As we approach the release date of Ocarina of Time 3D, some gaming outlets have revealed new tidbits and screenshots of the highly anticipated title.

Some new details include the addition of pre-recorded footage called “Visions” that would help people solve puzzles easily and help show the location of heart pieces. Master Quest has been mirrored and becomes available after finishing the normal quest. The game has also been tweaked to make certain parts and features of the game easier and more accessible.

Hit that jump button to view the latest screenshots from the game, including the water temple in its newly designed graphics, a screen from boss rush mode, a comparison between the original Ocarina of Time 3D and Master Quest, and a list of all the new details!

A bullet-list of new details and info:

– Dan Owsen – one of the main members of the game’s localization team
– Three colors paths have been added to the Water Temple
– These paths line the walls of the temple, leading to one of the locations where Link can raise/lower the water level
– Some key doors are emphasised with a colorful border surrounding them
– After you defeat a boss, you can “relive its memory”
– Sleep in Link’s bed in Kokiri Forest to do this
– Boss battles will be timed, but play the same
– No online leaderboards
– Unlock Boss Rush mode by unlocking and defeating every boss again
– Fight through every boss, one after another
– Will be provided a power-up at the end of each fight, such as Deku Nuts or hearts
– Nintendo won’t say if there will be more rewards for those who complete Boss Rush mode
– Master Quest has now been mirrored
– In Master Quest, Link will be hit with twice the damage from enemies
– Sheikah Stones can be found throughout the world
– The stones are like the Gossip Stones from the original game
– Crawl inside the Sheikah Stones to receive “visions” of the future
– Visions are pre-recorded snippets of footage
– 3-5 short clips that show what to do next
– Unlock the visions as you reach certain points in the game
– Visions may show you where to find heart pieces


A comparison between both regular and Master Quest version of the game (click the images for higher resolution pictures):

Hyrule Castle Town

Inside Jabu Jabu


The newly anticipated Boss Rush Mode:

Choose your enemy.

The additional Vision feature that would help newcomers to the series:

It's dangerous to go alone, use this!

And now, the latest screenshots!


What are your thoughts and impressions so far? Let us know in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more info as Ocarina of Time 3D will be released next month!


Source: GoNintendo, NintendoEverything
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