For the past two weeks, the internet has been abuzz with rumors from “reliable sources” about Nintendo releasing a new home console. Now that Nintendo has revealed that it’s introducing a new console at E3 this year, it’s time to fish through the rumours and find out what to potentially expect from Nintendo’s new console. Follow the break to read what to potentially expect from Nintendo next year.

The Original Source

Game Informer was the first to break the story about Nintendo’s new console, but it’s thanks to French website 01net that rumoured specs for the console are out in the wild. 01Net may not be making things up either, as they were the site that first broke the story about the PSP 2 (Now known as the NGP).

The Rumored Details

01Net’s trusted sources leaked the following information about the new system:

  • “Project Café” is the internal codename of the system; previous codenames for systems include the Revolution (Wii) and Dolphin (Gamecube)
  • Shown off and playable at E3 2011 (confirmed by Nintendo in their financial results briefing)
  • Built similarly to the Xbox 360, but slightly more powerful. Porting current 360 games to the console should be incredibly simple.
  • Backwards compatible with Gamecube and Wii games, supports Wii peripherals (Wiimote, Nunchuk, etc…)
  • CPU uses a custom IBM PowerPC with three cores, GPU is from ATI (R700 family of graphics chips), with a shader unit at version 4.1. (For comparison, the Xbox 360 shader uses version 3.0) Ram will be at least 512 Mb.
  • Controller contains a 6-inch touch screen, single touch like the DS/3DS touch screen, front camera, is able to act as a Wii sensor bar, has a d-pad, two bumpers, two triggers, possibly more. Imagine something similar to the bottom half of a DS/3DS.
  • Mockup image of controller provided by 01Net’s
  • Supposed to be released in June of 2012 for Japan, and holiday season 2012 for North America.
  • Supposedly big surprise about the system to be revealed at E3.

What’s Known So Far

Nintendo has been very tight lipped about their new console, as they always have been in the past. The only officially known aspect about Project Cafe is that it will not display images in 3D like the 3DS. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said in an interview with Bloomberg that “It’s difficult to make 3-D images a key feature, because 3-D televisions haven’t obtained wide acceptance yet.” Iwata has also gone on record stating that Nintendo wants to “introduce a new approach to home video game consoles,” which was one of the many reasons the Wii was so successful.

Why The Rumors Could Be True

Two weeks after the initial story ran, Nintendo released a statement officially confirming the existence of the new console. This traditionally happens whenever the rumours have some truth to them. Numerous news sites such as IGN and CVG have also been reporting similar system specs as other sites from their own trusted sources. The majority of the time that these many websites report similar specs, they end up being somewhat true (as was the case for the NGP).

Why The Rumors Could Be False

Whenever a new console is in the works, all sorts of crazy information appears online and sometimes rumours get out of hand. Truth is, nothing about Project Cafe has been confirmed officially by Nintendo short of its existence and its playability at E3. It’s doubtful Nintendo will add fuel to the hype train of E3 and release any information on the console earlier than their conference during the second week of June, and even at that point, some features could be dropped from the system after the reactions from developers and consumers.

What do you guys think, is there anything to these rumours? What features would you like to see on a new Nintendo console? Are you excited to see what Nintendo has up their sleeves? Leave a comment below.

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  • Dan

    Nintendo has almost completely abandoned developing games for the Wii for a while now, so we all saw this coming. I'm willing to bet we'll see a delay on the release of Skyward Sword so Nintendo can have a big launch title for their new console. Then, a month later, the Wii version we all pre-ordered almost two years ago will arrive at stores.
    Twilight Princess anyone?

    • Ganonking

      I highly doubt that they will bring out a game designed for wii on their new console, the reason for this is because it is designed to show off the wii motion plus and bringing it out on their new console would defeat the object. The new console is also supposed to be HD therefore I don't think they will be using a title that will then have outdated graphics on a console where they will be wanting to show off the HD capabilities. we should still expect skyward sword to come out this year after E3 as planned. Shigeru Miamoto has stated that he is working on a new Zelda which is probably the one coming out for this next console so lets not start getting worried about the delay of skyward sword.

      • T Dave

        Unfortunatley because of the time it usually takes to make a Zelda game and with both Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword right around the corner the new console probably won't launch with a zelda game unless they pull a Twilight Princess again, hopefully not. Mabey we'll get a Mario or Metroid launch title instead.

      • Dan

        I understand what you're saying, but I still think it's possible we'll get a delay. The point of the Wii was to have motion control, but Twilight Princess was being developed for Gamecube with no motion control until after we learned about Wii. Then, not only did they add motion control to the game so it would be compatible with their new hardware, they actually released it on Wii before releasing it in it's original format.

        I'm convinced they will do either of the following:
        1. Flip the map so they can put the sword in Link's left hand again and remap the control to Cafe's new controller.
        2. Allow for the Wiimotes and sensor to be attached to Project Cafe, through conveniently priced adapters, or more likely, new Motion Plus enabled "Cafemotes" and a sensor that will be sold separately.

