years now and by putting it on another console as well will be pretty pointless in my opinion

  • veeronic

    no you idiots, they would have to rebuild it from the ground up, that is not going to happen. It is designed for wii-plus, that is how its going to stay.

    • avert_from_the_norm

      hello, they redesigned twilight princess for wii, the same COULD be done for skyward sword with project cafe, but i highly doubt it. just don't base it on the fact that you think something is impossible.

  • Leander

    I think they'll make Skyward Sword like a Wii game with additional content when you play it on the new console (similar to Links Awakening DX, with the additional dungeon on the GBC).

  • Although I would love to play the new Zelda game soon, if Nintendo believes they can make a stronger game and more suited for the next project I am willing to wait.

  • Flare

    If Nintendo was smart, here's what they'd do:

    Release Skyward Sword for the Wii this Fall. The game was crafted from the ground up specifically with the Wii in mind, so this is the best possible choice. But not just for that reason, either. As IGN also stated, it's they're only big release on the Wii in the later half of the year – they need to keep the system alive. But beyond that, you also have to assume it's going to be at least September 2012 before Project Cafe actually launches.

    What they do then, when Project Cafe launches, is re-release Skyward Sword, with updated high definition graphics, and possibly some new things thrown in.

    I'm sure people would moan about this, but fiscally, I think it's the best idea. The release of SS on the Wii would drive Wii sales, and garner attention to the game. If it performs well, an HD version would likely sell well as well, as I'm sure there would be early adopters of the system looking for a good game, and Zelda fans like (regrettably) myself that would probably pick it up again, especially if it had added content.

  • Well, maybe not mistake per-say. I meant more like, I don't think they'll try it again. Mostly because a lot of fans were angry last time -shrugs- it's all speculation of course. Nintendo is Nintendo and they can do anything. ^^

  • Memo

    Oh, I'm relieved. When I saw the blurb on twitter, I thought there were actually reputable rumors of delays, not just IGN stupidly stirring things up.

    I don't believe it'll be released after 2011.

  • Ftimis

    I really hope this info is false… If they push back the release date of Skyward Sword some more, the possibilities of me anticipating it will lessen greatly. Much more if it only comes on Project Cafe, a console that I'm not pretty sure I'm gonna buy…

  • dragonchi26

    My question is this. Because they are releasing SS on the Wii when it's on its last legs, with a new console soon coming to take it over, would that mean that people who have bought Project Cafe as a Wii replacement (Projecting Forward), would still have to have their Wii plugged in, to continue to enjoy SS?

    I'm buying it with the intent of it taking the physical space my Wii is currently occupying, factoring in that it is also a Wii because its backwards compatible. I don't want to have 2 Wii's plugged in.

    So it seems kinda dumb and unlikely, for Nintendo to not have a plan in place for us to be able to play SS on Project Cafe somehow. This will be a game we will be playing for a number of years to come. So, logic suggests..we will have SS in some form or anther on the new system.

  • Please Nintendo, don't do it!

    Like that the Wii wouldn't have a unique Zelda game for it, and Link's Crossbow Training doesn't count.

  • Austin

    I hope it stays on the the Wii because i only have a Wii, and i dont want to have to buy a whole new $200 or more console just to play this game.
    plus they have already told us it was going to be out on the Wii so why change that

    • Pietro

      It'll definitely be on the Wii, but it'll also probably be on the Wii2, think Twilight Princess.

  • James

    it would piss me off if they put this off to another system. we really didn't get a Wii Zelda, and the whole reason i brought a Wii was for a Wii Zelda. Twilight Princess dosen't count since it was a gamecube port with some will functionality added. If they decide to release it for both system's that would still anger me, cause of course the Project Cafe' Zelda will probably have something thrown in it last minute that would make me want to get it even though its probably not worth it.

