Yesterday, something very special happened over at ZREO. If you remember, ZREO – the group behind many of our favorite reorchestrations of popular Zelda tunes – was holding a Kickstarter funding round to gather money, which would be used to hire a choir to sing in their upcoming album, Twilight Symphony.

Well, they blew by their original goal of $18,000, and then blew by $20,000. This is an incredible feat, and to celebrate they’re releasing ten full minutes of Twilight Symphony into the wild, which can be found here! If you don’t give it a listen, you’ll be sorry – this is, without a doubt, ZREO’s most amazing work yet.

We’re astonished and ridiculously proud of the Zelda community for supporting their efforts. Zelda fans have proven time and time again to be awesome, loyal and generous – and this is no exception. Congrats to ZREO for attaining their goal! Now, dear reader, click the source link and enjoy yourself some good Zelda music.

  • zelda lovr

    Most of that post was copied almost exactly from the ZREO website.

    • Jason Rappaport

      I rewrote the post. I apologize for this – he was in a rush and I didn't know. So all's well now 🙂

      • Adam

        Yea. My sincerest apologies ZU! I will do my best to make sure it doesn't happen again!

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    "it could have not been possible"?
    "it would he these guys"?

    Seriously now…

  • Adam

    Typos have been fixed. Sorry I couldn't do more. I put this together 30 min. before I had to be at class and it takes me 15 min to get there from where I live.

  • cloverplayer

    that soundtrack is perfect for a legend of zelda play

    • cloverplayer

      OMG zelda universe and a couple of other sites should get together and write a play for this soundrack, it would be awesome

      • cloverplayer

        and by the way that was the most amazflipping thing I have ever heard! if only a new trailer of skyward sword could have something to compare in epicness. I cant imagine how hard it must have been to create a cover that good, let alone play it!

        Keep up the good work, ZREO, We're cheering you on!

  • If there is one element Zelda needs…it's music. For every single Zelda game I have played I have almost always based it on it's music because it gives me those good (or bad) emotions ad memories of the game. THAT IS WHY CALL OF DUTY SUCKS BECAUSE THERE IS NO ELEMENTS THAT MAKE IT A TRUE GAME COMPARED TO ZELDA!!!

    • Lach Menel

      IR ONLY THOSE FLIPPIN` FPS PLAYERS UNDERSTOOD!!! My love of the Zelda games might not be so hated at school anymore….

      • Lyokokrill

        Your love of Zelda is hated at your school?? There must be moblins living there then! Only those on the side of Ganon would dare hate on Zelda!

      • Korok12

        It's just people with poor taste. To each their own!

  • Lach Menel

    This is the bestest music I have ever herd. I made me tear up. Only thing better would be live. If only Nintendo would do this, but I guess it would take the fun away from these guys huh? Anywho, beautiful job guys!

  • Man I love ZREO. TP had some great tunes and it is good that they are being re orchestrated. Personally I enjoyed the Gerudo Desert theme and Lake Hylia theme from the preview.

    • Chad

      getting Ipod this summer that will be the first song on there

  • Chad

    ZREO doesn't need a choir!!!! Just hire Jason =P

  • Chad

    hence my comment below 😀 /

  • Lyokokrill

    I feel so proud to have helped donate to this cause! Expect good things to come! Very good things indeed!

  • I cringed during the first few seconds with the choir opening. The rest sounded epic though.

  • Punnutty


  • I am so excited for this! I've been following the ZREO team's progress with Twilight Symphony very closely since they released the first trailer for it last year. Even though I unfortunately didn't have the funds to spare to help them reach their goal, I'm still very happy that they reached them anyway and that the project will feature a full, REAL LIVE chorus! I intend to buy my copy as soon as it's available, I can't wait!