Nintendo Feel

Thanks to the Swedish gaming website, a new rumour has sparked about Nintendo’s next home console – this time, in regards to its name. The website reports that the console is going to be called the Nintendo Feel, playing off the console’s apparent use of haptic feedback in its touchscreen controller. Haptic feedback is a form of tactile feedback that can be used to simulate the feelings of different surfaces on a screen. If it’s true that Nintendo will be using haptic feedback in the new console’s controller, it means that once again, Nintendo is going to be introducing a revolutionary new control scheme into the market of home consoles, just like it did with the Wii and its motion controls.

Can you imagine what a control scheme like this would mean for future games in the Legend of Zelda series? It opens up endless possibilities for new puzzle types in the games, different to any that we’ve seen over the years.

Do you like the name Nintendo Feel? Not a fan? Let us know in the comments!

Source: My Nintendo News
  • Twisted-Indigo

    Nintendo Feel is too perverted sounding.

    • Z-MAN7

      It's not as bad as "Skyward Sword". No really think about that.

      • Twisted-Indigo

        I know, isn't it?

        Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Feel.

        That makes the perfect combination.

      • starwebs1

        Skyward Sword is a great title, Feel isn't and it's fake.

      • avert_from_the_norm

        enlighten us, what's wrong with the title "skyward sword". in my opinion it's actually dang near perfect because, 1, you hafta point the sword towards the sky and then it get's a beam ability, and 2, it probably comes from the land in the sky.

        • Z-MAN7

          Avert and everybody else seems to not understand the morning wood joke. Jeez people, it don't take much to connect the dots. "Skyward Sword" "Morning Wood".

    • Anon

      Well, there was also the "wii", and that didn't stop them.

  • Tsubasa_zero

    I don't really get it. You can just feel the differnece between say woud and metal?
    I don't see any aplication for it.

    • There are plenty of applications for it. Say you were doing a Zelda puzzle in a dungeon where one of the rooms was dark, and you had to find a specific item by feeling around. That would be pretty neat, I think! Nintendo is very creative so even if you can't think of the uses for it, they certainly will!

  • DoctorYou

    Seriously, they're not going to call it this. Rumors are just that–rumors. πŸ˜‰

    • Punnutty

      We're talking about Nintendo, anything is possible.

    • bark

      Well, everybody laughted when they said Nintendo's last system was gonna be called Wii and that it's control would look like a TV remote…

  • Hylianhero

    i would prefer something like Nintendo touch.
    but if that is what it's called i could deal with it

    • Tsubasa_zero

      many people called the first ds nintendo touch

  • zeldafan4040

    I think it's an absolutely beautiful name!! I can't wait to see what it's all about! Once again Nintendo is so innovative!! I love it!!!

    • While I agree about the innovation (Nintendo never ceases to amaze and impress me) I don't think the name is all that beautiful. Chances are, since this is just a rumor, they'll call it something else. But I really can't complain if it does end up being called the "Feel," because it will be fantastic regardless of its title.

      • bark

        At least it's a bit better than Wii LOL.

  • zeldafan4040

    One need not be especially familiar with The Legend of Zelda for the understanding of the fantastic in order to draw patterns in the sand, feel the coolness from the river, burn on lava or perceiving structures of the bark of an old tree.

  • avert_from_the_norm

    ok, i'm sorry, but to you who say it's just a rumor, remember, everybody was all psyched, with the last console apparently being called revolution, and then they called it WII!!!! Don't assume that this is simply a rumor because then you will become unprepared for if it becomes true.


    • zeldafan4040

      OMG how ignorant can you be! The name is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

      • Punnutty

        You have to admit the Revolution is a cooler name than the WII.

        • Yes but Nintendo has made many things out of the name Wii. For Example, Mii rhythms with Wii because the W is flipped to make the M. Another example of why they used Wii is because they could use it in comparison with We like Wii Play.

