You all remember the Zelda marathon I posted about back in November?  Well, it’s almost here.

In case you missed the post, an organization called Penguins in the Desert Productions has done a few marathons to raise money for their local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.  Their two previous marathons have raised the Big Brothers Big Sisters a combined $6500, and now they’re aiming to raise about $4000 in 0ne go.  They will be playing The Legend of ZeldaThe Adventure of LinkA Link to the PastOcarina of TimeMajora’s MaskThe Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, and the marathon will not end until they’ve beaten all of the games.  Tune in at, 7 o’clock sharp on December 10.

And, just so those who haven’t seen it yet can see awesome this marathon is going to be, here’s the trailer for the event.

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  • Much luck with this, guys! Hope you attain your goal.

    • matt17

      who goes around giving this dude thumbs up, even for a small irrelevant comment???
      stop worshipping him giving him all the praise

      • It's not irrelevant if it's on topic. Besides, their not "worshipping" me by thumbing me up, or degrading me by voting me down. They just thumb someone up or down based on agreement or disagreement. Also, nothing's wrong with wishing these guys luck, unless you can point something out that I'm missing, which is unlikely. So really, why the hatred all of a sudden?

      • ChainofTermina

        who goes around thumbing people down for being a douche? oh right, I do.

      • matt17_sux

        right, who does? oh wait, um, everyone be you and me, and why??? 'cause we can't stand his small irrelevant comments, that's why everyone has to rate it up!

        btw, my account has been hacked, that's why i'm hating on Thareous and myself with this new name. u like?

        • matt17

          matt17_sux your account is badass 🙂

          What I was trying to say is that you can say anything you everyone gives tons of thumbs up. They love you, they don't care what you say

          • They love me? Why would they have reason to love me? Because I've removed trolls from the site? Because I add insight to help resolve non-debatable issues? Is this why they just rate me up every time they see a comment of mine?

            I should think not, and this is my logic. In every comment I try to put only positive things, or a negative and then follow that up with a positive to give a reason why I found the topic negative. I never attempt to bash anything–bar through a few lighthearted banters–or injure someone's reputation, not even with trolls, because I only combat their arguments with common sense. So, no, the ZU members do not rate me up since they love *me*; rather, they love my comments, or not. As I said before, that all depends on agreement or disagreement.

          • bradley

            Wow, epic fail!

          • Moira

            Get over it, matt17, you decadent bastartd

  • cbarnett2386

    Awesome! I love the ending….. Didn't see that coming!!! 😀

  • QueenxLink

    I love this vid… Hilarious 😀

  • fantasysign

    inception and twlight. my two favorite things!

  • ChainofTermina

    excuse me, webmaster person who's able to access the website's skin, are you going to put up the Christmas theme or what?

  • TrustMe101

    "The following PREVIEW has been approved for EXTREMELY NERDY AUDIENCES by a couple of geeks with way too much time on their hands"

    I laughed. 😀

  • Twilit_Dragon

    I hope these aren't the guys that played last time and it took them hours to beat turtle rock on A Link To The Past, if so, they won' t make their goal.

    Let me guess, now i'm gonna get thumbs down cause I made a comment that isn't positive.

    • Ambivalent

      No, it depends on who one rated down.

  • They doing it again this year guys! POST IT IN THE NEWS! 🙁 Speed gamers can get a house, Penguins can get a little kid a big brother or sister.