That’s right everyone! About a week from now, GDC 2011 will finally be here! For those of you who have no clue what it is, the Game Developers Conference is an event held once a year where many video game developers and media companies gather together to share and discuss their latest developments including hardware and software; many companies show off their upcoming video games during this time.

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Nintendo President, Satora Iwata, will be delivering the keynote as usual. The event will take place on Wednesday, March 2nd from 9:00 to 10:00 am. It will be titled “Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future”, which indicates that Iwata will most likely focus on other material besides the 3DS (which has been stealing the spotlight the past few months) including video game anniversaries like Metroid and Zelda.

In the past, a few special video games were announced at GDC, including Phantom Hourglass, and the latest entry in the series, the announcement of Spirit Tracks.

And finally to get to the main point, we hope this event would be a chance for Skyward Sword to shine and finally be fully revealed! There should be a high chance for anything new to be revealed regarding Skyward Sword since its predecessors in the series were shown at GDC. We shouldn’t have our hopes up too high to avoid any possible disappointment, but since the Zelda series has just turned 25 years old a few days ago, we couldn’t shake the feeling that Nintendo has something special planned up.

What are your predictions for GDC? And what would you expect to be revealed from Skyward Sword? Perhaps a new trailer, new demo, or the official release date announcement? Let us know what you think in the comments below and stay tuned for next week as we cover the event.


Source: GDC Official Website
  • goronbot

    Awesome I so hope that they relaese a lot of
    info on SS including release date

    • frank

      just a release date is good

  • superozzy

    Or all the possibilities above! I hope so.

  • Alright, Nintendo. Spill it. SPILL IT ALL!

    Haha, just kidding. But please give us at least a scrap or two?

    • frank

      as I said, just the release date is all I want to know 😉

  • Z-MAN7

    Somethings gotta be unveiled, like a Zelda anniversary box set or something.

    • I know this is a very strange thought, but in the future I was thinking what if Nintendo made every single Zelda game in 3D with Wii Motion Plus and the 2D games could be optional to play?! I know it's unrealistic but it's a thought!

    • Shaelyn

      would love it, been waiting for it, but…with the Zelda anniversary having come and gone now, I'd be surprised.

      …and I'm still hoping for that surprise.

  • cloverplayer

    how about a triforce wiimote plus?

    • Blizzeta

      Or a special anniversary Golden Wii.

  • ShadowofLight

    They will probably announce a new delay regarding Skyward Sword. 😛
    Just kidding, I think they might actually show something. this time

    • frank

      the thing about Myamoto is that he knows when to go public with stuff, and he knows how much time other products need for alot f people to want to buy it. so in other werds, Myamoto is smart, and nice

  • C'mon Nintendo show us about SS! I'll wait this conference, if it's possible follow al the way from GDC 😀

  • Zeldo

    will i still be able to see it after its over?

  • frank

    with som music.I like zelda music =)

    • I totally agree! Go song of Storms!

  • Link16

    I am really hoping for a new trailer (that shows us stuff from the game like a little more on the story and the environments and I really hope we don't see that forest they showed us at E3 2010 again), I am also hoping for a demo from a place that's actually in the game. I am not putting my hopes of to high for a release date that's more likely a announcement they will show us at E3 2011 but maybe a month they will tell us

    • If you've been listening to the news, the "forest" that "wasn't actually in the real game" is really one of the last parts of Hyrule. Although I would enjoy to see Skyloft and it's beautiful environment and people.

      • Julian Assange

        Can you give a source? I've never heard that from anywhere else.

      • Link16

        Yea, but Nintendo confirmed that it will look way different in the final product and I agree with wanting to see more of Skyloft (I bet it looks epic) and I was also just saying I hope the trailer shows us things E3 2010 trailer didn't show us (but I hope they don't show us to much items in the trailer because I really don't want to be spoiled to much).

        • Totally agree man 🙂

          • Hey-Listen!!!

            No story spoilers please, a release date would be nice, a trailer too!

  • C.J.

    It literally could be a black screen with the release date "Skyward Sword MM/DD/YYYY." And I would be thrilled. Thats all I really want.

    • cuju

      Just as long as it isn't like 01/26/2012, just an example… 🙁

  • asdf

    The "official release date" won't matter because Nintendo will just push it back like always. I just want some screen shots and maybe a new trailer.

    • They have already confirmed that it will ship after Ocarina of Time 3DS which is being released after the E3 which is June 7-9 (I think) so they are almost definitely not going to push it back another year. Anyways, don't you think that even Miyamoto himself thinks it would be great to stop working on a project that they've been working on for about 5 years, and don't you think that he would want to ship it as soon as possible not only for the profit but the fans?!!!

  • Yona

    I expect a new trailer and some info.
    Maaaybe a new demo, but no release date or any specific information.

