Note: Watch on youtube (double click video) for the full options & 3D settings tab.

Ocarina of Time 3DS is right around the corner, coming sometime next year.  Some people might find a release that far away very painful and agonizing.  But never fear!  Stereoscopic OOT3D is here!

Vd0man2 has made countless 3D Youtube videos using some sort of “compiler,” where two videos are compiled onto one another to make one 3D image.  This compiler can create 3D videos in many different modes, including cyan-red glasses, interleave, and of course the good ol’ stereoscopic mode. In honor of the OOT3D announcement, vd0man2 decided he would post one of his Ocarina of Time videos. You can watch the video above.

Instructions for different 3D modes after the jump, if you’re unsure of each!

All of these options are found in the 3D tab on the frame.  Change modes by clicking the top option.

Red-Cyan Glasses Mode

This is the default.  If you have any old 3D glasses, this is the setting for you, even though it doesn’t show everything in its correct colors.  They have other color settings as well (Green-Magenta and Blue-Yellow), but you probably don’t have 3D glasses that use those types of colors.  The 3D tab here gives you the option to swap the left and right lens colors, have a full color video, an “optimized” video, or a gray scale video.

Interleave Mode

We’re not entirely sure how this works –  it just shifts rows of pixels.  In the 3D tab, they give you the option to do row interleave, column interleave, or checkerboard interleave.  We guess that you know what this mode is for already if you’re going to use it.

Cross the Eyes (Side by Side)

My favorite, and the easiest.  All you have to do is cross your eyes to make the images match up.  This gives you a swap sides option, a half width (utterly useless) mode, and a full width mode.

He has some 3D videos for other games as well, and they’re definitely worth checking out, so we recommend heading to his channel here.

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  • The graphics look awesome, as usual. I'm really pleased with how the OoT remake will turn out.

    • ChainofTermina

      am I going crazy, or did your comment change?

      (that's a rhetorical question; I happen to be perfectly aware of the fact that I'm insane XD)

      • No, no, I took out the first sentence because, well, it wasn't so popular (I said "Thank you, Megamind, for being in 3D" since I watched it yesterday and got to keep the 3D glasses). Editing your comments is part of the IntenseDebate profile, as well as deleting your own comment, which I believe I told you before. You can only edit a comment if someone hasn't replied to you, though. It's quite handy when you notice a grammatical mistake, and prohibits you from having to reply and correct yourself.

        • ChainofTermina

          yeah, I know this other website that you can do that on the comments. It does come in useful. I should probably look into that….though I probably would call myself something else, as ChainofTermina is a Zelda-only username.

          • It would be neat if you got an account! They're especially helpful in tracking down comments that you made a while back–mainly the reason I got one. But if you do sign up, then come up with another name if you have to–if you also visit a site that hates Zelda (jk)–or keep your current one. Still, I'm not sure if you can use that CoT unless you know the email password you signed up to ZU with. Of course, you probably do have your own, but when I created my account I had to switch from my parents' email to my own since they wouldn't give me the code, if you recall.

          • ILiekZelda

            Well obviously my name is a Zelda-only username, does it really matter? O.o

    • Loller

      …That's the original Oot. It doesn't only say it in the title, but also the graphics aren't enhanced as they would be in the remake. This proves your comment senseless

      • I only thought that if it looks this good *right now*, then it will be spectacular when the game actually comes out. Maybe I had a hard time forming it in that way at the time, so this proves your comment senseless.

  • Unfortunately there are a couple glitches… those parts give me a headache.

  • ChainofTermina

    I had to cross my eyes…………it hurt.

    • LegendOfHyrule31

      You and me both.

  • Raspoutin

    Didn't work with my 3d glasses, can't be assed to cross my eyes.

    • Caleb

      Are you watching the red-cyan 3D mode on youtube? That's when the red-cyan glasses work. Not with the side by side version.

  • Headphoneguy

    Ok, this just made me confused. Am I supposed to cross my eyes so the two videos overlap or what?

    • Yes. If you watch the video from this post, you have to cross your eyes like I said in the post. If you go to youtube, you can watch with the old red and blue glasses.

  • Cody Gee

    Not even crossing my eyes works :/

  • Caleb

    Real-D 3D glasses do not work. You need the red and blue ones.

  • Fostythesnowman


  • Tayo

    I have always been able to cross my eyes just fine. I find it strange that many others can’t do it.

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  • Fizz

    Crossed my eyes.

    Blew my mind.

    If the 3DS is even a fraction like this, it's going to be brilliant.

  • ILiekZelda

    Better rename Cross-eye mode, Killer-eye mode!

  • Soeroah

    It does look awesome when I crossed my eyes, but every time I blink or the screen flips around I lose it >_<

  • Michael

    Here's one with the intro. Flying around Kokiri Forest in 3D is awesome!

    • NobleRath

      Gahh my eyes. It was awesome though!

  • Thisisnot Myrealname

    I feel like my eyes are about to get stuck, though

  • Thisisnot Myrealname

    you have to cross them enough so the two pictures meet.

  • juugend

    simply brilliant! this convinced me, im gonna buy the 3ds!! (ask gamgam to buy :P)

  • The 12 year old

    Wait, this isn't actualy OoT 3DS.

  • The 12 year old

    LOL OMG ROLF WTF xD! Gets obnoxious, dosen't it?

  • Link24

    I have 3D-green-red classes, but that looks not so interesting.
    I hope the 3D-effect of OoT 3DS would be better than this…

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