As we approach the release date of Ocarina of Time 3D, some gaming outlets have revealed new tidbits and screenshots of the highly anticipated title.

Some new details include the addition of pre-recorded footage called “Visions” that would help people solve puzzles easily and help show the location of heart pieces. Master Quest has been mirrored and becomes available after finishing the normal quest. The game has also been tweaked to make certain parts and features of the game easier and more accessible.

Hit that jump button to view the latest screenshots from the game, including the water temple in its newly designed graphics, a screen from boss rush mode, a comparison between the original Ocarina of Time 3D and Master Quest, and a list of all the new details!

A bullet-list of new details and info:

– Dan Owsen – one of the main members of the game’s localization team
– Three colors paths have been added to the Water Temple
– These paths line the walls of the temple, leading to one of the locations where Link can raise/lower the water level
– Some key doors are emphasised with a colorful border surrounding them
– After you defeat a boss, you can “relive its memory”
– Sleep in Link’s bed in Kokiri Forest to do this
– Boss battles will be timed, but play the same
– No online leaderboards
– Unlock Boss Rush mode by unlocking and defeating every boss again
– Fight through every boss, one after another
– Will be provided a power-up at the end of each fight, such as Deku Nuts or hearts
– Nintendo won’t say if there will be more rewards for those who complete Boss Rush mode
– Master Quest has now been mirrored
– In Master Quest, Link will be hit with twice the damage from enemies
– Sheikah Stones can be found throughout the world
– The stones are like the Gossip Stones from the original game
– Crawl inside the Sheikah Stones to receive “visions” of the future
– Visions are pre-recorded snippets of footage
– 3-5 short clips that show what to do next
– Unlock the visions as you reach certain points in the game
– Visions may show you where to find heart pieces


A comparison between both regular and Master Quest version of the game (click the images for higher resolution pictures):

Hyrule Castle Town

Inside Jabu Jabu


The newly anticipated Boss Rush Mode:

Choose your enemy.

The additional Vision feature that would help newcomers to the series:

It's dangerous to go alone, use this!

And now, the latest screenshots!


What are your thoughts and impressions so far? Let us know in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more info as Ocarina of Time 3D will be released next month!


Source: GoNintendo, NintendoEverything
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  • ….

    I can't freakin wait for oot3ds now! water temple looks kinda weird with those lines imo

    • ganonking

      I believe they must be to help people find their way because if you remember in the original all the doors and passages lookd the same in that temple

      • dark_link121

        amen to that…shish, i dont like the doors…

      • Banooru

        Kinda reminds me of the colored pipes in the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask. Those made the temple ALOT easier than I think it would have been if I couldn't just follow them to adjust the water; although I didn't know it the first time I played the water temple in OoT, I think when I play this game I'm going to miss the difficulty of the water temple, and having to go to the equipment subscreen to equip the iron boots since it made it feel like I actually had to interrupt my quest to change my boots.

  • KyleLink

    DARK LINK!!!!!!!

  • Shadowknight1

    The Boss challenge mode looks to be a LOT of fun!

    BTW, take note. Iron boots are now an equippable item like in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess! YAY!!!

    • linkdude101


    • onilink

      Both the Iron Boots and Hover Boots could be equipped in the original OoT.

      • Dantewolfwood

        what is up with the community here? In the original OoT, you had to equip them like tunics and shields, which you had to pause the game and change each time. all he is saying that they boots are now like NORMAL items, that you can put in a item slot, or it seems that way. which will be far less tedious than before!

  • "Vision"? Has this generation become so dull that they can't complete a game without it holding your hand?

    The first time I ran into this blasphemy was with Super Mario Galaxy 2. When the shadowy form of Rosalina showed up I always felt offended. Not once did I give in to such nonsense. I just twisted my hat back Ash Ketchum style and kept playing until I beat it. Do they think it will attract more casual gamers or something?

    We need to take a leaf out of the Book of Retro Gaming.

    • Keimori

      Sir, Calm down, it's a OPTION, not manditory, if you, like myself, wish to twist your hat back and do it yourself, then go ahead.

      But If some players need some help then i say let them, what harm is there in letting new playesr get some help, after all its realy no differnt than a walkthrough.