    • cloverplayer

      the wii is backward compatible with wii games so skyward sword would still be playable

      • Rockwell

        Yeah, but so was GC TP..

        I'd really hope this will be the last of the great Wii games.
        With Pikmin 3 😛

  • brian

    It's been confirmed by Miyamoto himself that Skyward Sword will be a Wii exclusive.

    • That's what they said about Twilight Princess as well until they changed their minds a the last minute.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    Here's a question I'd love to see answered though: Why has the new console been codenamed "Cafe'"?

    We know Nintendo loves making the codename part of their final console. For the GC, there were dolphins everywhere, and the Wii was most certainly a revolution. So what would cafe' have to do with games?

    • Punnutty

      Maybe if you get thirsty or hungry it magicaly prepares food from nowhere. 🙂

    • narutomoon

      I am thinking that the controller will be able to take the games with you (bcause of their 6 inch screen). and they might also have improved social networking through the games. i hope the get rid of those annoying friend codes though, i dont wanna have to write down a code every time i wanna play a game over wi-fi.

      • adsghdrsf

        You wont be able to take the controller with you, the console streams the content into the controller, other words, you need the console on to be able to get content into your controller.

  • Kiante

    He must be employing sarcasm tnzski.

    I think that, if the hardware is only slightly more powerful than a 360, they're making a mistake. The Wii was certainly successful, because they didn't really compete so much as do their own thing. It sounds like they want to do their own thing here too. But that's really no reason to not give it solid tech as far as traditional gaming goes.

    • adsghdrsf

      Its supposed to be "significantly" more powerful than the ps3 and xbox360

  • Keimori

    That, or the new console comes with an atuomated Coffee maker peripheral. XP "Introduceing; Wii Drink!"

  • Bryan

    I really hope it will have gamecube controller ports like the Wii.

    • Keith

      Its backwards compatible with GCN games so…why would it not?

      • Blizzeta

        Then wouldn't they program the new controller to act like a gamecube one?

        • Keith

          uh…no? They didn't program the Wiimote to work like a GCN controller. So why here?

          • adsghdrsf

            lol programming the wiimote to work like a gcn controller is not possible since it dosnt have 2 sticks, shoulder triggers or enough buttons.

  • No matter what Nintendo will do, mark my words that Sony and Microsoft will try to do something "better" and continue to fuel the anti-Nintendo hate. So really I don't care how much powerful the Stream will be than the X-Box 360. It will be really fun. That's good enough for me.

    • Tsubasa_zero

      of course they will, like now sony will bring a Ipad to the market. When something is popular everyone needs a piece of it.

  • Callin

    There were several pictures of dolphins in Smash Bros Melee, like in Captain Falcon's target test and Big Blue.

    Also Captain Olimar's ship was named the Dolphin

    • GorCoronSumo

      Maybe project Cafe will provide caffeine.

  • spaceace76

    the rumors have actually been dead on so far. they said we would get confirmation from nintendo in late april, and we would see it playable at E3. that much has proven true so far, and there seem to be multiple sources that agree on many other details. doesn't mean everything we hear is true, but it does lend what we hear some credibility. E3 is too long to wait!

  • Jay

    It has to be true, I doubt a rumour with certain leaked images and information about specs is going to be completely false, even if one or two minor technicalities may be. I hope they really up the hardware though, it's not fun having a TV which can run 1080p and thinking, wow these wii games could look so much better. A move to corner a niche or hardcore gamers is what they should focus on. Then provide games for the more casual members, rather than basing a system around that. The hardcore gamers will buy everything and all the DLC.

  • supergiraloz

    hmm… this looks like it will be quite interesting,
    a very interesting nintendo console,

    but seriously, if they'e gonna give a crap about the graphics (which people still think is a great innovation), make it something that can rival the theoretical PS4's graphics, instead of catching up with consoles that are gonna be replaced soon anyway

  • Kargaroc

    Well it's certainly true that if they do what they did with the Wii specs again, they they shot themselves in the foot.

    Things that the Wii didn't have but should have, like an internal hard drive and HD graphics, really NEED to be in this.

    • Tsubasa_zero

      that's true, but they said they won't have HD. But at the same time they said they wouldn't bring the successor out anytime soon. We'll just have to wait.

  • dragonchi26

    When do you suppose Project Cafe will be launched? If they say that it will be "playable" at E3, then that must mean that the development of the product is finished. Save for maybe a few programming tweaks. It also means that they have already produced a game for it. Otherwise it wouldn't be "playable". My guess is that we may see it at Spring of 2012, like the 3DS.

    The article did rumor at the date of December 2012 for NA, but that just seems too far away from the announcement. If that date were true, they may as well wait for E3 2012 to announce it. So I feel we will see this new system at most, in the first half of 2012, if not earlier.

