Sorry if the title got your hopes up, folks; this is probably a fake.

The above image of a redesigned Nintendo 3DS system, featuring a Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary logo on top, has shown up on a few different sites, most telling fans not to get their hopes up on getting this 3DS in their paws anytime soon. It’s probably a little too early for us to be seeing new 3DS colours just yet, and red doesn’t really seem like the colour that would be chosen for a Legend of Zelda themed 3DS. Green seems like it would be a much more fitting option.

Nevertheless, this is still a neat idea, and it sure would be nice to see Nintendo release a limited edition Zelda 3DS to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary.

Would you be interested in owning a limited edition Legend of Zelda 3DS? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog
  • Protoprop

    O wow, I would really like to get a zelda 3ds, But I still hope there will be a 3ds-only zelda game. Btw, First!

  • Ray

    I'm betting a lot of 3DS owners are gonna be pissed that they didn't buy this one.

    • dark_link121

      T^T amen…i am one of those owners…

  • Anomynous

    Even though I have a 3ds already I'd still buy

  • Art1st4786

    As much as I want to have a 3DS and Ocarina of Time the day it comes out, I'm going to be a good girl and hold off until I know what they're planning on doing for Zelda's 25th anniversary.

  • Josiahinnc

    My guess would be green or gold but I saw this picture and thought FAKE.

  • Harvey

    "Probably Fake?" If they really do have a Nintendo 3Ds that has the legend of zelda 25th anniversery I'd get it. Although if it's their 25th anniversery next year it would be their 26th anniversery. I'm going to have to think about that. : []

  • Becky

    My bf has a 3DS so I can play his whenever but I’m waiting for a limited edition Zelda one before I buy my own.

    It’ll probably be gold, the GBA SP and DS Lite were

  • cloverplayer

    I don't think that they would do red and gold, that's what they did for mario.

  • 9727

    i think that Nintendo should do a Master-Quest-of-Awesomeness-and-Amazingness-Collecters-B.A-Disk That has all the Zelda games of all time on one CD and there is extra room so that if any more new Zelda games come out you can download it onto the disk. and with all that you get a life-size penguin. no…. wait… scratch that last part- you get a life-sized Master Sword and Hylian Sheild. and a hat like Link's. thats what im talkin about.

  • Jamps

    I hope Nintendo release a special edition like the golden one for the nintendo ds…

  • guyoverhere

    Nintendo better not release a freaking special edition 2 months after the first ones were released… that would just be unfair.

  • mena

    I have been purposely holding off on buying a 3DS just to wait for a zelda edition

  • Larwaa

    This better not be real. I hate being the patriotic one who buys consoles when they release only to find out there's some other, cooler version in the shelves a few months later. Feels like I'm being punished for supporting whoever's console I'm buying.

  • I'm waiting exactly something like this to buy my first 3DS

  • Peter

    They need to make one!!!

    Like this

    • Shaelyn


  • prada

    OMG effin' kick ass! I Want ONE nAO!

  • Shaelyn

    I've been holding out hope for something limited edition relating to Zelda/the 25th anniversary. they've been putting out limited edition handheld systems for Zelda as a bundle w/ many games now, I can't imagine this being any exception.

    • cloverplayer

      they said at GDC it would be different than anything we could think of.

      • cloverplayer

        or something like that 😛


    Honestly I'd be pissed. They should have announced it before announcing OoT 3ds. I would probably buy one and smash it to fight nintendo. KREEBBY SMASH roar.

  • twilit Mask of Time

    Honestly, if there is one, I hope this isn't it, it looks like crap. especially the boarder on the top. The shape is also off. It's too narrow. It's obviously fake.

  • quinn

    It is not fake its fan made

  • Nikki

    I have been hoping for one!!! I would die for a limited edition 3ds!!!