      • DxtrWard

        Easy games won´t make better gamers.

        • Dantewolfwood

          He didn't say it makes better games. and the same theory works in reverse as well. Just because a game is difficult doesn't mean it's good either (see AVGN :P).

          All he saying it, if it will attract more casual players then let them. and if you don't want to use it….DON'T. It's that simple. Like he said before, it's just like using a walkthrough, just ingame 🙂

      • I'm as calm as can be.

    • bark

      You know, you always have the option of not using it, so what's your f***ing problem? More casual gamers equal more sales for Nintendo equal more Nintendo games for many years to come, so why don't you just shout up?

      • My fucking problem is that I'm worried Nintendo will one day jump from these helpers to just plain making games easier.

        • And it's not like they were that difficult to begin with. OoT is pretty damn easy. Well, it's definitely not hard enough to warrant a helper.

    • Aaron

      I was like that with Donkey Kong Country Returns,that stupid pig ANNOYED me so much lol, It just made me more determined to beat it

      • GorCoronSumo

        "shout up"?
        Sounds like you wan't them to talk more…

        • GorCoronSumo

          Against what, may I ask.

        • bark

          Actually I do, LOL. I love to get into arguments with stupid people and act just as stupid as them, LOL. It's fun to get dirty from time to time LOL.

    • Link-182

      Think about this, if Nintendo keeps making these"visions" or help videos in future Zelda games, we can expect them to amp up the difficulty quite a bit for us veterans instead of getting a game that's too easy. Twilight Princess and Wind Waker were very easy in my opinion so if they add these visions they can go back to making games as hard as Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask while still giving a beginner Zelda player a chance to beat the game.

      Seems like a good idea to me, doesn't it?

      • TheMaverickk

        Agreed. They can make a tough game by giving people help if they need it.

        In truth though I know lots of people who enjoy video games, but will quickly give up on a game if they become stumped. That's even with gamers who are older, not just the young ones.

        So in the long run giving people the help they need to complete a game is a way that a developer ensures that people will keep coming back. People who don't like to play games that are too hard for them generally.

        I've never had a problem mind you. The games are always just right.

      • Can we expect that from Nintendo though? I mean, this help thing will be a temptation for many to use. Then everyone will be used to the games being easy. One thing leads to another and BAM! All games are easy.

        • GorCoronSumo

          Blasphemy against gaming is a terrible crime!

  • avert_from_the_norm

    I agree with blizagalantern about the whole help thing, though not as passionately. The way i see it, for stuff like visions, or basically, seeing things that you need to do, that is actually something optional that the only reason i would check it out is because i've played through the game and i'd be interested to see it. However, the thing about important doors being lit up, that's too much to me. It takes away the fun and challenge of the game. in my opinion, they need to have an option incorporated that allows for gamers to choose whether they want these help options in their game experience or not. because personally, if i get this (i don't have a 3ds and there are not enough announced games coming out that catch my interest to warrant buying the 3ds) then I don't want the help, because it's been quite some time since i've played OoT.

    Case and point, have an option that allows you to switch between help mode where doors light up and such, and original mode, where you hafta figure it out yourself.

    • onilink

      the option is incorporated….don't look at them. It's a nice feature that caters to both the first time and refresher.

  • drooooooool. This is so awesome. I wish I had a 3DS. DX

  • starwebs1

    Wow. First the official date of the 3DS update with the eShop and the Internet Browser (June 6), and now this? This has been an awesome day so far!

  • The main difference I can see here between the regular and master quests is the directions to go are reversed. As far as the help system goes, I have played OOT quite a few times through and as per normal on Zelda style games, I pretty much remember where everything is/what everything does after a couple playthroughs.

  • John

    Anyone know if Master Quest is going to be available at the start, or is it unlockable??

    • Linksoer

      Finish the game first to unlock MQ.

    • bark

      Are you stupid and unable to read, or just lazy? The article clearly states it becomes available after the normal quest.

  • JakerKid

    why do they keep trying to make games easier? they did the same thing with super mario 64 on ds, its ruins it, looks amazing though and i'll definitely buy it

    • bark

      Your experience was ruined not because Nintendo included a tutorial, but because you chose to use it. You took you own desicion, live with it and stop whining and blaming others because of your own decisions.

