The LittleBigPlanet series has done it again; it has once again made a video game recreation reference, only this time it is of the Zelda series.

LittleBigPlanet 2 is the latest release in the series, and along with it someone made a Zelda level. The video is up above for anyone who may be interested in learning more about it. In the video, you can see just how impressive it looks from a visual standpoint.

You can tell that it probably took the person quite some time to actually make the level. However, it required creativeness, a side that some people have not yet discovered or are still learning in the video game world.

  • bobbby

    This is awesome beyond words. I'm gonna definitely pick this game up.

  • Callin


    You mean creativity.

    • Yes, but who cares? Grammar nazi alert.

      • tomtwelve

        I care; that's who cares. But to be more to the point: your grammar Nazi alert actually went off for ME, because there are errors in the post far more subtle than the obvious "creativeness" one, and I've come to point them out! Certainly a true grammar Nazi would complain about the first sentence in this post. There is a comma splice with the word "only." That word is not proper for tying things together. "But" would likely be the best choice.

        See? I told you the grammar Nazi alarm went off because of me.

        • lulz, we're not all English majors. Quit acting like a grammar nazi before I delete your posts.

          i r goin 2 do it to u.

          • tomtwelve

            …are you trying to troll the troll?

  • Erimgard Frodnonag

    Next time, let's try making something *new* instead of.. *exactly the same as something already made*.. oh wait- the "exact same thing" is just what you all seem to prefer…

    • Yet when we replay certain titles, don't we get the same? Yes, and for that reason we'd prefer to have the *same.*

    • lol, troll.

  • I found the sound effects to be quite comical. 8D

  • Ben60659

    It's amazing what you can now make with LBP2

  • TwilitClaw

    Whoah!!! It looks just like the first Zelda games! Breathtaking! And I who thought I saw it all on LBP… Silly thought! Impossible, seeing all the possibilities…

  • Mike Jones

    Wow, I didn't know LBP allowed THIS much creativity

  • rogue

    i played that! it was fun and all untill this guy killed me

  • cbarnett2386

    Pretty sweet! I love the look and the sound effects! Watching this will surely take you back!!