Comparing the classic to the remake.

Ocarina of Time was a great game, and is still considered one of the best, if not the best game of all time.  Lucky for us, Nintendo has decided to remake it on the Nintendo 3DS set for release next year, and that’s an amazing thing in and of itself – but what is a remake without something extra? Audrey Drake at IGN made a list of sorts, and it’s pretty well put together:

Even 12 years later, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time holds up as a tried and true classic. That said, it is over a decade old, and in that decade the gaming industry has made leaps and bounds since the days of being able to count polygons on one hand.  With the forthcoming port of Ocarina for the Nintendo 3DS, now’s the time to throw on a fresh coat of paint and smooth out the rough edges, bringing the title into the modern age of gaming and introducing it to a whole new generation of gamers who weren’t alive during Ocarina’s golden age. Here are 10 things that would make Ocarina 3DS a true contender. Grab a pen and paper, Nintendo; we’re talking to you.

You can read the rest of the article here – it’s quite a read!

Source: IGN
  • ILiekZelda

    I would like to see nothing taken out, but things added, so it will still be the classic, but better! 😛

  • Great read. It's amazing to see that Ocarina of Time can even be bettered, and its 3DS remake will possibly put it back on top for another 12 years!

  • Phantom7

    Okay, this is much better. Very nice read, and I agree with most of it except for the Skullkid part…

  • I don't necessary think that there should be more dungeons except maybe for the Cave of Ordeals because then it would affect the storyline also. You would need to ad a new sage to it (Oh maybe Kaepora Gaebora could be a hidden sage 🙂 . Otherwise good article I agree with everything else.

  • ChainofTermina

    I couldn't agree more with all of this. especially the Sheik thing.

  • The True Dark Link

    Bettering a great? That's quite a feet to accomplish if you ask me, but if anyone can do it, Nintendo can. I say go for it and let me love it like the first version and Master Quest..

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  • Headphoneguy

    This sounds good. I still think it's odd that people want the exact same game again or that OoT 3DS shouldn't be made at all. I mean, this is Nintendo's chance to make an awesome game even more awesome.

    And I would really like a light temple added.

    • Me too! The fact that you didn't have to do anything to get the first medallion felt kind of empty to me.

      • MoronOfTime

        Yeah, doesn't it just bug you when they give you the first item out of a collection for free without accomplishing anything? : It'd be really cool if they made a light temple or something, though technically that's the temple of time in a way…..and there would be nothing evil to destroy because it's the temple of light xD

        …..Okay I'mma shush now~

  • veeronic

    just glad they didn't whine about the water temple

    • Blizzeta93

      Not too much anyway.

  • Anomynous

    Is Navi that little pink thing?

    • Yep, the same as Navi being behind the original Link's shoulder. The images pretty much mirror each other, so there's no doubt they changed her from white to pink (possibly suggesting her gender).

      • Darktoonlink88

        If you ask me, that's Saria's fairy.

        • You're right! Good eyes. But now this begs the question: Where is Navi? Perhaps she disappeared into Link's cap the way she does when they haven't been moving for a while.

          • ChainofTermina

            actually, that's probably true. doesn't Link start doing practice swings with his sword (like he's doing here) if you leave it out and then don't do anything for a while?

          • QueenxLink


  • starwebs1

    Amazing article and I agree with everything that they said.

  • Guil.

    Just the obvious. Make Navi less annoying. I'm really waiting to see the better looking Zoras.

  • Sexysex

    I sure do hope they follow through these awesome sugesstions. Couldn’t of said it better myself

  • Erik Schröder

    I said it there, I'll say it again. No orchestral soundtrack. That's just silly. The Ocarina of Time soundtrack was written for MIDI and MIDI only. Let Skyward Sword have that treatment.

    • ChainofTermina

      how exactly would an orchestral soundtrack sound on a handheld anyway? that's what I'm concerned about. I imagine it wouldn't be as good as on a console.

