Most Nintendo 3DS titles will be at $40 dollars, but two titles have been listed as  high as $50.

The list Gamestop gave to its customers who pre-ordered the handheld gives projected release dates for 26 titles, with the 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time being, according to GameStop, June 2nd, 2011.  Only Dead or Alive Dimensions and Samurai Warriors Chronicles are  set for release 12 days before the 3DS, and are listed at $49.99.

Gamestop seems to have confirmed Ocarina of Time for a June 2nd street date, though Gamestop has been unreliable before so it might be best to take that date with a grain of salt. The other titles are either unconfirmed, or have no word from the developers.

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  • TwilightLink21xx

    $50 bucks, huh? It may be Ocarina of Time, but that's a pretty steep price for a handheld game. Traditionally they've been $20 less than the standard platform release, so the fact that core 3DS games are going to MSRP for the same price as a Wii game is a bit of a disappointment and anomaly. That price of entry might bite Nintendo in the butt for their larger releases. I was thinking about buying a 3DS just for OoT 3D. With a $250 price tag and $50 games for the titles I'm interested in, I'll be waiting for price cuts….

    • TwilightLink21xx

      *EDIT: Hold on, I misread that. Never mind the shot on Nintendo, this is more of a 3rd Party issue. Hopefully devs won't follow their lead, that is not a wise decision to price yourself higher than Nintendo themselves.

  • Anomynous

    Well I kind of don't blame them , they're making 3D games not regular 2D games, so I kind of expected this to happen ever since they said we had to pay more to get more out of gaming.

  • I seem to recall an article last year that had Skyward Sword put on April 2nd (close enough to you-know-what), so I intend to take this with more than a *grain of salt.* 😉

  • SuperTriforce

    Wow so many games coming out for the wii and 3ds…..I hope I have enough money.

  • So technology has really come to this! Hand held games costing as much as a Gameboy Advance and a Wii game!

  • Acostar62

    June 2nd is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is old…ish.
    i found this last week.
    ah well. i can't wait for ocarina and uprising! but to hold me off until then i wanna buy street fighter 4 and dead or alive.

  • Shadowknight1

    I highly doubt their information, both on pricing and release dates. This is GameStop after all.

  • Laughing Tachikoma

    …I call BS. I preordered last week and didn't get anything like that. Has anyone else? cuz if they did, i need to make another trip.

  • Shrub

    GameStop is almost never right.

    So it's useless to take their guesses as fact… It only stirs up controversy :s

  • Lizzy


  • I actually wouldn't be surprised if the prices were this high. I'm used DS titles costing no more than $40 but with the updated graphics and whatnot for the 3DS, I would imagine the games to be pricier. Especially since the system itself is already priced higher than the Wii currently is.

    Stinks though. =/

  • LanI

    Well Iwata himself announced that the 3ds game cartridge prices were going to closely match the ds prices…and like Shrub said, Gamestop is almost always wrong in the rumor department. These prices are likely placeholders in the system that match their OWN speculation of how much the games cost.
    I'd expect 40$ AT MOST…

    • LanI

      I hope I'm right though..or I may lose my wallet 🙁

  • Darklink12

    That gamestop date is just a placeholder as we dont have adequate information to give an exact street date. As far as price, they are pretty accurate with that. As an employee at Gamestop i know the release dates that arent street dated are placeholders, just like skyward sword's April 2nd release.

  • robbies7897

    The price seems justifiable to me. With superior graphics (and hopefully sound as well!) and huge storage (I think I read here on ZU that it was a whopping 8 gigs), seems to be fairly priced in my opinion. Pre-ordered my 3DS today, and will be taking my DSI XL back in for the extra $100 off…I never play it anyway lol. Can't wait for OOT3D, it's gonna rule! Also want Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, and maybe Kid Icarus. Come on income tax! Lol.

  • Insekt

    In Germany ( most games will go for 44,99 EUR.
    The Nintendo 3DS is available for 249,99 EUR

  • Asci

    Hey I know the article is worded strangely, but this says Ocarina is $40, not $50. The two silly games listed after Ocarina are the only two $50 ones.

  • Shadowknight1

    Reggie Fils-Aime has said that Ocarina of Time and Kid Icarus will NOT make the "launch window" which apparently goes to June 7th. So GameStop is wrong.

  • SuperTriforce

    Curse You GameStop! You got my hopes up! Darn I really want Ocarina of time, Mario Kart and Kid Icarus around the launch date.

  • i think these prices are real though. i went on and it said the same exact date and price for most of them.
    well at least they don’t cost like 60 or 70 bucks like most 360 and ps3 games. but the 3ds graphics are very similar with those consles. i mean, look a super street fighter 4 3d. the graphics are almost exactly the same as the hd versions, it still has all the extra features and characters PLUS a ton of new 3ds exclusive stuff. and it only costs $40 as apposed to $50 or $60 for less extra features and just slightly better graphics. Oh, and u can take the 3d version anywhere instead of just your house.
    and thats why im not complaining about the prices.

  • thelostzelda

    preordered my 3DS before the $50 price drop so gamestop just put all the credit down for OoT without me even needing to ask. that is only one of the reasons why I make a note of befriending everyone who works at that one store.

    • Asci

      yeah because they'd totally just steal your money otherwise. *shakes head*