Red in all the right places.

If you keep up with Nintendo, you’ll know that the special red Wii and DSi packages meant to commemorate Mario’s 25th anniversary were released in North America yesterday, November 7th. These special packages were featured in an article of ours a couple weeks ago actually, to announce their release in North America. Well, now wallabies and Hugh Jackman alike can join in on the fun, because on November 11th (this Thursday), the Wii packages (yes, there are two now) are coming to Australia (the DSi package was released on the 4th).

To reiterate from that last article, The Wii bundle comes with New Super Mario Bros. WiiWii Sports, a red Wii Remote with Motion Plus, and a red Nunchuk to accompany it. New to the Australian package is the inclusion of a special anniversary edition of Super Mario Bros. pre-installed on the console. There will also be a plain white Wii bundle accompanying this one, which will come with Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii, and the anniversary Super Mario Bros. This second bundle will be priced equal to the first.

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The new DSi bundle includes Mario Kart DS on cartridge, and has Brain Age Express: Arts and Letters, and Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock preloaded into the console, and will be available in several colors – white, black, pink, and whatever “metallic blue” happens to be.

The main difference you’ll want to note here between the releases from continent to continent – and it’s a big one, rest assured – is the suggested retail prices. The North American Wii bundle is priced at $199.99, and the DSi bundle is at $179.99 ; whereas the numbers suggested for Aussies is $299.95 (304.03 USD) and $249.95 (253.35) respectively.

Is the inclusion of an anniversary edition of Super Mario Bros. worth $100? Will it leave Australian gamers seeing red? Well, I guess it depends who you ask, so what do you think?

Source: Aussie-Nintendo
  • chudsonnn

    ugh no red!
    they need a real deep purple wii

    • ChainofTermina

      That'd be cool looking.

  • HeavyWeaponsFan

    Whoa! Aussie's got it rough over there, to pay 100 USDs more for a red Wii than in the US is just surprising to me.

  • LegendOfHyrule31

    I think this is pretty awesome, but I already have a Wii. Why does everyone want a Triforce Wii?? At least make it green? Please? If it was a main symbol commemeration the Wii above would have a big o'l red

  • Toonie

    Ummm rip off! An extra $100. Just sell the game separately… Aussies always get jipped when it comes to gaming systems all round, so I'm not in the least bit surprised I know I won't be buying.

  • I'd love a Spice Orange Wii.

    If there was a way to transfer my VC stuff over to a new Wii, I would maybe possibly consider ibuying one of these ones, but I'm happy with my white Wii.

  • It's cool that Australia will also be getting this, but the extra $100 doesn't make sense to me. I mean, Oceania is closer to Japan than the U.S., so it doesn't make sense that they should pay more. After all, doesn't shipping cost more over distance, for gas expenses and what-ever other fees are put to it? Really, it would be better if they sold this at the same price either way.

    • JordanChi

      the price of foreign goods is jacked up in Australia to help their local manufacturers.

      • Violet

        And yet I can't remember the last time I played an Australian video game.

        • ChainofTermina

          They should make an Australian videogame. starring Cody.

          • Joko tree

            With one exeption there should be a rant option that you can turn on and off.

  • Soeroah

    In addition to the other problems with the $100 extra cost, isn't the Australian dollar slightly more valuable than the US dollar is now?

    I can make do with items already here not changing due to exchange rates, but I would have hoped new orders would reflect the dollar's changing value.

  • QueenxLink

    I dont think it's fair to Austrailia… Why should they have to pay $100 more for the same thing as us?

  • Khao

    Hey, at least it's only $100 more, in Chile, the Wii was at around 500 dollars on release date, now it's about $400.

  • Toonie

    I am also afraid that nintendo is getting what i like to call the "Disney disease", where as they release there classic titles far too often and make under par sequels, thus making their products too readily available, and less attractive to consumers. These mario games are released on every platform it seems, I guess it for the newbies, but then what's left for us oldies? things get old.

    • Violet

      On the issue of the All-Stars re-release, I'm glad for it, because my poor old SNES has seen better days and the save battery has all but died. So yeah, a bit lazy of them but its preferable to no release at all (it was never going to appear on the VC).

      Buying a new console though, even if its special edition, isn't really my thing. Then again, if they released a Zelda one? Yeah… might end up eating my words.

      • Joko tree

        There is a Zelda collectors edition game for the GCN with LOZ, AOL, OOT and MM plus, you can get the GBP and play all of the GB, GBC and GBA zelda games on the GCN. If only there was a Triforce GCN because it is the Zelda console.

  • Connor

    Us aussies have stupid country protection things where we make australian made things cheaper in the books and electronic industry, but we dont make games anyway so we get huge markups to support our game "companies"

  • keiferm


    • ChainofTermina

      OH MY GOD YUMMY!!!!

  • x4dennis24

    i hear the OOT remake got cancelled, can some one verify if this is true?

    • From where? Go back to that source and do whatever you can to rate it as untrue. Believe me, if the remake was canceled, word would somehow get out, so don't trust any of it.

    • ChainofTermina

      I can verify that that's a bunch of crap. Because that's a bunch of crap.