Beginning to lose hope in your favorite Zelda music reorchestrators’ abilities to produce gloriously reworked versions of Twilight Princess’s score? Well, the ZREO team has come forward with something that’ll certainly satisfy you. Eight straight minutes of their latest ambitious project, Twilight Symphony, are now out in the open – and you can listen to them right now on YouTube. We’ve heard early versions of some of these tracks in the past, and it’s remarkable how far Twilight Symphony has come and how much more impressive the pieces are.

Not only that, but ZREO is taking steps to make the project even more impressive than it already seems: they’ve began a Kickstarter fund to hire a live choral accompaniment for their pieces. Although they’ve set a steep goal of $18,000, they’ve already raised nearly $2000; remarkably impressive for a fund that’s only been up a few hours. We highly recommend that you guys donate, even just one dollar – ZREO is one of the most beloved and popular projects in the Zelda community, and we want to do all we can to support their efforts!

Twilight Symphony is slated for release by this summer. You can check out both YouTube videos containing all eight minutes after the jump!

Source: ZREO