      • avert_from_the_norm

        omg, how pathetic and perverted can you be to think that the name feel for a console is brilliant. They'll have commercials that will have the people saying, "feeling is good" or someone dressed as the feel saying "feel me" and chasing someone around, just like with the D.S. where"touching is good". seriously, are the japanese just super perverted, or do they not see how wrong this can come across?

  • sc100

    Personally speaking, I really don't care much what a console is called. Go ahead and name it Nintendo DogPoo, if you make great games for it I'll buy it.

    • zeldafan4040

      Nintendo is going to introduce an amazing new technology we've NEVER had the pleasure of experiencing before and this is how you pay them?? OMG grow the hell up!!!

      • Craziness

        He's saying that he doesn't care about the name, and that he knows that the games will be great, and that he'll buy them. How is that a bad way to "repay" them?

        • Punnutty

          Never judge a book by it's cover or a Nintendo console by it's name or the controller

          • Punnutty

            . sorry forgot the. .

      • LinkmasterYoda

        "OMG how ignorant can you be!" "OMG grow…up!!!"

        He means that he will buy it no matter the name

      • zeldafan4040_sucks

        seriously, how old are you to have such irrational and childish responses about this stuff. Or more specifically, are you nintendo's biggest b*&#$ or what, supporting every little thing they do whether it is actually good or a potential huge mistake that will have people making fun of them and knocking them down for years. how about you grow up and try to add some maturity to your friggen arguments kid.

      • bark

        Can't you tell when a joke is made?

  • sc100

    I didn't say I had anything against the name "Feel" or the new technology. I think they sound great. My point was that I don't really pay much attention to the name of a console; what I care about is the how the system performs and how good the games are. Trust me, I'm as loyal a Nintendo fan as they get and have been since the NES days. And yes, I'm confident Nintendo will follow through with great games and innovative technology for the next console. Nintendo has repeatedly shown throughout the years that they make games better then anybody.

  • Lazer_Falcon

    I don't particularly like the name – if this is indeed the name – but I do have both excitement and confidence in this "haptic" business. Sounds like a fantastic innovation. I doubt this will be the name though…unlikely they'd leak it before E3….

    A fantastic innovation that will actually do great things for games if its as good as it sounds – honestly I think motion controls have no future and no place in video games.

    • bark

      I think motion controls do have a future in videogaming, specially with the haptic feedback. Imagine… you're in a dark room and you have to move the controller around looking for a button to press, or you're sinking in quick sand and need to move the controller looking for a rope… possibilities are endless!!!!!

  • While information is very limited (I mean, these are just rumors after all) this still sounds like a pretty boss idea. I'm pumped, that's for sure! I just hope they change the name. The Nintendo "Feel" just doesn't sound very… good. XD

  • Anom

    I like wii 2 better. πŸ™

    • Frintu72

      If nintendo EVER makes a "_____ 2", I may just jump off a cliff. The closest they'll ever get to a sequel-like name is the jump from NES to Super NES.

  • Pietro

    Yay a new gimmick, I guess everyone's tired of the waggle stick.

    • starwebs1

      You do realize what Kinect and Move were, right? Gimmicks to catch up to the Wii because 2010 was its greatest year. They were rip-offs of Wii, and while they may have worked somewhat, they didn't work as well as Wii. Sure, Wii wasn't HD, but why does graphics matter more than gameplay? And seriously, just look at Super Mario Galaxy or its sequel? THEY LOOK ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! AND THEY PLAY EXTREMELY WELL! They're some of the most fun games on the system.

      Wii isn't a gimmick, Nintendo 3DS isn't a gimmick, they're both revolutions. Hense Revolution. And to all the Wii NAME haters, Revolution was just a CODENAME, by the way, and was never gonna be the real name.

      • Pietro

        Did I say I liked the Kinect or Move?

        The Wii is a gimmick that substituted quality games for a new control scheme.

