ZUTV is back, and brings with it a new question. Would you be interested in seeing a main console Zelda game that returns to a more simplistic 2D style, like Donkey Kong Country Returns and New Super Mario Bros Wii have recently done to great critical and commercial success?

  • ChainofTermina

    I heard that! I like the 3D Sonic games! yeah, I know, I'm the only human being the planet who does it seems, but I still like them. a lot more that the old early 90s Sonic games, that's for sure. at least I can finish the 3D ones.

    I don't think Zelda will go back to 2D. because mostly, none of the other games have, they just went back to side scrolling. and there was only one Zelda game that was side scrolling, so the nostalgia value won't be as prominent as with other games. and besides, since we know Skyward Sword won't be side scrolling, and it takes like 4 years to make a new Zelda game, by the time the next console Zelda game (after Skyward Sword) comes out, this whole "return to side scrolling" fad could be over by then. but I don't know really I'm just guessing.

  • AStinkToThePast

    Nooo!! Side-scrolling Zelda would be an utter fail, and would spark an outrage among Zelda fans… That's the reason why they went back to the top-down view for ALttP…

    The Side-scrolling games like DKCR and NSMB Wii were created to appeal to our sense of nostalgia… and for the most part, I think people associate nostalgia in the Zelda series with the top-down view… after all that was how 99% of classic Zelda games were played…

    • tanflix

      you sir are wrong a new 2d zelda would be cooler then penuins with shades

    • Subrosian

      Actually it's only how 83% of them were played, counting the Oracle Games.

  • Ben

    Side scrolling Zelda would be very interesting. As long as they made it better than LA. But while it would still probably be a good game, I doubt that Nintendo will make it. 3D just fits Zelda a bit more.

    • Bob

      My favourite Zelda game is a 3D one, but I think 2D fits Zelda better. But, then again, I'm a massive fan of 2D games. I prefer them to 3D ones.

  • kokiri star

    a new 2d top down zelda game would just end up being like four swords adventures on the gamecube…which im all for! althought honestly id be happy with a new play control version of four swords, perhaps with the swapping between screens removed or tacked to the wifi of the ds instead.

  • AoL was not a bad game – this was covered by the AVGN at some point. 😛 It's just that this generation of gamer considers it too hard.

    • I respect this, Cody. However I didn't say AoL was a bad game; I just said that side-scrolling doesn't work for Zelda. It's better that we're allowed to explore open fields, because we feel more immersed into the gameplay. Mario and Donkey Kong fit s-s, simply since that's where they started, and therefore that's how they're remembered. But Zelda started with an aerial view, and that became its trademark.

      Also, in truth, I don't hate AoL. In my opinion, it's the most underrated Zelda game to date–and the side-scrolling might just be part of the problem. I was there to see the AVGN whack at the game, and I agree with his review and verdict.

      But–with respect to the classic–I believe the Adventure of Link would actually be epic in 3D. That is, if it were redone to look like the worlds and characters in OoT, MM, TP, whichever, then its true greatness would be shown. Yet back in that time no one had the technology to make that happen, so it couldn't happen.

      • But… you -do- explore open fields in TAoL. You comb it for secrets and to make progress just as you did in TLoZ, top-down view.

        I'd love to see it in 3D too though, absolutely.

        • Right you are, Rusty. I believe at the time I was thinking of the 3D overworlds, although AoL is a 2D game. Somehow the difference was lost to me.

          Listen, everybody. I'm sorry if my first comment made me sound arrogant. I wanted to get a point across, but Cody's interception made me see the cynicism I put into it.

  • Taha_Soysal

    I usually think that 2D Zeldas should be mainly geared toward handhelds while the 3D games should be primarily console based. Not that I think that Nintendo should stop making 2D Zeldas, because that style is part of it's legacy.

    But then again, FSA worked on the Gamecube, so if Nintendo did decide to release a 2D Zelda on a console, I'd still play it, and I'm sure that it would be just as good as a 3D title.

  • Side scrolling is a complete and utter NO!!! I agree that another 2-D game wouldn’t be so bad, but preferably for the 3DS. Since the 3DS is the first truly 3-D system out though, I kind of doubt they’ll tak that potential and immediately make another 2-D game again. I hope instead that they take FS and FSA and turn them into virtual console titles on the 3DS, with the top screen being overworld and the bottom being the underground view. It’s been at least seven years since I played FS, and my friend and I never beat it, and I’ve never played FSA. I think the dual screens and the Internet/Wi-Fi playability would make the multiplayer much better. You could play with anyone online, not just local friends.

