Yesterday, something very special happened over at ZREO. If you remember, ZREO – the group behind many of our favorite reorchestrations of popular Zelda tunes – was holding a Kickstarter funding round to gather money, which would be used to hire a choir to sing in their upcoming album, Twilight Symphony.

Well, they blew by their original goal of $18,000, and then blew by $20,000. This is an incredible feat, and to celebrate they’re releasing ten full minutes of Twilight Symphony into the wild, which can be found here! If you don’t give it a listen, you’ll be sorry – this is, without a doubt, ZREO’s most amazing work yet.

We’re astonished and ridiculously proud of the Zelda community for supporting their efforts. Zelda fans have proven time and time again to be awesome, loyal and generous – and this is no exception. Congrats to ZREO for attaining their goal! Now, dear reader, click the source link and enjoy yourself some good Zelda music.