If you’re like us here at ZU, then you just love A Link to the Past.  Well, Canadian artist Matt Cummings has come out with these amazing pieces of fan art.  Each one features a different dungeon boss–he did all of them except Agahnim (frown).  Here’s a preview.

Hit the jump for all of the images!

Armos Knights



Helmsaur King








You can find higher resolution images here.
  • maefreak

    4Those are so awesome! My favorite game of all time!

  • prince

    sigh…hey should make a zelda game with THIS graphical style…

  • Headphoneguy

    loved that he had drawn the other tunics in the last pictures!

  • Anomynous

    I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What would we be without Zelda

  • Keith

    Yeeeee!! Moldorm LOVE! 😀 I seriously liked that boss. XD

  • Lizzy

    He should make these a calender! He would only need one more picture!

    • MYK1217

      The 12th one would be Agahnim! I'd so get an ALttP boss calendar!

    • Merkku

      What a brilliant idea! I'd definitely get one!

  • QueenxLink

    Awww Link looks so cute in them! :3 Sweet pics!

  • Taha_Soysal

    I love Link to the Past fan art!

  • matt17

    ALTTP is my fav, love the artwork.
    Are bombs really affective on Vitreus?

  • Thank goodness for the WiiShop Channel. A Link to the Past is the next game I plan on having a go at (unless Skyward Sword is released before I can get it). I keep hearing how awesome it is, and it introduced a lot of elements common in the 3D titles, such as the Master Sword and Zelda's Lullaby to name a couple. Of all the classic games, this is the one I look forward to most.

    It's interesting to already see the bosses I'll be going up against.

  • SolarRayEXE

    Wow,these look amazing.
    If only i knew how to digitally color.

    • OoTfanatic

      nice anuj. these photos are awesome!

  • Rohan

    Wow, he made a lot of art seem Wind Waker-esque. In fact, that Mothula looks exactly like the one from Wind Waker.

    In other news, OC Remix released their Link's Awakening album: http://ocremix.org/album/22/legend-of-zelda-links

    Sorry to go off topic, just thought I'd share.

    • I hope you don't mind, but I went ahead and submitted the link to whoever looks over the possible selections. I'm not sure if they take links from the comments, though the commenters may wish for their news to be picked, so I just did this for you.

      • Rohan

        Thanks! I'll keep this in mind for next time next time.

      • I've actually already written that article–it's just not posted yet.

  • zay

    that's awesome!
    it's weird though, in the game the other tunic's look stupid cause the hood is like another colour but when it is draw properly here it looks fine!

  • Merkku

    Love the Moldorm pic 😀 And the rest of them too, the artstyle is really neat. Great work!

  • These are lovely! =D

  • Drfeelgood

    Blind is my favorite one on here. =]]

  • ChainofTermina

    How come his clothes are different in some? I've tried playing ALttP but I can't make it past the first dungeon in the Dark World.

    • humulos

      In the 5th dungeon, you get the Blue Mail, and in the 8th you get the Red. Each increases your defense. Very useful.

  • winterrequiem

    Blind is sweet!

  • lifesavers2

    I like Link's new anime eyes!
    And I just noticed that Blind looks like a Blaziken…

  • Chozo Knight

    I love this new art style for Zelda. I also like how you incorporated all of the boss battles into it as well. 😀

  • Greenwind

    hey! you missed Aghanim! or hoiw ever it's spelled! but nice work!

    • I mentioned in the post that he didn't do Agahnim.

  • triforcelinkz

    these are amazing!

  • Daniel

    finally, this game get's more attention

  • humulos

    I love it. Only thing that would make it better is to include the Pink hair, but still good. I especially like that its not generic anime art like most others put out, this is truly unique!

    • Jack

      yeah, what is with the pink hair in LTTP? I've always wondered…

  • Jack

    I love how well you've kept to the original game while making it you're own. The Blind pic is amazing, Moldrom made me giggle (in a good way)

    • Jack


  • Artimus-Maora

    XD That WOULD be fun to see a game with this art style. XD

  • robbies7897

    Wow, those are all fantastic! W00t, ALTTP is my favorite of the series! ^_^

  • Anomynous

    In the ninth picture Link kind of reminds me of Bomberman a bit