  • Tai

    I Think This Would Annoy The Heck Out Of Eager Zelda Fans (Such As Myself).
    As We Have Waited….And Waited Then Some More For This Game They Should Just Release It And Make A Sequel Game To Majoras Mask To Fit The Project Cafe Screen Control. I'm Ranting Aren't I? Anyway These Are Just Thoughts/Suggetions

  • If they push it back for THE THIRD TIME I'm going to be so so so so mad. Anyways like two more Zelda games are probably going to be made in the time that it takes for Skyward Sword and Skyward Sword was started in the making in 2005. They really don't need to push it back further than it already is. Unless they're changing the graphics to Twilight Princess again.

  • Alessandra

    I wouldn't mind if this happened, like Miyamoto once said, a good game is good, a bad game is bad forever. I got both versions of Twilight Princess and Twilight Princess on the Wii pretty much gave me a taste of what fighting on the Wii would have been for Skyward Sword such as aiming your bow or slingshot to an enemy and shoot them, it was new, so I'm hoping that this will be even better than before.

  • Wizard of LOZ

    All the hype there was for twilight princess really killed it for me. I was super pumped to get the game after playing the zeldas for the NES, SNES, N64, and gamecube. I am going to buy the project cafe regardless, but after discovering the wiis motion madness, and stupid tech demo-like minigames, I am not too excited. I will probably still buy it because I play Nintendo until the day I die, and beyond. You gotta love those guys at the big N. They're a creative lot.

  • serena_1995

    i agree. zelda fans will have a riot if Skyward Sword gets released for project cafe. i mean, hasn't nintendo specifically confirmed that skyward sword will be releasd for the wii? they can't just change that now without warning!

    • Pietro

      They said it would be on the Wii, they never said it wouldn't be on the Wii's successor.

  • I am really looking forward to Skyward Sword… Like people have said before, it IS based on motion controls… However, wouldn't it be AWESOME if our first game to play on the Café was ZELDA!?! I think they should release it for Wii a little bit later so it is not a huge delay between the release and Café, and then revamp the game for the Café with new puzzles and stuff… Like a "Master Quest" or like a "Final Mix".

    • avert_from_the_norm

      um, how about hell no. most of us are not in a position to really be super psyched and want to buy the new project cafe which is gonna be 300$+. Why give bonuses on this game immediately after a skyward sword release. If it's a good game and they feel it would be succesful, then they could do a "master quest version" or final mix several years down the road. The other thing is, why delay the release on wii? why make us non-cafe people suffer and get angered.

  • McClayne

    I think Nintendo already said that Skyward sword will be a Wii exclusive.

  • CaptainDangerous

    Gosh dommit… They better not.

  • Blizzeta93

    Except the fact that we don't have

  • sk8on9876

    We need a zelda game officially for the wii

  • John Smith

    Personally, I think that (If they do release it on Project Cafe) they will go ahead and release Skyward Sword this fall on wii, but when Project Cafe is released, they will have a slightly better version of SS on it. Maybe, idk. As long as SS sees a summer to winter 2011 release date on the wii, I am happy. πŸ™‚

  • Victor George

    No freaking way do I want to see Skyward Sword get delayed just so it can be a "Project Cafe" launch title.

  • avert_from_the norm

    Are you crazy, that is idiotic reasoning. Twilight princess wasn't a good game for any reason other than the time they put in for making it a significant gamecube game, but they decided that they wanted to have a big opener for wii. Why take something phenomenal and just make it great. that's what putting it on project cafe will do. That or they will take several more years to get it up to a good quality level that it deserves for being called a "project cafe" game. If you take the wii's "final symphony" as it should be called, and put it as the opening for nintendo's new hotness, that would be doing the game and fans a huge disservice in making it come out worse than it would be.

    Basically, it would actually be one of the worst moves they could make with this game. The wii needs and deserves a great game to go out on it's final note with, and this would be a phenomenal one to go with.

  • One of the main features of Skyward Sword was that it uses Motion Plus, so it probably will remain on the Wii. They already announced Skyward Sword for Wii, so if they want a Zelda game for Project Cafe, then they'll just need to make another one haha.

  • kokiri_kid93

    i got so excited when i logged on and saw the picture on my homepage! i thought there was new info about the game itself πŸ™
    but yeah i doubt they'd put it on project cafe, otherwise there'd really be no real wii excusive zelda game, and that'd suck.

