You guys remember that recipe for Yeto’s Soup?  Well, The Geeky Chef has come out with yet another Zelda recipe.  This time, it’s Chateau Romani!

Here’s Cassandra’s summary of the recipe:

“Zelda is my all time favorite video game series so I’m pretty excited to be posting another Zelda recipe. My Zelda love extends pretty far. Let’s just say I did something permanent to my left shoulder in the shape of the Triforce. Personally, I think Majora’s Mask is the most underrated Zelda game. Sure, it’s a little weird (even for Zelda) and there’s only four temples, but the level of interaction with the townspeople is massive. When I played it for the first time of many, I spent hours just following people around and learning their routine and their stories, I didn’t actually even try to complete the main questline for months. This particular recipe, voted for by you guys, is for a type of milk that only appears in this particular Zelda game. It’s difficult to obtain in the game, both ways being pretty time intensive, but the result is definitely worth it as it’s even better than Lon Lon milk. It comes from Romani Ranch, which is owned by two cute redhead sisters, Cremia and Romani (who both look suspiciously like Malon from Ocarina of Time), with some very special cows.  It delivers exclusively to the Milk Bar in East Clock Town, for only the most wealthy of people. The stuff sells for 200 rupees so you need to upgrade your wallet to even think about purchasing it, and that’s only if you manage to save the cows from alien abduction. Chateau Romani will fully replenish your heart bar as well as give you unlimited magic, although it might make you a wee bit tipsy… making it absolutely perfect for boss fights! Keeping all of this in mind, the recipe I’ve come up with is for a super creamy delicious and decadent milk drink that infuses regular milk, french vanilla ice cream (has to be French, I mean it’s called “Chateau” Romani) and Baileys Irish Cream, as well as a little carbonation to give you that energy boost. The result looks just like it and is pretty darn tasty if not a little fattening. But, remember what Cremia said, this drink is not for children. Or you can just take out the Baileys, then it totally is.”

Hit the jump for directions and ingredients to make this wonderful recipe (yes, my parents let me have it)!


1 or 2 Smallish scoops of french vanilla ice cream

1 c. of Milk

1/4 c. Soda water

2 Shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream

Cinnamon (optional)

Nutmeg (optional)


Make sure all your liquid ingredients are properly chilled before making. Partially melt the ice cream in a microwave safe container. Keep in mind you don’t want the ice cream to be completely liquid otherwise it’s probably too warm, so make sure there’s still some frozen lumps. Take your partially melted ice cream out. If you are going to add cinnamon or nutmeg, now is the time (you want to mix it in the ice cream itself because the fat from the cream will prevent the spices from clumping).Once that’s done, stir the ice cream so it’s smooth and lump-free and all the spices thoroughly mixed in and as unnoticeable as possible. Add the ice cream to your serving cup or drinking cup. Add in your Baileys, then your milk, then your soda water. Stir. Enjoy! I’d serve it in a bottle, too, just for aesthetics. Remember also that this drink is not a precise science, levels of each ingredient can be adjusted to fit your individual tastes. So if you wanna add a little more Baileys in that sucker… it’s all you, buddy.

Have you tried this recipe?  Tell us how it was in the comments!

Source: GeekyChef
  • HeavyWeaponsFan

    Forget two shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream! I'm going to put whiskey instead. I like my alcoholic beverages to have a little more kick to it.

  • Caleb, I can tell in the post that you had some Baileys. ;D

    I'm putting this recipe down to save it for a special occasion…like tonight or tomorrow…because any Zeldish is special enough to be eaten soon.

    And I wonder which ingredient replenished Link's magic. Huh…

    • HeavyWeaponsFan

      Save it for the release of Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3DS.

      • Haha! Yeah, whichever comes first. On second thought, I'll make a double batch. 😛

  • ChainofTermina

    that reminds me, Caleb, didn't you say that you were a chef? well, this seems pretty cool, dishes based of of foods in Zelda. maybe you could try coming up with a Zeldish of your own. I'm not criticizing your post, just suggesting an idea that spawned from it. I'm sure there are plenty more dishes to make that the Geeky Chef hasn't yet. maybe you could come up with Red/Green/Blue Potion, or Granny's Soup, or Rock Sirloin…..well, maybe not that one but you get the idea. I think this would be cool. If you don't feel like it it's cool, just an idea I had.

