You all remember the Zelda marathon I posted about back in November?  Well, it’s almost here.

In case you missed the post, an organization called Penguins in the Desert Productions has done a few marathons to raise money for their local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.  Their two previous marathons have raised the Big Brothers Big Sisters a combined $6500, and now they’re aiming to raise about $4000 in 0ne go.  They will be playing The Legend of ZeldaThe Adventure of LinkA Link to the PastOcarina of TimeMajora’s MaskThe Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, and the marathon will not end until they’ve beaten all of the games.  Tune in at, 7 o’clock sharp on December 10.

And, just so those who haven’t seen it yet can see awesome this marathon is going to be, here’s the trailer for the event.

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