      • HeavyWeaponsFan

        I played Professor Layton games and the title screen is always orchestrated. I'm tell you, it sounds amazing. I also heard that the 3DS will have higher quality stereo than the Original DS. So it is possible.

    • kokiri star

      i think either way would sound fine, althought if you go to and listen to the ocarina of time soundtrack it sounds fine to me

  • Taha_Soysal

    How about adding some hidden beta material? Remember the Unicorn Fountain? That removed dash attack? That would be perfect.

  • ILiekZelda

    Alright who is downing everyone?!

    • ChainofTermina

      don't worry, I fixed it.

  • Shrub

    I certainly don't think it's necessary at all to have orchestration in OoT 3DS. At all. Skyward Sword already has confirmed orchestration, and that's better because they can build an entire soundtrack with an orchestra in mind. OoT's soundtrack was [i]definitely[i] not built with an orchestra in mind, and there's only like two songs that use more than 2-3 instruments. An orchestra would be completely unnecessary, as I see it anyway.

    I mean, I'm keeping an open mind and all, but some of these 'upgrades' could potentially fundamentally change the game and its characters. For instance, part of the appeal of Sheik is that so little is apparently known about her. Her mystic character is what makes her! Fleshing her out would kinda kill it, I would think :s

  • Shrub

    -continued from last comment-

    And touch controls? The've completely forgotten how the 3DS works. To use touch control when, say, shooting an arrow, the main screen would likely have to switch the the bottom screen. But, the bottom screen has no 3D effect! So the whole depth perception in improving accuracty and all is completely lost.

    But I'm all for more dungeon/exploration content! As long as it doesn't kill what the original game has established, buy hey, I don't think we have to worry about that.

    • kokiri star

      Wasnt metroid prime hunters played by using the touchscreen to aim, however the gamplay image was on the top screen, if it didnt i know CoD on the ds did and it works pretty well, even if the game itself (CoD) wasnt to my liking

  • Cookies

    The only thing I dissagreed with is the Water Temple. Besides the iron boots, it's fun and hard because of all the backtracking and shifting around, I don't want them to change all that. Plus I think the dungeons should be slightly longer. They're already much longer than the average Zelda dungeon, but I think unless they are drastically remade (which may ruin them a bit) then I'd like them to be a bit longer to spread out their awesomeness. Particularly as I'm definitely not the only one who has done them all a million times.

  • cukeman

    uh, the soldier kept the mask for himself, that was the joke…
    and the Triforce was in the main character's hands…
    don't simplify the awesome water temple…
    this list was made by a novice

  • Querulous

    Spectacular, now can we get a new post?

    • One will be posted soon, I promise!

      • Querulous

        Great! Thanks, Caleb. Sorry if I seemed impatient.

        Keep up the awesome work and dedication!

  • Jared!

    I would love to see extended dungeons, just to add on what made my childhood.
    And who wouldn't want new parts in a temple? It would be awesome!

  • ThatOneGuy

    I agree with everything they said, but I would like to add that Nintendo should make Zora's Domain unfreeze after you save the zoras. That always bugged me as a kid, it was just a minor thing though.

  • Artimus-Maora

    I agree, I'd LOVE to see more of Sheik! She's my favorite character of pretty much all time.

  • Fostythesnowman

    More Content is always welcome. extra dungeons would add more to the storyline, or sidequests could add more duration to total game time much longer than the original

  • Lyokokrill

    This may sound a bit funny, but looking at the screens of the new OOT and then comparing it with the original, I'm totally gonna miss the shininess of items and such. lol

  • jeffo

    this was and is a game that got everything perfekt . changing it to make it better .. well call me a pessimist but that rarely works out for the better think about , everything you didnt get to see or know that added to the fantasy . the simple but warm music the somewhat gritty graphics witch left so much to the imagination , and the simple fact that this game must be made with love for us gamers . i just hope that the ones working on this projekt got this right and make us proud of nintendo again ! ( ps sorry for the bad english im dutch )