  • Kitakee

    This is an extremely sensitive subject to a lot of people, and IGN should be ashamed for trying to start rumours about it. I am appalled.

  • ignsucks

    Ign doesnt know anything. They write anything they can about Zelda just to get hits. They attract ten times more attention creating fake news than saying nothing, so, of course they want to say that kind of garbage. Most of igns articles are garbage. They are the walmart of the video game news world. Hugely known and widely used doesnt mean intelligent or informative. Ign can blow me.

  • Rurouni Rinku

    First off, Nintendo has stated previously that if they stuck with TP graphics the game would have already been nearly completed, so it seems logical to assume that the game is mostly complete and Wii ready. If Nintendo did what they did with TP, that would be unfortunate, however, some people seem to be speculating that SS will be released only for Project Cafe. This seems unlikely, as many people, such as myself, have already had the game pre-ordered for Wii, and if it is Project Cafe exclusive, then Nintendo should provide those who pre-ordered SS with a free or heavily discounted Project Cafe.

  • Baker1000

    Oh please no. Not only do I not want to wait any longer, but we had this with Twilight Princess too. What we got, while it was a great game, was a GameCube game altered for the Wii. We don't want a Wii game altered for a new console! It may use MotionPlus, but what's to stop Nintendo from redesigning the controls again for the new console? It happened with TP.

    If Nintendo do hold it back, they will go down considerably in my estimations. It would have to be better than Ocarina of Time, like, a complete revolution, for me to support such a change. If they release it on both, I'll stick to the Wii version. Please, for all that is good and holy I hope this isn't true.

  • Dan

    We don't know anything about Project Cafe other than it's supposed to be as powerful as the 360 (which, by now shouldn't be a "feature") and that they're announcing it at E3. I imagine it will have some backwards support for motion controls. Software support for the Wii has been dismal at best for the better part of 6 months, which to me screams of a possibility that we may see a new formula for Nintendo for new console launches. I'll bet it's sitting on a whiteboard in their main office right now, and I'll bet it looks something like this:

    New Zelda Title Teaser for current console X 2 Years – 6 months of software dev + new console rumors + worked up fans ready to sell their spleens to play New Zelda Title for current console – current console + new console – 1 fan pissed off enough not to buy new console + (fans – spleens for money to buy new console) = $

    Yep. I'll bet that's exactly what's on the whiteboard in their conference room right now.

  • Darkhero0808

    haven't we waited long enough for the wat was first called "new zelda wii"?

  • ganonlord

    Don't worry about this, guys. It has already been confirmed by many Nintendo officials that SS will be the big Wii title for this year. I thought we already established this. Nintendo will NOT repeat the same mistake they made with TP.

  • Justin

    you realize this is an article about an idea that popped into the wonderful (sarcasm) minds at IGN, no stock should be put into their rumor or this article as it contains no statements from Nintendo.

  • Hey Listen!!!

    Now I'd like to see them try and pull off moving it to the ProjectCafe. It Just… wouldn't work. Wii motion plus is the reason. It would be like playing windwaker with a d-pad instead of anolog stick.

  • Hey Listen!!!

    I like how Zuniverse post one bit of SS news and it gets over 100 comments whereas it gets 5 comments on the oot 3d posts

  • starwebs1

    Yes we do. Nintendo confirmed that Project Cafe will have a touch screen controller. Not motion controls.

  • Wow, lots of people posting about this. Personally I hope Nintendo doesn't push back Skyward Sword. Hype, in my opinion, ruined Twilight Princess' impact on the gaming community in the long run. Building hype again for Skyward Sword will put expectations at an almost impossible-to-reach level.

    In other news, did you guys hear that there actually might be a game being released called "Zelda Universe"? I'm dead-serious, this is no joke: check out's story about it. I honestly thought the article was talking about this site at first, haha. Anyway, the ESRB apparently gave it an "online" rating, and I'm just guessing that it is a temporary title. Maybe Nintendo has a little surprise for us all at E3?

  • GorCoronSumo

    People can pre-order the game, so if SS is released on Proj. Cafe it will rip a lot of people off.

  • nelson

    Skyward Sword only for Wii, for God's sake!!