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Earlier this year, IGN published a report with some insider information about Nintendo’s new home console, nicknamed Project Cafe, including a number of specific hardware specifications. Using this information, they took it upon themselves to find PC parts comparable to the list of alleged Project Cafe hardware, and put together their own Frankenstein-esque ‘Project Cafe’ system.

Obviously, the new system is going to have a bunch of games that IGN don’t have access to right now, as well as a completely different OS, so they tested out the power of the machine by using current-gen games and comparing the performance to that of the Xbox 360.

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IGN enlisted the help of their hardware experts to find the parts that were the closest possible to the hardware that Project Cafe has been reported to use. Their system is made up of the following parts:

  • CPU: 3.2GHz Triple Core AMD Athlon II X3 450
  • GPU: XFX Radeon HD 4850 GPU with 1GBs of VRAM
  • Motherboard: BIOSTAR A780L3L Micro ATX
  • RAM: 2GBs of Kingston DDR3
  • Power Supply: Rosewill RV350 ATX 1.3
  • Hard Drive: 80GB WD Caviar Blue 7200RPM

IGN have stated that although this is the closest they could get to the parts, their sources have said there will be some significant variations between their system and the Project Cafe. The system cost IGN $423.93 USD to put together, leading them to estimate that the final cost of the new system may be upwards of $300 USD.

Their system was put to the test by comparing its performance to that of the Xbox 360. The image below shows both of the systems running Call of Duty: Black Ops, and you can see that IGN’s Project Cafe has a clear graphical improvement over the Xbox 360 version. IGN notes that the character models were far more detailed in the copy of the game running on their system, and that while the framerate performance varied, it got as high as 56 FPS and never dropped below 32 FPS.

Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox 360 (left) and Project Cafe (right)

Xbox 360 (left), Project Cafe (right)

Make sure you check out IGN’s article for yourself, to see the rest of the game comparisons, as well as some more information about the possible power this system could harness.

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Source: IGN
  • KingDodongo1

    Ummm… wow.

    IGN literally couldn't wait for this new system, huh?

  • Shadowknight1

    They couldn't wait for Nintendo to actually announce the specs? It's very possible that those specs are just some fanboy's wet dream…

  • goronbot

    that is so coo.l I wonder how popular it will be?

  • starwebs1

    That's really cool. I saw that earlier today. Anyway, I think the jump on this post is broken. Anyone else have to click the title of the post?

  • Anomynous

    I thought it was going to be in HD oh well who knows. But its still going to be awesome!!!!

    • adsghdrsf

      it is in hd?

  • Burgly

    They might as well join the race and start selling their own consoles hahaha

  • That's… just awesome. I hope Project Cafe will be like that! I can't wait to see unveiled at E3. It's gonna be so awesssoooooome!

  • yanoit15

    wait till my stupid xbox freinds hear about this…

    • Manga Ninja

      Mines too 😀

  • Topaz Mutiny

    … Looks like they just toned down the contrast to me. : The screens are way too small to tell.

    • Google Says

      If you go to the original article and click the image you get a much larger image 😉

  • LuX

    …I am a big Nintendo fan-boy lol, but I'm sorry that 360 shot looks better. Much more atmospheric, you say there is a clear graphical improvement. And I really don't see it, the shadowing on the face of the 360 one looks far better to me. But most importantly the creases on the characters forehead bring more emorion and life than the 'project cafe' screenshot. Just my opinion.

    • SonicXXX

      I know! if they had a game with a less shadowy theme, maybe Cafe might have beaten the 360, but for now, that shot of the face has more of a..whats the word? "Atmosphere" to it!

    • salvableruin

      You need to see the video comparison in HD. The system IGN built shows significant improvement in the level of texture details, but the 360 have slightly better lighting fx. That would explain why you prefer the shadows on the 360 version, but the shots are too small to see the clear bump in the level of detail. Also, the system built by IGN is only a rough equivalent of what they THINK Nintendo is coming out with.

  • Swift_Fox

    Im pretty sure Project Café will have better graphics than that stupid x-gay 360.

  • Jack

    agreed @LuX The characters hair on the 360 shot is also more realistic. Also Nintendo, whats the point of improving your graphics to match (more or less) that of your competitors current systems when, inevitably, a few months after Cafe is released they'll only go and announce systems ten times more powerful than they are now?

    • salvableruin

      You don't seem to understand the market or Nintendo's strategy. If Nintendo produces a console "ten times more powerful" than a PS3, you would have to pay ten times as much for it. Also, who gives a **** if a console is ten times more powerful? The current generation of gaming systems have such amazing graphics, that pretty soon we aren't going to care "how powerful" a new console is, in the same way that nobody talks about "how many bits" the new gaming system is going to have.

      Also, the hair in the 360 shot is not more realistic – it's clumpier, making it appear more like anime hair. Watch the HD video comparison if you want to see what it really looks like. The mock-Project Cafe system IGN created is more powerful than a 360, and games look noticeably better than on the 360, and yet you are opting for the weaker system.

      Anyway, Sony and Microsoft won't be announcing new consoles in "a few months." And if they do, the consoles will be retardedly expensive, and the graphical improvement will not be sufficient to justify to exorbitant prices. It's not about power, it's about innovation, and that trend will become obvious once all the consoles are so powerful that they can do anything a developer could possibly imagine doing.

  • veeronic

    I want to see this monstrosity… and shout "ITS ALIVE!!"

  • Leander

    I don't think you can compare this pc to the new console. They are ignoring the fact that the wii2 will have a completely different hardware architecture (PowerPC). The PS2 for example had a CPU running at 294MHz and the graphic output was far beyond that what can be achieved with 300MHz PC with similar a GPU-Chip. It should also be clear that the clock frequency is no longer a indicator for processing power. So just using a CPU with a similar frequency and the same number of cores doesn't make the two chips comparable.
    Conclusion: This test system shows barely anything about the new console even if the rumoured specs are true.

  • Justin

    cool to see IGN's idea of what it could be, but I won't make any sort of judgment until Nintendo unveils their new console since the specs could be different in a number of ways.

  • IGN should probablly branch out and release their own console to the market.
    They seem capable enough!

  • MrFlox888

    LOL! The image is from the first mission from COD: Black OPS. I have it for Wii.

    Impressive graphics…