Beginning to lose hope in your favorite Zelda music reorchestrators’ abilities to produce gloriously reworked versions of Twilight Princess’s score? Well, the ZREO team has come forward with something that’ll certainly satisfy you. Eight straight minutes of their latest ambitious project, Twilight Symphony, are now out in the open – and you can listen to them right now on YouTube. We’ve heard early versions of some of these tracks in the past, and it’s remarkable how far Twilight Symphony has come and how much more impressive the pieces are.

Not only that, but ZREO is taking steps to make the project even more impressive than it already seems: they’ve began a Kickstarter fund to hire a live choral accompaniment for their pieces. Although they’ve set a steep goal of $18,000, they’ve already raised nearly $2000; remarkably impressive for a fund that’s only been up a few hours. We highly recommend that you guys donate, even just one dollar – ZREO is one of the most beloved and popular projects in the Zelda community, and we want to do all we can to support their efforts!

Twilight Symphony is slated for release by this summer. You can check out both YouTube videos containing all eight minutes after the jump!

Source: ZREO
  • Peter

    Sounds great!

  • Beautiful, though they haven't featured Ilia's Theme yet. I'm really excited to see what they do with that.

  • former fro

    Nice! im a long time fan of both zreo and the twilight princess soundtrack so this is awesome.

  • former fro

    btw its 8 minutes and 5 seconds guys, get it right!

    • QueenxLink

      Wow, 5 seconds; BIG difference.

      • QueerxErimgay

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      • CommanderLink

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    • vick

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      • vickissick

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    • Aquanam

      You're obviously a moron. It is in fact 4 seconds! And agreed with all those above, it doesn't make a difference -.-'

  • Strabismus

    oh yea.

    I should get a recording thingy and help with future stuff :B

    gj zreo

  • Link-182

    Wow, I love the Gerudo Desert!

  • X x7

    Love it and I've only listened to 20 seconds of it! But what can you expect from ZREO?

  • HoW_Reborn

    50$ pledged! I sort of predicted this a couple of weeks ago, but that doesn't mean I'm any less excited!!!

    Wish I could be there when they record it in person!

  • jau682

    does anyone else automatically pronounce it zero?

  • Hombre de Mundo

    ZREO wins again! Absolutely lovely. I need to make money so I can donate!

  • I got their newsletter earlier today and nearly peed myself with excitement. Their music is amazing. ZREO is the best! I absolutely love what they do!

  • EDracon

    This is honestly their best sounding work, I am super hyped. Twilight Princess had some of the best music in all of the Zelda games.

  • Erimgotalife

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  • Lach Menel

    This put me to trears. It is so beautiful! Great songs have just been made "FAN"tastic!

    Ahh, bad puns….

  • OhYeS

    awesome…imo twilight princesses' soundtrack is way underrated. I loved the music from this game as much as i liked oot's music when it first came out. Great job ZREO

  • Muskiok

    Wait guys! There is one more brief preview at the end of their video on kick-start. It's of the "Sacred Grove" and sounds just as wonderfully beautiful as everything else. And don't forget to donate!

  • Meh. It's not exactly as epic as the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack, but still pretty good.

    • Querulous

      Which is why nobody gives a crap about what you have to say, Troll.

  • Sol

    This is definitely a must-download πŸ˜€

  • Shadowknight1

    Wow, that sounds fantastic! If I had the spare $50 in my account right now, it'd go to them. Sadly, all the money in my bank account is going to Marvel vs Capcom 3.

  • I heard this today, it brightened up my morning! Can't wait until the entire album is finally released! I'd contribute but well, I'm kind of strapped for cash as it is at the moment. College really sucks sometimes, =(

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  • Aragnahim

    These all sound great, but my excitement drained when I saw this: ^

    More trolling… (-_-)

  • Celesteon

    OH MY GOODNESS. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT. This sounds incredible. <3 Oh, if only I could be hired to sing in the chorus – hell I'd do it for free to just sing the music…O_O

    • Slixxer

      Dude so would I lol it'd be so intense to do it.

  • LoZyMugglegater

    Listened to these earlier today,AMAZING! I would totally pay 50 bucks for this!Just as good as getting a new Zelda game.(Well,almost as good)

  • Nico

    Holy shit, the Ganondorf battle sounds so fucking epic! Can't wait to see what they do with Blizzeta

  • ErimslapsJason

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  • cbarnett2386

    Sounds excellent! Huge fan of the Twilight Princess music and this just makes it that much better!

  • kokiri sword

    The Light Spirits Message was AMAZING.

    So was Gerudo Desert!

  • SpiritOfBelief

    OH. MY. GOSH!! that sounds AWESOME!!!! Twilight Princess is my all-time favorite Zelda game! thank you ZREO!! =D

  • Eddy

    Great! Now all we need is a movie to go along with the music!!!

  • TrustMe101

    Ooh, love the Gerudo Desert one. πŸ˜€

  • trimph forks

    My favorites so far: Gerudo Desert, Dark Lord Ganon, and Hyrule Field. πŸ˜€ Time to go donate.

  • Artimus-Maora