You guys remember that recipe for Yeto’s Soup?  Well, The Geeky Chef has come out with yet another Zelda recipe.  This time, it’s Chateau Romani!

Here’s Cassandra’s summary of the recipe:

“Zelda is my all time favorite video game series so I’m pretty excited to be posting another Zelda recipe. My Zelda love extends pretty far. Let’s just say I did something permanent to my left shoulder in the shape of the Triforce. Personally, I think Majora’s Mask is the most underrated Zelda game. Sure, it’s a little weird (even for Zelda) and there’s only four temples, but the level of interaction with the townspeople is massive. When I played it for the first time of many, I spent hours just following people around and learning their routine and their stories, I didn’t actually even try to complete the main questline for months. This particular recipe, voted for by you guys, is for a type of milk that only appears in this particular Zelda game. It’s difficult to obtain in the game, both ways being pretty time intensive, but the result is definitely worth it as it’s even better than Lon Lon milk. It comes from Romani Ranch, which is owned by two cute redhead sisters, Cremia and Romani (who both look suspiciously like Malon from Ocarina of Time), with some very special cows.  It delivers exclusively to the Milk Bar in East Clock Town, for only the most wealthy of people. The stuff sells for 200 rupees so you need to upgrade your wallet to even think about purchasing it, and that’s only if you manage to save the cows from alien abduction. Chateau Romani will fully replenish your heart bar as well as give you unlimited magic, although it might make you a wee bit tipsy… making it absolutely perfect for boss fights! Keeping all of this in mind, the recipe I’ve come up with is for a super creamy delicious and decadent milk drink that infuses regular milk, french vanilla ice cream (has to be French, I mean it’s called “Chateau” Romani) and Baileys Irish Cream, as well as a little carbonation to give you that energy boost. The result looks just like it and is pretty darn tasty if not a little fattening. But, remember what Cremia said, this drink is not for children. Or you can just take out the Baileys, then it totally is.”

Hit the jump for directions and ingredients to make this wonderful recipe (yes, my parents let me have it)!


1 or 2 Smallish scoops of french vanilla ice cream

1 c. of Milk

1/4 c. Soda water

2 Shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream

Cinnamon (optional)

Nutmeg (optional)


Make sure all your liquid ingredients are properly chilled before making. Partially melt the ice cream in a microwave safe container. Keep in mind you don’t want the ice cream to be completely liquid otherwise it’s probably too warm, so make sure there’s still some frozen lumps. Take your partially melted ice cream out. If you are going to add cinnamon or nutmeg, now is the time (you want to mix it in the ice cream itself because the fat from the cream will prevent the spices from clumping).Once that’s done, stir the ice cream so it’s smooth and lump-free and all the spices thoroughly mixed in and as unnoticeable as possible. Add the ice cream to your serving cup or drinking cup. Add in your Baileys, then your milk, then your soda water. Stir. Enjoy! I’d serve it in a bottle, too, just for aesthetics. Remember also that this drink is not a precise science, levels of each ingredient can be adjusted to fit your individual tastes. So if you wanna add a little more Baileys in that sucker… it’s all you, buddy.

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Source: GeekyChef