  • T Dave

    Check out this, Nintendo Universe posted an article about a member of who converted screenshots of Wii, Gamecube and N64 games into 3DS stereoscopic 3D. amongst the list is the original Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, if you have a 3DS and want an early look of OoT in 3D give it a look, Metroid and Mario are also on the list and many others. They look Fantastic!

  • T Dave

    The ghosts from MM put them there if you fail to protect them and let Romani get abducted. Their also responsible for abducting Jabu Jabu.

  • Ozl

    Ok then this is lame, i think i will just play Master Quest and close my eyes when there could be a possible spoiler (since most of the secrets i dont remember since N64 era) xD

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    Looks beautiful, but I wish they'd make the game *harder* instead of easier…

    Also, why is Master Quest mirrored?

    • starwebs1

      TO MAKE IT HARDER. That's where they make it harder.

      • FilipeJMonteiro

        They need to try harder to make it harder, then.

  • SheikfreakIvan

    Atleast they made Sheiks face feminine.
    Now those damn Male Sheik people will finally shut up

    • mushguy

      Says the person who has a Male Sheik abuser as a friend.

  • ChozoKnight



    The game is easy enough as it is, we don't need the game to tell us what to do.

    the game looks pretty though *drools* Can't wait for it to come out!
    ….I don't have any games for my new 3DS 🙁

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    I guess it just saddens me that they're kind of shaving off part of the intricacy of the game, and the requirements of exploring it.

    Hell, some of us were pretty young when playing it. It was healthy frustration. I don't understand why everything needs to be spoonfed to people, now.

    • starwebs1

      It doesn't NEED to be spoonfed. It's an OPTIONAL ADDITION to the game. You don't need to use the visions or anything like that. Don't pay attention to the lines on the walls. It's just an option for newcomers.

  • bark

    Inverted view for Master Quest looks wierd, kinda interesting though, but they should include more changes, like changing the places where the pieces of heart are. Hope they are doing a NEW Master Quest, not just cloning the one they've already included in the GameCube disk. That would be nice for the loyal fans that have been following Ocarina of Time since it's first release in N64 so we can have something new this time around.

  • GorCoronSumo

    Now you won't need to click the replies.

    • GorCoronSumo

      Seriously hit the replies!

  • dragonchi26

    I REALLY don't like the idea that Bosses are timed. All that does is make you rush, thus losing focus, and likely to screw up more. Which tends to happen when your under the clock. And some bosses are REALLY annoying.

    • Silver Scale

      I think "timed" means that it records how fast you beat them.

    • aaa

      It's a Boss RUSH mode. It's to see how fast you can beat the bosses and break your own records. As with the visions feature, you don't like it, then don't use it. Why do people like to complain about such stupid things? If the game were plain Ocarina of Time with no extras then people would complain about the staff being lazy because of not adding anything new. People are just so stupid.

  • matt17

    A lot of the areas look EXACTLY the same with no added detail, not good for ppl who overplayed this game. BUT the 3D effect should make the experience MUCH better.

    The master quest IS better than the old master quest for sure. tougher enemies and mirror'd world should make it a MASTER's quest.

  • meh

    looks the same

  • I’m stoopoid

    I’m so fuckin’ stupid dur hur I can’t tell it looks the same DURR HURR!!!!!

  • Matias

    There will be plenty of challenge when you play MQ. I'm a big enough fan that I will enjoy the remix and still want the challenge of MQ afterwards. I'd like to think the rest of us are too.

  • Ammy

    …Is it just me or does Link look shorter? I especially see it in the fire temple screen shot :/
    I hope he is not because OoT Link was taller than Zelda in the original…. unlike TP Link who was shorter than Zelda -_-;

  • Anybody else spot the lack of a carrot limit while riding Epona?

    I wonder if it was removed, or if there's no longer a limit.

    And, fffffff, the Water Temple looks so pretty!

  • 09MurphyM

    what will the "visions" do?

  • DekuScrub

    Ocarina Of Time. Was awesome….But I don't get what's the difference between Ocarina Of Time 3D…And the one for Nintendo 64?….Graphics?…

  • Furthermore, Nintendo announced that they want to distribute game content via those relay points.