The Black Screen of Death

It seems as though that the newly released Nintendo 3DS is exeriencing firmware issues everywhere that people are calling the “Black Screen of Death.” It is not clear what is causing this black screen, but it pops up by simply playing a game, using one of the many apps, using the online features, and by browsing the home menu. Very odd if we do say so ourselves. 3DS users claimed to have resolved this issue (temporarily) by following the on-screen instructions, only for the screen to pop up again a little later. They have even gone as far as to formatting the SD card in an attempt to reslove this issue. Here is one 3DS owner’s comment about his issues with the 3DS and what others said as well. Of course, Nintendo has already responded to this big issue by saying this:

“If anyone is experiencing any problems with their Nintendo 3DS console, we recommend that in the first instance they download and install the latest system update, now available online.”

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  • weegee6

    Actually, they just released a system update. And if you want to connect to the internet, leach off someone who leaves it unlocked (that's what I used to do). This news is disturbing though. I wonder what causes it.

    • wiiman445

      given that it hasnt been confirmed to happen on a japanese system it isnt hardware

  • Z-MAN7

    You could go to a bookstore or coffee shop etc. to get on their free WiFi.

  • twisted_indigo

    I've gotten that twice and all I did to fix it was restart the 3DS. I updated it the morning after I got it and the message hasn't happened since.

    • RYan

      Why would someone thumb down this guy? It was a perfectly good comment. What's with zelda fan sites and their members thumbing down even perfectly good comments. It's annoying stop it Emos.

  • wiiman445

    good to hear it hasnt been happening since the new update but dnt you find it weird that it has only been happening on non japanese 3ds

  • AXBHikaru

    I haven't encountered this yet, and I'm so happy about that right now. I do hope they release another update ASAP to resolve this issue though.

  • ganonlord

    I've only encountered this a few times, and that was when I was trying to use my DS action replay device. Hopefully, I'll be able to update my 3DS soon, but I don't see it being that big of a problem.

  • SuperTriforce

    I'm just happy that I haven't gotten it yet. I hope I never do.

  • James

    It's only seems to be American gamers who are reporting problems with their 3DS's. Here in Europe there's been no such problems, to my knowledge. At least we won't be getting any Microsoft fanboys pouncing in this problem lol ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Punnutty

      I'm not a Microsoft fanboy and I'm perfectly sure I'm not a fangirl but this can be fixed with ease not like the X-box red ring of death, Good old Nintendo.

    • Yrael

      So there've been no problems in Europe, to your knowledge? wow. lol Look at the featured picture! it says: "centre" not "center", therefore it is a European console! der der der! lol

  • Scott

    I haven't gotten yet the black screen (I hope not).

    • MrFlox888

      I suffered once from that, today.

      Wish you good luck!!!

  • Derpman

    Nope, my European 3DS got this earlier too. G

    ood job on reporting this, thought it might have just been me.

  • Shadowknight1

    I updated the day I got it because I read about it.

  • Cody Potter

    Nintendo, welcome to the Mass Console Early Deaths Club.

  • spirittracksmaster

    soo glad I didn't buy mine yet!

  • Guess Who!

    Cold 3DS S ANNE? LOL, Nintendo=Microsoft now! Fanboys, assemble and begin mass crying, then go wet yourselves again, XD!!!

    • Twilit Mask of Time

      except not, because microsoft's systems had major major major hardware issues to the point that it bricked the system, this is just a minor formatting software issue that is getting widely overblown. I've gotten it 3 times, I've pinpointed the problem to my wifi connection. My network is in a format that is causing some issues. I have only seen it when I have that enabled, and it drains battery, and I have no need for it, it's not like I can browse the internet, anyways. Other lower security wifi networks I have tried work fine, and mine does too, for the most part, there is just an ocassional blip.

    • Lightbringer

      All systems have glitches right when they release. It's expected. I mean, Nintendo can only test their software to so many different permutations. Obviously they missed some (as has ANY company). So lets all get angry and sad over something that happens all the time to new software.

      • ganonlord

        I know. Nothing is perfect when it first comes out. It has ALWAYS been like that. How long will it take for people to figure that out?

  • Erimgosh

    Looks like this ship has SAILED! XP
    So it's time to abandon ship.
    Only women, children, and fanboys-in-denial may remain onboard..

    • Josh

      You twisted little monkey.. BURN IN HELL. Because you're enjoying this, just like you had a.. "MONDO" BLAST making fun of the mass deaths in Japan! F*** YOU, YOU SADISTIC MOTHERF***ER!!!!

      • Punnutty

        Erimgosh one question, why do you find pleasure in others pain ? oh and another thing don't take it out on these Zelda fans, or the people near you just talk it out to a friend (in a nice way). And everyone please don't say he has no friends that will make Erimgosh worse.

        • vick

          your little bitch you know that? its not surprising its coming from a zelda fan they do have low taste afterall

  • Mins

    This actually never occured to me so far I know. :/ I mean sure it froze one or two times when I played Mario 64 DS but thats pretty much it. :/

    I hope it gets solved soon though. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • MrFlox888

    This happened today on my 3DS while I was playing AR Games. I turn off the light and boom! Black Screen of Death.

    I think it happens when you use it excessively every hour without break, and it just goes crazy on the inside and wants you to stop playing…

    • Roger

      Not even, it has happened to me at least half a dozen times and at all intervals of game play be it a few hours or a few minutes.

  • James

    this is an april fools joke right?

    • Rockman82

      I wish it was, but no. This has been happening since the system was released. This is one of the reasons I'm waiting a few months to buy one of these things. They'll have all the bugs worked out by then hopefully. Money is also a issue here too ha ha

      • James

        I'm one of those guys who are willing to pay 250 for a system just to play one or two games (Zelda and Mario…mainly Zelda), so I have the sytem but I dont use it much at all. right now So if 3 mounths down the line I'm trying to play Zelda and i start getting this error, im going to flip a lid.

        • vick

          haha just like nintendo to luanch products half-compelet as usually

  • strongfan

    I knew the 3DS would be a piece of crap.

    • Walweegee

      Just cause the 3DS has the black screen of death doesn't mean it is a " Piece of crap".
      It has good games like Samurai Warriors Chronicles and Monkey ball 3d
      and the 3D effect isn't bad and then theres the AR games.
      Think before you judge a system, it might be more than you know

  • Hmm, that's weird. I've been spending nearly all my free time on the 3DS and I've never gotten this message. I did do the system update last Monday, though…

    • Tsubasa_zero

      Same thing, I updated as soon as I Nintendo informed me to, and I didn't get the screen .

  • James

    how do you do the upgrade? i might as well do it before it happens

  • Link

    No point in buying 3ds till June 7.

    I also notice that ZeldaUniverse is STILL yet to put up the Red Cross aid numbers for Japan. Every other major and minor website,magazine and blog has done something, all you did was an article on how the Nintendo building is ok. For a site that owes it’s name to a creator from Japan you sure are ok with paying them back nothing. Your “news” updates consist of everything BUT pertanent news and your forums are full of whiney kids and moderators that abuse power.

    You guys are pathetic. Check your pants to make sure you still have a pair cuz this site reeks of failure….

  • This is why I usually wait before I buy a new game or console, just in case there are issues like this. It kind of reminds me when my GCN died on me back at the start of high school. I would get a similar message saying that the "disc could not be read" and it would pop up frequently while playing any game. I had to end up persuading my Dad to buy me a new one. Now that I look back on it though, I may have damaged the lens inadvertently.