    • HeavyWeaponsFan

      Well for Granny's Soup I can tell you it resembles Portuguese Style Butternut Squash Soup. In Portugal, it is traditional that the grandmother and her daughters prepares said soup for the holidays like Christmas and New Years. Hell I should know, I'm Portuguese after all.

      Also considering Zelda games take place in a European like setting, it seems more likely that it is Portuguese Style Butternut Squash Soup. Portugal, as the name implies, is a country who loves the sea.

      • ChainofTermina

        oh, neat! I never knew that was modeled after an existing Portuguese soup. cool.

  • Yummy!

  • What a coincidence! I just had some bailey's irish creme for the first time last night. It's quite strong! I guess the magic comes from that.

  • yanoit15

    sounds great! i gotta remember to print this off. if i could, i would add the baileys, but sadely im only 13…ah well, theres no harm in asking my parents if theyll mix a little in my cup!

  • 21 in a month, w00t w00t!!! I think I’m gonna try this one.

  • Josef

    Chateau Romani, Yum *hic*

  • Magma976

    You need a picture of the real finished project.

  • Paffe

    Hmm…I have to try this sometime!

  • MoronOfTime

    Wow 😀 I'm definitely going to try making this when my friend comes over for our non-official zelda day ;D

  • GerudoPrince

    What does the soda water add to it? Is it a necessity? But this sounds refreshing! After a gulp of this I'll be ready to take on Ganon!

  • cukeman

    link me to yetos soup!

  • Thefinallink

    ohhhhhhhhhh……. heavenly!!!

  • goronbot

    If I was old enough (Im only 12) I would have a zelda
    feast because I could have yetos soup and
    Chateau Romani for dessert

  • goronbot

    sorry I forgot to ad the : p

    • OoTfanatic

      I'm also 12 and I would love to try Chateau Romani but I don't have permission to make such an unhealthy yet delicious sounding dessert. 😛

      • Caleb

        Just ask your parents! I asked mine, and they said I could put one shot of Bailey's in it, instead of two. And we don't even keep any alcohol in the house–so I was surprised, for sure!

    • Hi Guys, I just wanted to tell you that the drink still tastes pretty good without Baileys. Also, if your parents are willing, there is usually non-alcoholic Irish Cream available at most grocery stores.

      Have fun!

  • QueenxLink

    Ur parents let u have alchohol…? Hahaha!

  • Hey-Listen!!!

    Bummer I'm allergic to Milk =(

  • tara

    I made some for my family without the alcohol instead put whip cream and little bit of chocolate milk to give it a little flavoring and they loved it!

  • Zaros

    im not that resourceful but just the milk + vanilla + cinnamon is a pure, full of epicness, win

  • serena

    is it possible to have this drink without the baileys? i'm under the drinking age and i desperately want to try this!

    • The Wolfess

      maybe try irish cream syrup, like one would put in a latte. You can get it at wholesale retailers.

    • trimph forks

      Yes, and it's delicious! I'd recommend adding some extra whole milk, though.

  • Swordmaster Kai

    Milk! It's miiiiilk! You can't get tipsy off of something like milk! *hic*
    -Gorman, in the Milk Bar, Latte (Days 1 & 2, 10 PM – 4:59 (?) AM)

    He must've been hitting the Chateau Romani, then….

    Anyway, on topic, it's a great idea; I may actually have to try this now…

  • The Wolfess

    The Geeky Chef should try making Grandma's Soup from the Wind Waker. 🙂 There's also your typical potions (blue, green, and red).

  • trimph forks

    I tried the Chateau Romani yesterday. I used whole milk and, since I'm underage, skipped the "alcoholic content", adding a little extra milk. I added cinnamon and nutmeg, and it was delicious!

    Then today, I tried it with 2% milk and skipped the soda water (I ran out :(), and I used just a little bit of cloves in place of the nutmeg. (Only a little– cloves can be strong). Again, delicious!

    By the way, regular vanilla ice cream seems to work fine, if you're out of French vanilla.