Youtuber “meekakitty” has made an awesome, eye-opening music video putting Link, Navi, Zelda, and Ganondorf in our own society. Using R & B, meekakitty plays Navi the Fairy and shows her true feelings for Link. Link, however, runs off with Zelda and spends time with her leaving Navi in the dark. Later in the video, Ganondorf appears and attempts to kidnap Zelda. Link comes to her rescue but gets a beating from Ganondorf as Navi watches helplessly. After Ganondorf is done, Navi enters Link’s body to revive him and we see at the end of the clip Navi begging link to listen to her while in a bottle.

  • Scott Walker

    1st comment! I LOVED THE SONG!

  • dark_link121


  • I loved it. You should all listen to it. Get it? Because it's called HEY LISTEN? Bahahaha /shot

  • cloverplayer

    Wow she did a really good job on this song. also, she's wearing a jellyfish t-shirt! JULIAN SMITH, OH YEAH!

    see his youtube channel :

    • cloverplayer

      oops broken link anyway just search julian smith on youtube (not the one on britian's got talent)

  • Peter

    It's kind of ironic because in the game Navi leaves Link.

    • Punnutty

      Link is always left on his own when the game has ended (exept in Zelda 2 in the end Link kicks but, gets the triforce of courage and he might of got lucky with Zelda) , shame he isn't real fangirls would be on him like cheese on pizza.

      • QueenxLink

        I know I would be! I'm a serious Link fangirl… ♥♥♥

  • Punnutty

    Feaking classic, I place it as a freaking Legend, on the cool wall it's sub zero just like all the other Zelda games.

  • spirittracksmaster

    how cool you don't see a fan vidio like that every day!

  • I saw this on facebook like 5 days ago XD
    its awesome.

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    I expected some really annoying techno-remix thing… but no, this was really good.

  • Ashmic

    wicked good song, the only character I like in that is Navi tho, the other ppl don't suit the characters at all, but totally love Navi

  • aeolus9812

    Hahaha! I cracked up at the "Hey Listen" part. Pretty creative

  • Subbed to her already, this wasn't her best video.

  • QueenxLink

    Awesome! I love this 🙂

  • Bobby Emerald

    I thought ZU already made a article about this? I know I heard about it SOMEWHERE on ZU… I guess I'm just buggin'.
    This is pretty late though! I saw the vid like a week ago. :p

  • shaelyn

    awesome <3 she definitely deserved the feature.

  • aiubs587

    Link is really good looking!

  • Eddy


  • Lach Menel

    YAY!!! A FELLOW GINGER! And with a cool vido too!

  • Two things:

    1) I saw this a few days ago when a friend sent it to me. I thought it was a fairly good music video and definitely an interesting take on the NavixLinkxZelda relationship.

    2) She's ridiculously gorgeous, has an awesome personality, and is a huge Zelda fan to boot…why can't I find girls like that where I live!? =(

  • JapanStartedWW2

    she is butt ass ugly, all red heads look like they smell, if you think she is hot looking u do need major bi-foculs

    that song is ridiculously annoying, if i was link i would feed that smelly red head to a moblin

    • Dean

      Grow up. Insulting redheads just because you're not into them is completely childish. Well, thinking about it, I might not like them because you tried to get one and you weren't able to get her or handle her. 😛

      • Dean

        CORRECTION: …YOU might not like them. *I* actually love redheads, am with one and she always smells like lavender.

  • Peter

    Gosh, some trolls just rolled in and voted everyone down.

  • kokoro

    No, she likes Zelda. And plus, if you think that she has crappy lyrics, etc., why don't you try making a better video instead of complaining about it? Nobody likes a troll.