  • the hylian hero

    oh ya! let's kick some xbox ass

  • As far as backwards compatibility goes, I doubt that Wii and GC will be available. The gamecube is just too old these days. When the Wii came out, GC game were still being developed, giving them a reason for some extra ports. The Wii, on the other hand, is kinda it's own thing at this point. They'd have to go through lots of heck to get the same motion control and everything to make sense, along with the new features of the consol. Also, that'd really deck up the price of Project café. Regardless, if it ends up happening, I'd still accept it, of course.

    • Tsubasa_zero

      Most of the games I have on the wii are compatible with the GC remote and I prefere the GC remote over the Wii remote. So I hope it's compatible.

  • SilverSkulltula

    Great ILL just HAve to GRab My stuff and This Console along with it i hope the zelda games are Sexy

  • ThatGuy

    Hmmm… project cafe, probably means they're going to focus on a lot of online content, you know as in internet cafe. But that's just lite speculation, who knows? (besides all those developers)

  • Isle Delfino! (meaning dolphin)

  • Well, time to start saving my money…

  • Harvey

    This is surely to be a great console just like all the others Nintendo has created. But I have a question, are they going to modify the new console just like the DS, PSP, PlayStation, and other consoles? So that I can wait until they finish modifying it and I can Buy it.

  • Anomynous

    Can't They Make 3d optional?

    • gkage

      hardware to create true 3d images at that large scale will send up the cost of the console. at the end of the day, not many people have invested in 3d televisions due to costs once again. makes no sense sending up the price of the console due to a feature that many people wont utilize.
      Aim is to keep console cost as low as possible while maintaining a high sales rate.

    • Raunaldo

      shigeru said, that can be a reality, the option can be included for the future if the tv's with 3d options will sales more public. we hope can be true and again nintendo take his site in the top of preferences and originality like ever

  • Cody Gee

    So would it be a good Idea to sell my Wii for this?

  • Carlos

    I bet the console will be round. I bet.

  • Raunaldo

    everybody thinks about skyward sword will be release for the new nintendo console, but just remember twilight princess. it was planed for nintendo gamecube. but wii has in the way. then nintendo sold out the two versions. now, why nintendo do the same? because the new console will be in america in the 2 part of the 2012. of curse nintendo want to say to the wii goodbye with the best game for this console. so, LONG LIFE TO THE KING NINTENDO!!

  • Nintendofailsnowkids

    Nintendo is such a let down, Make a wii, make a whole bunch of baby games,

    why couldn't they say it was a baby system before i spent 250$ for it,

    I coulda got an Xbox where they make 100 great games, while the wii has about 5

    I bet project Cafe is a letdown

    Nintendo fails

    • nintendo doesn't make most of the "baby games". the third party developers do. (I believe) the third parties see nintendo systems as more family oriented due to the low price and low specs
      i don't think that the xbox has that many good games, although i could be wrong.

      • Tsubasa_zero

        I totally agree, there are fue goiod Wii games, but the XBOX and PS3 also have a fue good games, most games are sequels that the milk.

    • Xbolt853

      well then why are you here? im really tired of people like you they just barge in read something like this and boom next thing you know so dude gives this comment saying it "nintendo fails" or "thats gay" or something like that. if you really cared about this you would keep your mouth SHUT.

  • i hope project cafe has both gamecube and wii playback, hopefully in full HD, running at 60 FPS (If the Dolphin emulator can do it, nintendo also can)
    Now i have three things to wait for: this, Oot 3D, and Skyward Sword!

    • doctorquin

      Yes. God yes.

  • ZoraMikau

    Okay, everything seems possible, but the rumors on the controller are weird ones. I just can't see something quite like that, with a touch screen and multiple control sticks on the main controller, we'll have to see though…..

    • beka538

      I totally agree, i mean, a screen really? Just hope this won't blow up in the developers face when it come out.

  • doctorquin

    I really hope they give the console the ability to upconvert Wii games to HD resolutions. Anyone who hasn't seen this can check out the plethora of videos on YouTube showing an emulator playing these games in 1080p. If they decide not to make Skyward Sword a Project Cafe title (which I really hope they do) this would still allow it to be played in HD.

    • Tsubasa_zero

      That would be fantastic, but I doubt they will.

  • Maybe the Café codename is due to the fact that, like caffeine, it will allow us to stay awake all night in order to play it. Won’t let us take a break! xD

  • Dan

    Since we're all speculating here, what do you guys think about the possibility that Project Cafe will support cloud gaming. We'll have a choice to purchase games on disc or through an online Nintendo market. The advantage being that playing through the cloud will allow you to take your whole library of games with you on the go with the controller that so conveniently has a built in screen and possibly a 3G / 4G adapter sold separately.

  • yanoit15

    1 thing is for 100% sure…the wii WILL get a full upgrade in processing power and everything.thats 1 of the main problems with it…it has much potential but its graphics were kinda bad. so an upgrade is pretty much inevitable.

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