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TheDragonFanger: hi JASON…or cody, why do you think that they switched from the graphics from ocarina of time to the graphics of windwaker? they’re totally different

Jason: As I said in the video, Nintendo’s changed the graphic style of Zelda – usually back and forth between realistic and stylized – with each console release. I think for The Wind Waker they wanted a dramatic departure that would create some controversy and interest in the series.

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Lordofninjas1: of all of links spirit guides (i.e. Navi, Tatl, Midna etc.) which do you think is the coolest and which do you think is the most annoying and what are your reasons?

Jason: Coolest is actually a tough choice between Midna and Ezlo. I find Ezlo hilarious and adorable on some level – he’s great comic relief and definitely has the most personality out of any guide in Zelda. Of course, Midna had the most character depth and was more important to the plot. Annoying has to go to Navi though. I mean, who else?

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Linkage: While the master sword is the epitome of all Zelda weapons, in Skyward Sword we will see it take on a new shape. How do you feel about this? Would you ever want to see it transform into another weapon entirely? (i.e. a hammer, bow + arrow, etc)

Jason: That’s a seriously cool idea! Seeing it transform, I mean. That would also solve Link’s “I have endless pockets that go on forever into the depths of oblivion” problem. And seeing traditional weapons redesigned to adopt the Master Sword’s unique style would be really neat. As for how I feel about its changing shape in Skyward Sword, I really am reserving feelings about that until I’ve had a chance to experience it for myself.

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agentsimone: Do you think that the two separate time-lines will re-converge at some point in the series and if so what do you think this game would be like?

Jason: No, I don’t. I don’t know how they’d pull that off – when you’re dealing with timelines, they’re usually divergent… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a story where timelines came together. If anything, there’s going to end up, somehow, being even more timelines.

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CaptainNoodles: Is it possible that the Sheikans are related to Vaati in some way? The symbol for the Sheikans is a single eye simlilar to Vaati’s. Aslo Vaati was a wind mage and since the Picori came from the sky “The tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing the hero of men a sword and a golden light” could it be that we might learn more about the Picori and Vaati in Skyward Sword?

Jason: I don’t think so – Nintendo has a bunch of stock symbols for Zelda and I think they arbitrarily chose the eye for Vaati. As far as I can recall, that eye wasn’t the EXACT same eye as the Sheikah symbol. If Vaati is in Skyward Sword, that’d be a weird twist that I think a lot of people would be resistant to unless it was done very well.

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Bryan: Aonuma said that, if he hears enough voices for Midna, they might just bring her back. Could it be that, in Skyward Sword, since it takes place before OoT, Midna could somehow be there? Maybe in the form of the old race before it got banned to the twilight realm?

Jason: Possibly! But then again, Ocarina of Time took place before Twilight Princess and there was no Midna – but since people seem to be comparing Skyward Sword’s Skyloft to Twilight Princess’s City in the Sky, I don’t think it’s crazy to suggest that Skyward Sword could explain or show a few of the events that make up Twilight Princess’s backstory.

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Cintia Obscure: Here are some questions for ya: is Princess Zelda really confirmed for Skyward Sword or was it just a rumor anyway? Is it possible for her to have an alter ego like Sheik in OoT and Tetra in TWW/PH? What do you think?

Jason: Yes! Zelda was confirmed to be in Skyward Sword – but Nintendo didn’t say WHERE she would be. So we’ll find that out soon. As for alter egos and stuff, it’s totally possible – I mean, anything’s possible in fictional stories – but I doubt they’d reuse that again, just for the sake of keeping things fresh.

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Jwolfe: Most people have a bit of a mixed opinion about the character of Tingle. Personally, I love him, and have ever since his debut in Majoras Mask. What’s your opinion of him? Creepy old guy, or incredibly sexy cartographer?

Jason: Creepy, sexy, balloon-floating wonderment. A must-have at parties.

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mcdude910: What are your thoughts on a Zelda movie? There are many fake trailers online such as the one from IGN. Would you like to see a future Zelda movie?

Jason: Movies based on games usually suck. If I wasn’t so reserved about that entire genre of movie, I’d say the infamous Zelda movie concept could be a good idea. But let’s be realistic – there’s no way anybody could pull it off to the imaginary expectations of the Zelda fanbase.