        • starwebs1

          Wii has amazing games. And not so amazing games. But there are the amazing games, and they are some of the best games ever. (Twilight Princess, SMG, SMG2, Okami, Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, GoldenEye, Donkey Kong)

          • GorCoronSumo

            "Waggle Stick" sounds more perverted that "Nindendo Feel"

  • Andy R

    I think something like 'The NintenTouch' would be better than the perverse, Nintendo Feel:L

  • This "Nintendo Feel" thing is bull. I doubt that any info about the consol could be released this early.

  • Alessandra

    It's an odd name hopefully they'll come up with something better

  • aka

    I call it fake. It just doesn't sit well with me. I don't think nintendo would completely abandon all button controls.

    • linkdude101

      It didn't say that.

  • Alexander

    personally i think nintendo is fucked, cause now everytime they gonna release a new console people think is gonna be super innovative an awesome. Well thats good but what happen with the SNES era when all we needed was a graphic upgrade. Think of this; the next nintendo console is going to have motion controllers cause of the wii compatibility, traditional controllers and now the touchscreen. then what happens with the next console after cafe or feel??? well what do you think

    • Punnutty

      Nintedo try and think big so they might make a Virtual boy 2 or Virtual world console after that I don't know.

      • starwebs1

        Virtual Boy 2? What's that 3DS thing that just came out? That perfected Virtual Boy thing? Hmm…

  • Had a hard enough time saying I was playing with my Wii. Going to be harder saying I'm playing with my "Feel," lol.

  • Punnutty

    I think Nintendo is just touching up an old gamecube πŸ™‚ giving it better graphics, a new controller plus giving it a new name.

    • starwebs1

      That doesn't even make sense.

      • Punnutty

        I must have been drunk.

        • Punnutty

          Please delete my nonsense that I have replyed to.

          • starwebs1

            Why are you replying to me with that? I'm not a mod, or an editor. lol. =D

          • Punnutty

            Sorry I'm just putting it under my mistake.

    • bark

      They already did that with the Wii, this time they are going serious.

  • Moe

    Seems cost-prohibitive. Technology's moved along a lot in the past 4 years, but not far enough to make embedded touch screens with haptic feedback affordable.

  • So if I'm showing a girl the new console, can I say I'm going to Feel her up?

    • By_Farore

      That, or:

      ''Hey baby, let me show you how I Feel.''

      Then proceed by riding Epona towards the sunset. Not into the sunset, unless you want to Feel the burn.

      I'll take it as a rumour, but I'm curious about how they'll advertise something called Feel.

    • bark

      Or you can tell her "Hey, babe, do you want to feel my… Nintendo Feel?" LOL

  • Keith

    That's a bit too generic for Nintendo. I mean, look at "Wii", that's a very unique word. I don't see it being "Feel" because they like unique names.

  • veeronic

    I'm trying to understand the possible applications unsuccessfully

  • Domeface

    Sounds like more or less the worst idea I’ve ever heard. The new haptic technology sounds like the most pointless waste of time and money ever – what is so hard about giving us something like an Xbox 360 controller; sits well in the hand, lots of well-placed buttons, dual ergonomically designed clickable analogue sticks… Feel free to toss in an improved wiimote as an alternative too, but what the fuck is the point in being able to feel the texture of stuff? And I may be wrong on this, but I’ve gotten the impression that this haptic thing only applies to the touchscreen, making it even more pointless. Yes, I can understand that it may be sort of interesting and mildly useful in some very specific circumstances, but why would Nintendo invest what would presumably be a lot of R&D money on this over something like better graphics/power or a new controller design that actually serves a purpose, like the Wiimote did. This smells like innovation for the sake of innovation, rather than innovation to improve a genuine problem/issue; in other words a total waste of time.

    Oh, and ‘Nintendo Feel’ is the second-worst name they could have ever chosen, the first being ‘Nintendo Paedophile’.

    tl;dr: the only good thing here is that it’s so bad that it’s probably fake.

  • The technology is brilliant and could have unlimited uses–in 2D tablets. I don't know how a 3D console game in third person would utilize this technology.

