We’ve seen Ocarina of Time in 3D, but how about Twilight Princess? A user known as iKurtiss made this video in 3D. Doesn’t it look impressive?

It shows us that even Twilight Princess looks amazing in a visually 3D environment. In the video we are shown the introduction of the video game start up screen, plus shown various footage which contains gameplay.

iKurtiss also hosts about 17 other videos on his YouTube page. The url to his YouTube channel is located right here – check it out!

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  • Incredible! I honestly wish every Zelda game was in 3D if they were to look this clear.

  • I must be going crazy. They look the same to me. 0.0

    • These aren't comparisons. You either need to cross your eyes or get a pair of 3D glasses out…the red and blue kind. Either way, the two images focus into one image so that it becomes 3D, and that should be how it looks.

      • Ooohhhhh! Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me ^^;

  • Zelda777

    Not impressive. I see no difference in the left and right versions.

  • Ezlo, I was saying the same thing, but then what I did was get really close to the screen, like almost touching, but without crossing your eyes, just get close to the screen at the point in which both images combine into one and then you'll see the 3D effect. That way your left eyes looks at the left side and your right eye looks at the right side and it will seem as you are watching only one screen. Try it to see if it works that way for you as well.


      Hahahaha, thanks for telling me that! Now it works, and I'm amazed! It hurts my eyes after a while though.

  • ChainofTermina

    can't really see much 3D in the menus part. you'd think they guy would've edited that out. the game play parts look really cool, I did get a nice sense of 3D in those parts, but my God am I the ONLY person in the world who plays the Gamecube version of that game? you know the system that that game was actually made for and belongs too!? every single time I see a screen shot or a video on the web from that game, it's from the Wii version.

    • wayofthesheikah

      Nah man, I also play the Gamecube version, even though I do have a Wii. We GCN TP players have to stick together! I've also played the Wii version a bit though, but I like the GCN version way better, I'm old-fashioned like that.

    • Same here. I don't have it for Wii, though I'd rather play it with a controller anyhow. Besides, I don't want to completely forget the Gamecube. The games on it were some of the best, and even with the innovations of the Wii I'm going to miss the simple days.

  • QueenxLink

    … Where on earth has my bundle of 3D glasses gone?! I saved the glasses knowing that someday I might need them and what happens? They're no where to be found. >.<

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Damnit I can never cross my eyes enough to get the two images together, I wish I had those 3D glasses

    • ChainofTermina

      try putting your head near the screen, like 3Dzelda said. I found that it actually did work for the 3D, even though it was kinda blurry because of my contacts.

      • Sanity's_Theif

        The only time it seemed to almost work for me was when I had my forehead touching the screen in which case everything was a blur lol and I don't have any eyesight problems

        Eh it's fine not a big deal

  • Headphoneguy

    Hmm… I crossed my eyes all I could and leaned toward the screen until my nose was touching it, still couldn't get it to work. Need to get me a pair of 3D-glasses.

  • @ChainofTermina I totally agree, though I do play the Wii version. I bought it back in the day thinking it would be better, but now I see I was wrong. I’ve played both, but I only own the Wii version. If only I could afford the GameCube one now…

  • STUFF2o

    I don't get what the difference between cross-eyed and parallel is. I cross my eyes for both of them and parallel looks better, but why? I look at both the same way.

    • G-Dragon

      If you're crossing your eyes with Parallel then it's not 3D. It's just flat. You need to be watching in cross eyed mode. I think parallel is where you do the opposite of crossing your eyes.

  • Cookies

    Honestly, it's not that impressive. It might look better if it was actually rendered in 3D but currently it's nothing special really.

    • iKurtiss

      It was rendered in 3D using a 3D driver called iz3D. This isn't my best work which is why I will be working on a revised one in the future.