Junpei is you, the main character, speaking to Lotus, the lovely "princess" shown in the image above (click to embiggen).

The video game 999, a puzzle/visual-novel game for the DS, references the old school Legend of Zelda cartoon series in this image  up above. 999 is one of the very few rated “M” titles for the DS due to the survival horror in it.

Quite the reference, eh? This happens to be the only catchphrase we ever hear from our main hero Link in the old-school cartoon, and has even turned itself into an internet meme of sorts. Overrated, yes, but can it REALLY be helped? Obviously the creators of this series must be hardcore fans of Zelda to reference it.

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  • supergiraloz

    lol i love that referance

  • Just goes to show how others strive to be better than Zelda.

  • QueenxLink

    Ha, I love that line… I always use it, too! 😀

    • Wafflez

      You got a thumbs down! Tee hee. =:~)

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Wow haha, I can't believe they did that, awesome

  • WeeGee

    nothing bad happened, just the same thing dude

    • Darknut

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      I tested human nature and found that four of them found only disappointment, whereas they voted me down, and therefore they are easily led astray. XP

  • Also seen on Phoenix Wright A.A.: Justice for All, during some Ini's testimony.

    Thanks for this one, I'm compiling these Zelda references. It's impressive, there are about 50 games (that I know) mentioning Zelda in some way. And new ones keep appearing! =D

  • CoffeeLovin

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  • I just wish a Zelda game would reference that line, xD I'd laugh my ass off.

    • LOL, I smiled for the idea.

  • Wafflez

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    • ChainofTermina

      take what?