    • Not that I'm saying that the controller will be 3D like the 3DS, but with more traditional 3D-esque look.

  • PhantomVII

    I like Stream better. The name "Feel" just doesn't have a good feel to it.

  • dragonchi26

    PLEASE let that NOT be the name of the console, the name "Wii" was bad enough, and was partly to blame as to why a lot of people didnt and still don't take the Wii seriously and calling it a "kids/baby's toy"

    So..Nintendo..grow a pair, and call it something sexy. PLEASE.

    • bark

      How come "feel" is not a sexy word? Imagine the advertisments… a gorgeous guy/gal and, with big letters, "Feeling is good" LOL

  • Ryeo

    The name is awful.. I hope it’s a cruel joke. As for the technology, I really don’t understand how something like that would work or how it would be beneficial for the gaming experience. 0h yayz i can haz texture feelin lets spend 500 bucks.. not.

  • falconfetus8

    Fiil, anyone?

    • bark

      OMG, no!!!! Don't let them do that… again.

  • btrgvh5rdffy

    I hope Nintendo does this just to spite nay-sayers. πŸ˜›

  • dingleberry

    OOOoo- I just can't wait to feel up my favorite Nintendo girls like Peach and Zelda

    And those pr0n hacks are going to make the nintendo FEEL that much more amaaaaaaaazzzzzzinggg…….

  • Kargaroc

    Am I the only one in the world who thinks a touch screen controller would be the most clunky thing in the world? Who wants to hold a controller infront of their faces, and have to keep looking down at it?

    Remember the time when you could put a controller under a blanket and play perfectly fine? Those days are seemingly over.

    • cloverplayer

      most games would probably use that for minimaps and menus and stuff, kinda like the bottom screen of oot 3d

    • bark

      Yup, it seems you're the only one LOL. When everybody has a different opinion from you, you may considerer you're the one that may be wrong.

  • Domeface

    ^I agree, and according to the rumours it’s going to be six inches, which is just… Complete overkill. The worst part is that the controller itself is going to cost about Β£100, and drive up the console price, meaning it’ll either cost a lot, or cuts will be made in areas that actually matter (graphics, power, HDD).

  • klaurenc

    It sounds pretty cool! But the name is a little weird.

  • Wartortle Triforce

    Now they’re just trying for a pee joke.

  • starwebs1

    Super Wii. Not gonna happen, but it sounds cool.

  • Mudora

    There was actually rumors it might be called Nintendo Stream. That sounds more believable then something leaked from… a magazine. An obscure one for most consumers. They'll probably say the real thing at E3… not in a magazine.

    Just my thoughts.

  • haven't nintendo already confirmed there won't be a touch screen on the controller?

    • starwebs1

      They haven't confirmed… anything. Anything except that it will be revealed at E3 2011 and possibly be released in 2012.

  • ibLeo

    The potential applications are: you'll be able to play games without looking at the touchscreen. You will FEEL the buttons/areas on the screen and so play without having to constantly check whether you're tapping/swiping the right area of the touchscreen, instead being able to watch what's going on on the TV screen/monitor.

    • Domeface

      D'you know what else does this? Real buttons.

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  • Craig

    Pani, you reported it wrong. They didn't say it was going to be called the Nintendo Feel, they said that's what they were calling it at that website as a placeholder instead of Project Cafe. You've just mislead tons of people…

    • Punnutty

      Who thought about calling project cafe Nintendo Feel.

  • Megan

    Nintendo disappoints me. They're becoming more gimmicky by the day. I'm still skeptical of Skyward Sword, and Zelda is my favorite game series! I love you Nintendo, but damn.

    • avert_from_the_norm

      why are you skeptical about skyward sword. It takes the dark realism of TP and lightens and softens it to give us what i believe will be some stunning visuals (goofy looking moblins aside), the potential for a couple really cool new weapons/items to use, a whole new "world" (the land in the sky) to explore, an origin story to the master sword, possibly a new villain, or the reason as to how ganon became the villain that he is in the later zelda's, 1:1 control scheme, new puzzles, and dungeild's (a.k.a. dungeon-fields). There's more that if i really tried to think of would pop into my mind, but honestly, I'm interested as to why you're so skeptical about it.

