In this world, where a countless number of video games exist, there is no such thing as a special Legend of Zelda edition of the Nintendo 3DS… at least not yet. That caetainly hasn’t stopped artist wasa-bi-redux from drawing up his own box set.

Wasa-bi-redux is affiliated with DeviantArt and specializes in designing box art for new video games and other packaging that doesn’t physically exist. He has put together what we believe to be the most stunning example of a limited edition Nintendo 3DS, which bears a stunning heraldic design of the triforce on the top of the system.

This talented artist also has included copies of both Link’s Awakening and Ocarina of Time 3DS. The 3DS is not the first system to show off Zelda pride; Two others have handled this great feat, but this one is, by far, the best designed.

As you can see, this is wasa-bi-redux’s very impressive and epic impression of what an actual “Limited Edition Legend of Zelda” 3DS bearing the triforce symbol might look like. It looks very real and convinving, but unfortunatelty for all of us in the Zelda community, this is not real. Do you think Nintendo would make a special edition 3DS? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku

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  • Frances

    This looks too good to be true. I would love a Zelda-themed 3DS, but sadly, I'll get the handheld at launch. The Ocarina of Time box art with the redesigned logo looks great, too. Geez, I really hope OoT comes out earlier than expected, that is, before E3!! =)

  • "Very impressive and epic impression" is right! Too bad it's not real (I realize now), because w-b-r and DA make a tremendous pair!

  • former fro

    I think they will eventually make something like this, because ocarina of time 3ds is probably going to be the 3ds's big hit, and historically, companies tend to make a version of their console after one of the systems biggets games. for example, there was a halo reach xbox recently released, and there was of course the triforce ds lite. so there is no reason that they wont do it again.

  • ILikeCheese

    I doubt they will do it as good as the Japanese Version (If there is a release of it) for the US Version. This usually happens with bundles in the US.

  • HeroOfTime125

    1. i dont have enough money for a 3ds right now but im going to wait a while anyway if i do because this is zeldas 25th birthday but if they do make this id definately get it

  • Keith

    You can tell its fake because it reads "THE ocarina of time" it doesn't have the word "the" in the title aside from "The Legend Of Zelda" there's no "the"before "Ocarina". But still very good job to the person who did this.

  • Megaard

    looks insanely awesome, but there is one thing that has allways bothered me since the advance sp "special edition" handhelds, and that is the logo on the outside. why can't they turn it over the other way so it isn't upside-down when you play? kind of like the gamer version of the upside-down cross (and yes I know that it actually is a christian symbol and not a anti-christ mark, but that's what most people think, anyway. you probably get the point)

  • ChosenLight

    Thats gorgeous, if I anyone said that was real, I wouldn't doubt it for a second! I hope Nintendo does this and takes some notes from this example!

  • Mew

    That's the Hylian Royal Crest, not Triforce.. lol.

  • Scoob13

    why wouldnt they? i have the Gameboy Advance SP Gold Zelda Edition with Minish Cap Boxed Set AND the DS lite Gold Zelda Edition wih Phantom Hourglass Boxed Set…. so… why WOULDNT They Release a Zelda Edition 3DS? seems like if they are going through so much trouble to make Zelda the top titles for it, it will have a limited Edition Zelda Version…

  • JoanDT89

    I WOULD BUY IT IN A HEARTBEAT!! I really am hoping that this ends up being turned into a reality!

  • KyleLink

    I got my hopes up. I thought it was real. D:
    I really wish nintendo does something like that.

  • Shaelyn

    I'd buy it in a heartbeat, too.

    …but i've really been holding out for a SE Zelda-themed Wii.

  • Erimgawker

    Why does it take you like, four days to put up the same article on ZU that's been on Zelda Informer? It's like no one here even goes there.

    also- "Let's just tease the hell out of everyone with FAKE AWESOME SHlT!!!"
    Total a$sholes for even mentioning this.

    • Bitf Adict

      …okay… as a fellow Zelda fan, I cannot tell you to leave this site. However, I will now say a very famous quote from Shakspeare:
      Go f.u.c.k your dads face.

      Thank you.

      • Walweegee

        dude, every website is different cause ZI could have gotten the news before ZU, just cause ZU doesn't respond to news does not mean it sucks. ZD is not much different too so chose your favorite website and stick to it.

        Good night.

  • Erimgirls

    If I wanted a Ruto doll, I'd get one of those life-size silicone dolls..

    -they're anatomically corre-::is shot::

    • Querulous

      Oh, as it should be.

  • HeyListen

    DANG IT I thought it was real! Then I read the title….

    • Erimtard Frodnofag

      …SEE! ….I TOLD YOU SOOOO!!!!!!!

      The article writers are just a bunch of Zelda C0CK-TEASERS!


      • Querulous

        Really? Why don't you go back? You obviously haven't learned a thing. I can't believe your parents even allow them to use their computer.

        • Erimtard Frodnofag


          -why don't YOU go away!

          Looks like Mr. Fag-along the Tag-along doesn't know how to buzz off and leave my posts alone!


