Nintendo Feel

Thanks to the Swedish gaming website, a new rumour has sparked about Nintendo’s next home console – this time, in regards to its name. The website reports that the console is going to be called the Nintendo Feel, playing off the console’s apparent use of haptic feedback in its touchscreen controller. Haptic feedback is a form of tactile feedback that can be used to simulate the feelings of different surfaces on a screen. If it’s true that Nintendo will be using haptic feedback in the new console’s controller, it means that once again, Nintendo is going to be introducing a revolutionary new control scheme into the market of home consoles, just like it did with the Wii and its motion controls.

Can you imagine what a control scheme like this would mean for future games in the Legend of Zelda series? It opens up endless possibilities for new puzzle types in the games, different to any that we’ve seen over the years.

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Source: My Nintendo News