      However, I agree, they may be good at bringing new tech to games, but it does feel gimmiky. My advice would be, instead of just going from one new idea to the next, come up with a new never before majorly implemented idea, and use that for not the next system, but the system after the next one (basically, instead of including haptic controlls in this system, if that's what they do, for example they could have a group of people developing that while coming out with an update to the wii, or going back to more gamecube days where you have the normal-ish controller). I hope that this doesn't confuse people who read it too much.

  • robotortoise

    I like the whole "screen embedded in controller" thing, but I do have one concern: price. If a controller with a speaker and motion control is $40, how much are we going to have to pay for a controller with all that AND a touch screen? I love Nintendo, but I hope they find a way to make this cost-efficient. I don't think my wallet wants to pay a grand total of $400 just to play some four-player Mario Kart…

  • Heelcliqs

    nintendo fail. i like it.

  • Paperj

    Hmmm… Maybe we're reading it wrong, instead of reading it as Nintendo. Feel. Read it as Nintendo-Feel, you know like it would just has that Nintendo Feel to it….? Just a thought.

  • I’d Love To Play a Zelda Game with That Controller and with HD Graphics

  • starwebs1

    More powerful than 1080p? What, use 3D TVs? Those things that have sold, like, ten? (I know it's more than that, I'm not an idiot.) There isn't a 1240p yet, and there won't be for a long time. They have that on projectors, but not many people have projectors. It just wouldn't sell well.

  • Tarkin

    I dunno, the name just doesn't… "feel" right πŸ˜‰

    Haha, just kidding. I have nothing against it. I just think it sounds more like the next Wii enhancement rather than a system. But it won't be the first time they name the console after it's main feature *cough* 64 *cough*

  • NintendoMasterG

    I don't mind the name "Nintendo Feel". It seems good enough, so I hope Nintendo makes it mean something.


    Should be called NINTENDO SWAG

    • avert_from_the_norm

      HELL YEAH!!!! lol.

      • zman friman

        might as well call it Nintendo Reject LMAO!

        • zman's a dumbass

          hey buddy, flamers need to gtfo, and stfu, because your a DA that's gonna get his A Ked. dumbass.

  • ViralG

    For those of you that think “Nintendo Feel” couldn’t be real, or perhaps the dumbest thing they could do, I have one thing to say:


    Look at how horrible a name they chose, and it still sold ridiculously well. Also in my opinion, the “Nintendo Feel” actually sounds cooler, and would still sell as well, if not better, than the Wii.

    We shall see what the weeks ahead have in store for us.

  • zman friman

    Nintendo Feel (Me) = ehh! so so or maybe Nintendo Sense? I mean whatever the name is it's gonna kick some serious PS/Xbox butt..

  • Majin Kai

    Hmm…This'll be great for making Midi music. Bet a keyboard will be the first homebrew application fer the controller :3

  • Byron

    So, Nintendo's new console is going to have a touch screen?

    You know what that means? Sony and Microsoft's new console will have a touch screen.

  • Dracula

    What is a Nintendo Feel?
    A miserable pile of wiimotions!
    But enough talk… HAVE AT YOU!!

  • I prefer Nintendo Stream.

  • Art1st4786

    As awesome as this concept sounds for this console, if this were the actual name (although I doubt it is), do you know how many "I need an adult!" jokes there would be out there?

  • Craig

    Wow nobody read my comment, that swedish site didn't say it was called Nintendo Feel, that website said they like calling it Nintendo Feel and that's the name they're using but its not the name. Pani, you can't tell people it's fact when its not cos look at the outcome…

  • Subrosian

    Calling it now, Nintendo's going retro- the ULTRA NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM!

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