          • Querulous

            We've never bugged you on ZI, have we? 8P

            Far as I can recall, you came here first, and you started mischief-making a FIRST. So no, none of us along the way will cut you any slack. Oh, and we're never afraid to come out and play if a troll is on the prowl. B}

          • QueenxLink

            What is up with this dude?! You got some serious probelms…

        • manga ninja

          You just got owned 😉

          Anyway box art looks awesome but unreal

  • Oracle_Link

    O_O I would die if this were real.

  • Bacon

    Do you want to make me cry or something?
    I thought this was real!

  • Raspoutine

    Nintendo wouldn't give us this, they'd settle for some shitty bland art.

  • This is very convincing. So convincing that Nintendo might make something similar to this when Ocarina of Time comes out. They just might too, considering that they are still making DS handhelds in different colors today (mama-mea special).

  • majorasmaslfan

    this year is the 25thaniversery so yes

  • Chozo Knight

    I know what I want for my…. wait…. it's not real? *crying face* WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????????????????????

  • Phantom7

    The Legend of Zelda: THE Ocarina of Time. Only real flaw in this thing, lol.

    Of course Nintendo would probably never do this, but if they did I'd **** bricks and *** buckets.

    • Nohohon

      You missed the part about the missing DX on "Links Awakening". And why dont' you complain about the logos in general? It's not the official ones.

  • dark_link121

    damn it, got my hopes up *tears*

  • Lach Menel

    If only this was real….

    MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE NINTENDO!!! Please :D? We`ll send you muffins, maby.

  • QueenxLink

    I'd rather have a Zelda edition DSi XL…

  • Wow. Can you think of how many neat things they could do with this idea. A great job was done by this artist(s) [?] – impressive, and look! even on the back of the box! the different pictures representing different aspects of the games you can play and of system features!! It reminds me of the Gamecube I got which came with (awwww yeeeeaaaaa – wait for it! wait forrrr itttt!!) THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION (haha) of Zelda. Oh guys. <3 Zelda. So. I digress… ish.

    What if we -could- order 3DSes (?) custom made (and I'm not talking about the kind that have been done very well by third-party or or individuals on eBay with, for example, Wiis) – go look it up if you want – the one I know of is blue and has the Crest of Hyrule on it.

    again, what if Nintendo set up a division (first-party!) that people could go through to customize their 3DSes? A Great Fairey Sword [sic] stylus! A round Goron mask for the rotational stick, and that gross Pig sniffy-mask that helps you find the gross boxer-shorts as a design on one of the buttons, etc etc! This may create fan-boy chaos… How in the world to collect all the derivations?! haha. That would have driven me nuts not too long ago. Or a fully (ughhhh haha) Tingle-ized 3DS. Great for creeping out people on the subway whilst playing Rosy Rupeeland.

    Even better? Dress like him. glagh.

    So, just some food for thought. Again! Great job, guy!

  • VonzeyEternity

    Awsome as hell, but I just go my DSi XL Mario Edition. Put this bundle out in like 5 years from now.

  • Lizzy

    Oh my god!!!!
    ….wait, it's fake?!?!

  • I would so think this was real…if the box art didn't say The Ocarina of Time.

  • slaveofsanity

    That's pretty legit. I'm jealous of the skills, and sad that it doesn't exist.

  • Armos

    "The Ocarina Of Time". Or, "TOOT"?

    • I have to admit that is pretty funny.

  • BOB

    Im not making fun of them, but one mistake
    instead of "Ocarina of Time"
    they put The Ocarina Of Time
    and they forgot to put 3D

    • Nohohon

      That was made on purpose… artistic freedom. It was never meant to fool people, that's why it's a concept, no fake-boxart.

  • Dylan

    This is quite simply put….EPIC! This should be developed and sold because I would definelty purchase a copy

  • If I unwrapped something like this for my birthday or for Christmas…man, I think I'd pass out from excitement. Too bad this is fake, but even still this artist is amazing! Nintendo should definitely take notes, maybe even offer this guy a job in their marketing department? *hint*hint*

  • Daniel

    He should get a job at Nintendo !

  • Guil.

    That looks amazing. I really wish it would be true to get both OoT and LA with the console. That would be a sweet bundle.

  • Blizzeta93

    I waaaaannt this

  • LuX

    Zeldas 25th combined with a re-release of it's greatest [in a lot of peoples minds] entry to the series means for me a limited edition 3DS is very likely indeed so likely in fact im waiting for OoT's launch to get a 3Ds just in case…

  • cuccoqueen

    why are you mocking me with this nonexistent awesomeness

  • It took me entirely too long to notice the 'not real' part of this post. I had already peed TWO of my pairs of pants before I noticed….then I ruined my shirt with the tears and snot of sorrow….. Awesome, though!!!!

  • kayasto


  • LinksAwakening

    Wow! Looks awesome, I think he, should work in Nintendo, because man! its awesome that box art!! XP

  • Nikki

    I started to tear up when I saw this…. I would give just about anything for one! They NEED to make a limited edition 3ds!!!!!

  • This Guy

    They have now. Time for all of you to put up.