  • bobbby

    Well I want a bunch of 3d zelda's in a row. after having 2 2d/3d DS titles, I'd like some more console awesomeness. It's not that I don't like 2d zelda's, but I think they belong on the handhelds.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Um no, no I would not want a main console 2D Zelda, to me Zelda belongs in 3D, it gives a stronger sense of adventure and exploration when everything is in a 3D enviornment, at least for me

  • Ari

    The Legend of Zelda seems like a game perfect for 3D. There are aspects of certain games that work perfectly with 2D like Mario (what you can do in a 3D Mario you can mostly do in a 2D Mario), but Zelda has sword fighting and other items that make it much more fun in 3D. You would lose out on a lot of it. That's only for overhead, side scrolling might keep it together, though not everything could be kept. 3D should be kept for Zelda at least.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      Yea, pretty much this

  • Kiante

    I don't want a main console entry to be in 2D. I think they're great for the handhelds, but when you have the space available on a console, I think you should use it. And that means a 3d space. It's NOT about the graphics (though those are nice), but it's about a whole different dynamic of gameplay.

    • strongfan

      Or, they could make it 2D and use all the extra space for more content.

      • GenoKID

        I've been looking for a game like that, sorta like Minecraft, less graphical, more content. Except more… 8 bit. Imagine; an 8 bit Zelda with 100 dungeons and items… I'd love to see that, just once.

        • lifesavers2

          I'm scared.

          I would be glued to the TV for months…
          I'd need prosthetic eyes or something…

  • cuckooqueen

    more 2d games that are traditional zelda style like links awaking and minish cap as examples would be fine..

    how ever I feel that one clearly gets more bang for your rupee so to speak from the 3D games

    however on platforming
    might i note the zelda games known as platformers were utter fail might I remind you all of adventure of link *cough*and cd-i games*cough*
    not to mention it would ruin the series for me I hate (and suck) at platforming

    If you want platforming go play Mario and leave the rest of us to our sword swinging and puzzle filled dungeons

    • Subrosian

      Adventure of Link was not *terrible*, it was different. And as far as the 2D Zeldas go it had the most complex 'sword swinging', so that's not really a good point to make.

      • I agree with Adventure of Link part and the cd-i but if they put MInish Cap or A link to the Past on a platform like they did for wii, it wouldn't be too bad.

  • MYK1217

    What I really want to see is a Zelda game with switching camera perspectives depending on where you are in the game. One thing I loved about Super Mario Galaxy 2 was that sometimes, the camera was fixed in a way that the gameplay resembled a classic sidescroller. That's what I want in Zelda. Maybe you could have three different camera styles. When you're in the overworld, you'll get the third person 3D perspective. And then there can be two different types of dungeons: top-down dungeons that resemble ALttP's style, and sidescrolling palaces that resemble AoL's style. It was just be a mash-up of different styles rolled up into one Zelda game.

    Thoughts on this?

    • MYK1217

      Wow, sorry about all the weird word typos. Please excuse those. D:

  • strongfan

    Yes, I think Zelda should have some more 2D games. You gotta stick with your roots, after all! But no, I do NOT think Zelda should be a sidescroller. This severely limits possibilities for exploration and dungeon complexity. Zelda should remain Zelda, and Mario should remain Mario.

    • Subrosian

      What do you mean? If there was a sidescrolling Zelda then it would still 'remain Zelda', there's already a sidescrolling Zelda game for Pete's sake! And it was the second one made! And with improved programming they could make the dungeons very complex compared to AoL. The same goes for exploration if they made a more immersive overworld.

  • Zelda777

    I would love to see that! Just no more bird eye view Zelda games. It might not take that long to make. Just as long as they make sure it is a completely new game.

  • Indignant


    STOP voting everyone else down, unless you're a troll and you don't give a crap. But if the true perps are just exasperated members, then cool down for a moment, rewatch the video or reread the article and let's get back on topic. We're human beings, not cyborg always before a computer screen, programmed to thumb one of their peers down each time they get "tagged." So enough. Let's all be a civil group on the internet, not give ZU a bad rep, and focus on the post.

  • lifesavers2

    It's okay, Cody.
    You can do it. Say it slowly: They DID what they DO…

    DANG IT!

  • Shannon

    I love English people!!! =)

    • QueenxLink

      Cody's Autrailian…

    • MoronOfTime

      Uhm….that's…nice of you? 0.o

  • Roloc

    Although I believe the top-down games are good and would like to see more, I think a re-imagined sidescrolling Zelda game with more RPG elements like AoL could be VERY interesting.

  • Subrosian

    Although I loved the top-down games, I would not want a main console entry to be in a 2D plane. However, I do think it would be extremely interesting to see a re-imagined sidescrolling Zelda with more RPG elements akin to AoL on the 3DS, with Super Smash Bros Melee-esque graphics.

  • Keith

    Oh gosh. If we got new Zeldas in the style of ALttP/LA/OoA&S I'd be squeal in happiness. XD those are, imo, some of the best Zelda games ever. Even to this day ALttP remains in my top 10 of games overall. I may not be someone important to the gaming industry but still I think if more fans think like me then yeah we can show Nintendo we love and want more 2D zeldas. I do love games like Majora's Mask, WindWaker, and the upcoming Skyward Sword but I'd love a return to the roots.

    I'm not much good at Zelda1 but that's cause of my own stupidity. P:

  • Tranquility

    Thank you, my children, for healing one another…

    • Wafflez

      With the Song of Healing, of course!

  • AdaMiSt

    How come everyone wants to forget that Adventure of Link was actually VERY popular in it's day?

