Remember the rough sketch of the Nintendo 3DS that was leaked by an anonymous blogger many months ago prior to E3 2010? Well, an employee from a factory manufacturing the 3DS  has snatched one from the assembly line and has taken it home to do what, you might ask? Show it off to the good people of the internet!

The (top) picture was posted on this forum, but the original thread has long since vanished. Although the mods were able to vanquish the thread from the forum spot, the photo survived and will forever live on.

As you can see, these are clear photographs of the “Cosmo Black” 3DS. Although the top image’s compression may interfere a little, you can get a nice look of the texture of the system simply by looking at it with your own eyes, or just looking at the photo below it. Most likely, this will be the final design of our long-awaited, next-generation portable gaming system, which actually differs slightly from the allegedly final version Nintendo showed us on September 29, 2010. The “Select,” “Home,” and “Start” buttons appear to have been flattened a little to sit flush with the touchscreen’s border. Other than that, it’s the exact same 3DS we’ve been seeing for the past several months.

More photos after the jump:


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  • Blizzeta93

    WOAH! looks cool! I will make my parents get it for me indirectly. Muah ha ha!
    btw ♫First♪ !

  • Anomynous

    Wow if the 3DS Looks this Amazing I wonder what the box art would look like. Especially the bundles

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    Looks very nice, I love the glaze the finish has to it. So… does it only show that 'DOS-like' screen?… =P

    Also, if you you see the reflection on the screen, ,you see that the photos were taken on a tripod. Not showing yer face, eh? =b
    But it shows that he has a pretty damn decent camera.

    • EDracon

      that DOS-Like screen is there because the menu hasnt been installed yet.

      • FilipeJMonteiro

        Yes, I am aware of that, I was kidding. It's interesting that he would this just to share with the world.

        • Chad

          this is probably the stupidest thing he could do since he showed it to the internet he probably lost his job

          • FilipeJMonteiro

            Well, not necessarily, they probably haven't seen this/don't know who he is. He may have been clever in covering up his tracks of theft.

  • That looks sweet. I just have one question, though: that round thing on the top left, would that be a case-level analog stick, or just another button?

    Can't wait to see one for real!

    • linkdude101

      It's a stick.

    • ChainofTermina

      It's probably the flattest analog stick you've ever seen.

    • Chad

      It's the analog stick, they told us at E3 and would be unlikely to remove it from the game because then all the 3DS games would have to be modified a lot.

      at 4:02 just if you need to see

      • Chad

        also if you look at the slide pad there is a large indent around it why would a button need an indent like that unless it moved around. who knows it might be a button and and an anolog stick but we know for sure it's at least an anolog stick.

    • Okay, thanks guys.

  • ChainofTermina

    uh, wouldn't that guy get caught if he shows off something he stole?

    • Chad

      yes and then fired and probly sued

  • koipen

    ZU is slow.

    VGCHartz had this 2 days ago.

    (now for shower of td)

  • kokiri kid

    man i love the design but that is NOT a good place to put the power button. my sweaty palms will definitely be sliding over that spot in mid game. happened to me a lot with 1st gen DS.

    • Chad

      haha yeah beat the whole game forget to save and then oops I pressed I pressed the power button.

  • Nicholas

    Is the bottom of the case missing? I hope it is because it looks ugly the way it is now.

  • Chad

    now watch Sony come out with the 3PSP Go to imitate this and Microsoft releases their version of it.

  • BloodRawEngine89

    Is that… a red Yoshi decorative figurine? Where the eff did you find something like that!?

    Oh, and props to the leaked photos.

  • Hey-Listen!!!

    oh well at least we get pics.