Red in all the right places.

If you keep up with Nintendo, you’ll know that the special red Wii and DSi packages meant to commemorate Mario’s 25th anniversary were released in North America yesterday, November 7th. These special packages were featured in an article of ours a couple weeks ago actually, to announce their release in North America. Well, now wallabies and Hugh Jackman alike can join in on the fun, because on November 11th (this Thursday), the Wii packages (yes, there are two now) are coming to Australia (the DSi package was released on the 4th).

To reiterate from that last article, The Wii bundle comes with New Super Mario Bros. WiiWii Sports, a red Wii Remote with Motion Plus, and a red Nunchuk to accompany it. New to the Australian package is the inclusion of a special anniversary edition of Super Mario Bros. pre-installed on the console. There will also be a plain white Wii bundle accompanying this one, which will come with Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii, and the anniversary Super Mario Bros. This second bundle will be priced equal to the first.

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The new DSi bundle includes Mario Kart DS on cartridge, and has Brain Age Express: Arts and Letters, and Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock preloaded into the console, and will be available in several colors – white, black, pink, and whatever “metallic blue” happens to be.

The main difference you’ll want to note here between the releases from continent to continent – and it’s a big one, rest assured – is the suggested retail prices. The North American Wii bundle is priced at $199.99, and the DSi bundle is at $179.99 ; whereas the numbers suggested for Aussies is $299.95 (304.03 USD) and $249.95 (253.35) respectively.

Is the inclusion of an anniversary edition of Super Mario Bros. worth $100? Will it leave Australian gamers seeing red? Well, I guess it depends who you ask, so what do you think?

Source: Aussie-Nintendo