    It's a great game, and came at a time when people weren't sure more of the same for a sequel would work. I can remember people being very excited about the game, and progressing through sharing tips and secrets just as with the first game. Everyone loved it as much as the first.

    It just kind of shows people re-write history the way they want it to be seen. There was nothing black sheep about Zelda II.

    ANYWAY, I believe a well done 2D Console Zelda will be very very welcome. Provided the old action heavy gameplay skeleton returns. Puzzles and all is well and good, but it needs to be tough. You need to have better SKILL to progress as well as the items.

    This "retro rebirth" thing is hardly a fad. People simply really enjoy these kinds of games, and there was no good reason for them to have stopped being made in the first place. They were just up and abandoned for technology, for zero reason. I'm glad they're coming back and selling so dang well. Given this if they do not continue to be made, then it proves there are motives other than making fun games.

    I'm sure this will all be misconstrued to say that there should stop being "new school" games. Hardly my point.

  • Bob

    In general I prefer the 2D Zelda titles to the 3D ones (three of my top five Zelda games are 2D, and my sixth and seventh favourites are 2D also). I can't see Nintnedo releaseing a new 2D Zelda game though. Personally I think they should get some of these fan-made 2D games and release them on the WiiWare.

  • ShadowofLight

    Would be interesting if they use the style of The adventure of Link.
    I don't expect it to be released very soon though, with the 3ds with better connectivity comming in 2011.

  • Goddesses' pearls

    NO…nope not gonna happen…I hope! I personally didn't like the four swords game for Game Cube, which seems to be similar to the idea of the Mario and DK side scrolling wii versions. It seemed a cheap way to make money off the fans.

  • Go ahead and vote me down but I thought that Adventure of Link was the WORST Zelda game and the reason that they didn't keep using that formula is because fans didn't like it. If they were to bring the Adventure of Link back but change the game play like no POINTS, level ups, jumping, spells, items that are useless, and no world map where enemies transport you to the battle, then I think people would buy it. I personally don't like remakes 1. Because in the mean time they could be making something even cooler and 2. Because it is fun to play the original like it the only ONE. Not like there is plenty of options to choose from that game.

    • RydAma

      I agree about remakes mostly being wasted time, but in this case (with AoL) it would be so easy to make huge improvements. If you're a no-sidescroll person alrite, but are you absolutely positive that attitude isnt due to the flaws of AoL as oposed to flaws in sidescroll zelda?

      Personally, I think they could even drop the level system and make you get health, magic meter and sword upgrades along your journey just like any other Zelda. But of course most of all the would need to fix the difficulty, like making it easier to get extra lives sorta like in Mario, and/or have you restart from the last town when you get game over. The random encounters on the overworld is hardly a big part of the game even if they bother you, and Im not exactly sure what you mean by useless items, but the spells were awesome imo.

  • I know this has nothing to do with the topic but could somebody please tell me if there is going to be another manga after Phantom Hourglass? If so what one.?

  • wayofthesheikah

    Hmm, I'm mixed on this one. I don't know how interested I personally would be in a 2-D Zelda, I'd have to see what Nintendo decided to cook up. But as far as something to experiment with? Then yes, I wouldn't mind seeing what could come out of it. Not sure exactly how it'd work, but it'd definitely be fun to work with. Only thing though is I'm not sure if it should be an "official" timeline game or not if you know what I mean. Maybe something like Four Swords/Four Swords Adventures would be better to see? (loved both games by the way)

  • Hálfdanarson

    Personally I would have to say no to a "main console Zelda game" in 2D. I think we should go forward with gaming and not backwards. Therefore we should see what Nintendo can achieve with the 3D graphics in the future. One thing for sure, I have to get new glasses because to be able to enjoy 3D!

    But I have to say; They could make a 2D game or remake out of Zelda if it is developed by another team and not the actual Zelda team. This is a must in order to get two brilliant games. One awesome game in 3D and one nostalgic and retro game in 2D.

  • QueenxLink

    lol! Aww Cody, you got mad XD That's adorable lol

  • eliot

    i'd love to see an AoL remake on the wii with awesome graphics, music and improved gameplay, just to make justice to the black sheep of the family

  • Goddesses' pearls

    I think a lot of people didnt like AOL wan't because it was hard but because it had a creepy vibe…or is that just me?

  • ThatOneGuy

    "Instead of making it ridiculously hard, they do what they did with Donkey Kong Country Returns."

    But Donkey Kong Country Returns IS ridiculously hard… 😛

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  • smallvilleman

    The best recent Zelda easily is 3D Dot Game Heroes. Yes, not a Zelda, but is Zelda basically. I don't care if they go back to 2d or do what Game Heroes did, but I want that game style back. it's the best and most fun. 3D and Zelda don't mix well, because Nintendo doesn't know what the fuck they're doing anymore. Don't give me this OoT is best game ever shit, it's amazing, but it's not the best game ever. ALttP is, then FSA.

    • TP does…
      • smallvilleman

        Fine your right.

        I'm still good though to

  • I love Zelda. Thanks for share this article.