  • ….I CAN'T WAIT FOR MARCH 2ND!!!!!!! There are so many games that I am looking forward to for information like Skyward Sword OoT 3DS and Assassins Creed Lost Legacy! My prediction for Skyward Sword is that Nintendo will show us more of the games story and maybe show us some new NPCS in the beginning of the game. I'm not to sure on the release date announcement though because I still believe that they're working on it and won't tell us the release date until the E3 meeting. For OoT 3DS I'm almost positive that they will release new screenshots and gameplay and almost positively sure that they will tell us the release date!

  • Creepo

    Hey who keeps downing Majora?

  • lolwut

    i want more info + release date, that's ALL i need.

  • X x7

    All this info came so quickly, along with it being ZU's 10th birthday and Zelda's 25th! I really hope that there is gonna be a new trailer and more info. Hopefully if there is a new trailer it isn't a beta and it's what they're gonna stick with.

  • Linksoer

    Wasnt it said that SS would be released sometime after E3?

    • Shaelyn

      -and after OoT 3D?

      • Dark Link

        Yeah, I made a mistake. I just found out today that it should be released around late June to mid July.

  • Linksoer

    In all honesty, I doubt they will show anything big concerning SS at GDC. Maybe a little teaser trailer if we are lucky. They will most likely wait till E3 to show off SS,(since it is to be released after E3) and hopefully with an all new playable demo (fire temple from the trailer perhaps?) that would be great.

    • Linksoer

      That said, I really hope I am wrong and they show something great! =3

    • Brian

      Um, Ocarina of Time 3DS is going to be released after E3 2011, not Skyward Sword. You've got it mixed up.

      • Linksoer

        There is an interview where Nintendo hinted (but did not confirm) that SS was going to be released after OoT3DS

    • cuju

      100 days left to be exact!!!!!!!!

  • I'll watch the last 25 minutes in Computer Science class instead of coding junk.

  • hello

    I see a new trailer coming.

  • yowazup

    As long as they say ANYTHING about skyward sword, i will be as happy as a clam

  • KingDodongo1

    Really hoping for (and expecting) a new SS trailer, But I'll be happy with anything really.

  • Silver-Hero

    The event is in San Fransisco, so the time zone is PST. Here's a great time zone converter site:

  • mario_master

    Miyamoto said after OOT3D right? so maybe he’ll have it released a week after that. also another thing i will laugh if they showed a screen that said 2012 and then switched back to 2011

  • Silver-Hero

    Hopefully it would be an awesome event. It would be great if we see anything new regarding Skyward Sword besides the usual comments Iwata says.

    To make things better on that day, I just realized that the event is exactly on my birthday! I'll be depending on this to start my day next week :3 Here'd hoping we'd here something.

  • Scrivs

    Finally! I hope there will be something regarding skyward sword! I mean, they said it was going to come out in 2010 first, then first quarter 2011. When are they going to finally give us a date!!!

  • OhYeS

    My prediction: nothing new on SS till E3

  • Primus

    My prediction: I will probably be writing an english essay on that date 🙁

  • wiiman445

    in the meantime check out my video on my thoughts of ss at

  • TheMaverickk

    They've been tight lipped about everything Skyward Sword since E3…. I honestly don't expect a drop of information.

    No trailer… not even a piece of art or interview giving more story details out. I feel that if they had planned to mention something they would've hinted at it earlier. It would be nice if we got a little peek at something, but in reality I think E3 2011 will be when we finally get the gold nugget of info we want.

    With the release clearly being for the fall-winter 2011 calendar…. I don't think we will get anything.

  • zeldafan4040

    I think we can definitely expect to see more photos of the game and hopefully a new trailer would be really great! I personally don't care though to hear more in terms of storyline because I want all that to be a surprise! 🙂

  • Moriquendi

    Is there going to be some sort of streaming?

    • zeldafan4040

      Why don't you email ZU and ask them? lol

  • Poe Princess Mara

    I've given up on Nintendo saying anything about Skyward Sword XD.

  • I'm tired of OoT 3DS this and OoT 3DS that. Give us an announcement for a new an original Zelda built specifically for the 3DS please!

    • Poe Princess Mara

      I know how you feel. Nintendo has been giving us lots of info about OoT 3DS but none about Skyward Sword, let alone an original 3DS Zelda game.

  • Dark Link already got it’s on the release date! *SPOILER ALERT*! It’s 7/1/2011.

  • cuju

    There's still that horrific 2% that Nintendo loves so much…

  • cuju

    I can't see them talking much about Oot 3DS since we've already know everything about the game for over 12 years!!! Please Nintendo, I was a snotty little 11 year when you started making this game, I'm 15 now for crying out loud!! I need NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Youtube

  • recordGDC4me

    Can someone plz PLZ record anything skyward sword and post it on youtube! i beg of you…. =_=

  • I don't want to wait for E3 again just to see a trailer. I want it now!

  • OoXed!

    Are you all craxy!


  • benthegreater

    *sigh* My roommate is going to GDC this year…I could have but it's too much bloody money. Looking forward to the news regardless!



  • MidnightAsaph

    All I want is a release date and another trailer. 🙂 A trailer that doesn't, hopefully, reveal too much. I just hope we see footage directly from the game.

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  • J

    i smell a trailer